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for some reason i have been finding very inconvenient to be a nonsmoker...not really craving nicotine... but wanting the relaxation that comes with satisfying that addiction i am seeking relaxation techniques...


ever one says do exercise... breathe deep,... get busy, work in the garden, clean house... well, i have done all this...

still i am full of distress...  sill depressed... 


so now  its time to look inward   why is this demon lifting his ugly head...


could it be... i am lonely?... well anyway... im not going to smoke because i have faith... i know that this feelinbg will leave... eventially... it sometimes takes only a few minutes... and sometimes a few hours but it will leave... 


and when it does... i am going to have a huge glass of fress ice water...



Posted by newlife5 Apr 23, 2018

#just a message to others

whoo boy, i am getting ready to celebrate 5 years of not smoking i am so proud and grateful to this community that i cannot express my gratitude effientlt with words. 


but today i scared myself, today after my morning shower i found an untouched brand new cigarette laying on the counter enticing me to hide it. my addict mind told me, "noone will know." its only one, just take it,"...

then i thought to myself ... 5 years down the drain? no thanks..... and i remembered all the tears i shed in the early days. all the people i came across here battling cancer, emphasema, and copd.... that once and for all,.. without those dreadful diseases.. i am free...what  would they give to be in my place after 45 years of smoking to be free ... 

and i cried...


yes i am truly grateful... i will not smoke it because its not the one that is laying before me that is a threat it is my own mind... it is the addiction,... it is all those that will follow that will destroy me... 


so i am still smokefree.... andmy message here is...

DONT GIVE UP!... FIGHT THAT DEMON,... IT IS WORTH IT!... and if tou need help think of all those here that are struggling... no it isnt an easy path... but then nothing good comes easy... in fact it is a battle for your life.




October 23, 2013

1642 days since I quit


what's up!

Posted by newlife5 Apr 20, 2017

had a hard time finding my way around this fancy site just popping in to let everyone know im still quit. and still around.. cant find my own page. .

forgive me for not coming in sooner... still learning how to navigate.


newlife5 Archived Profile

Posted by newlife5 Jan 23, 2017



you can cry,whine,argue,runaway,scream,kick the dirt,take a nap,or take a shower...smoking is not an option...its off the table,not part of the equation,like zero times any number it will get you nowhere...

im on my way to 2 1/2 years my how time flies...i remember the beginning of my quit... time seemed to drag i thought that i would never make it to 6 months... but now now that the withdrawal is all but history the days just seem to fly...i have to come here to check my exact number of days quit.. but now the number doesnt matter... now its all about staying healthy....I know that i will never smoke again...

okay yesterday i hit 100 days and i was instructed that it would be a good idea to comment on how i made it to 100 days so in case anyone is struggling it might help them..

first i must advise that you keep your goals in focus... always have a short term goal and a long term goal,, the beginning it was hour to hour then it grew to day to day...
now its more like my short term goal is 120 days... my long term goal is 180 days... not too much difference? well to my nuerons it is ... i need attainable goals...
the next thing i can advise is dont touch anything that has to do with tobacco... always keep nope first and foremost your rule of thumb.
last... if you start having a crave..put your hand up turn your head and walk away....get away from whetever is your trigger.. as time goes by you get more strenghth and it isnt always necessary to leave the area... but in the beginning it is a good idea to leave the area...
thats it not really easy but it is simple...

oh yeah and follow oldbones camel



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link to easy way to quit

joels library

more suggested reading


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numerous attempts to quit, been smoking since age 16 .. now 61 yrs afraid its too late, it is too deeply engrained..correction, its never too late to improve your here we go


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northern ca


back on track  starting 10/23/13... there is no turning back





Posted by newlife5 Jan 15, 2017

hello, ex friends,

today i wish to give some encouragement... i have been quit for 3 years and 3 months... i think.

anyway... i have been quitting with the help of this site since 2010,  a long time..

but then i smoked for 43 years so i guess if you live a life style and decide to change it it takes dont give up,..


last week i went through a very tough week. for some reason i wanted a cigarette,.. so bad, everywhere i looked i found i did the reasonable thing..instead of fighting it i acknowledged it,. i took a deep breath and exhaled very slowly while gathering my thoughts... i told myself yes, i do want one, i can admitt that.. but i doNOT want all the ones that will follow it...

i closed my eyes and relaxed, and remembered all that i learned from this site... i got a glass of water, and told myself this feeling will pass....

i worked too hard to ruin this,... i am free,..this addiction will not drag me back to dependence...

so i waited,... and it passed... I DID IT I AM VICTORIOUS!....

thank you become an ex, dale, G,shawn, brenda terri,tommy,thomas, diane joy, teddy, storm,nancy,and so many more,i could spend hours just typing all the names of the people who have helped me here believe me you are not forgotten.. you all are very much appreciated...thank you



merry christmas to all

Posted by newlife5 Dec 25, 2016

i have come to wish my ex community a merry christmas, hoping tood spiruits o find everyone in good spirits and healthy.

i am still quit and hope to find everyone else the same. i hope your new year comes witnout any flaws...


hi everybody, got 3 years

Posted by newlife5 Oct 23, 2016

okay im a toddler now... i can clean my own mess! lets see if i can keep it that way!..all the training and all the mistakes i should be able too...thaks to everyone who helped me get here i am truly grateful!


hi everyone

Posted by newlife5 Oct 12, 2016

its almost my three year anniversary so i thought i would stop by aall of you guys for helping me quit... and stay quit.

i could never done it with out you.

all of you...i am so grateful... love you guys


quit day 10/23/2013


hi everyone im here..

Posted by newlife5 Sep 9, 2016

well even after 3 years i sttill get my committment  tested...

my son who is living in my basement.. left an unguarded cigarette in my bathroom "by accident", it sat there on the toilet tank for 2 days..before he returned to look for stayed there because i refused to touch it.if i touch it i will be tempted.

i am an addict.....if i smoke it i will be back to a pack a day in no time...this is my reality..

. i know this and i accept this to be true, it sat there in plain view for 2 days...untouched...

he came, found it, and put it behind his ear without even thinking about it,...

this is a struggle,...non smokers dont understand this...smokers justify their addictions by saying "gosh its only a cigarette"... only a cigarette, a cigarrette which is capableof taking all that you own,your job,your money,your freedom, your health.

the struggle continues even after 3 years of a battle...but it is a fight worth fighting,...i know this everytime i win one of these small battles, i remember when it was a all out war to get where i am... hang in there it is worth it.


hello fellow exers

Posted by newlife5 Aug 26, 2016

just got word about froglady... RIP i will meet her on the other side for sure, at a loss for  words it happened so fast...but thankfully she didnt have to sit around and suffer...AND she had 5 years me she was a long time smoker...

there is one truth all us oldtimers hold onto...

we thought we would never quit....we watched alot of our friends and family pass on,...and we know what we have done by smoking all those years it is a miracle we are not gone already....

this addiction is the pits..

we have alot of people to blame...but mostly ourselves..because nobody twisted our arms or did they?...

.big tobacco companies used to add the highly addictive nicotine in concentrated amounts purposely to boost sales... i remember this...the government made them stop because there were too many deaths caused by people smokng in their sleep...they would burn their house down...

there  were salesmen who would pass out free samples to the public...i know i got into that line and got 3 or 4 free samples at a time.. and i was only 15 or 16...

there were cigarette machines at the local gas station that took one quarter and one dime to age restriction there  either

we got smoke breaks at school...high the parking lot the teacher used to smoke one with us...

i could go  on...

i am so glad she got to have 5 free years... im going on 3 years ... and she helped me along many here have helped me along...


what does a comma do

Posted by newlife5 Aug 8, 2016

after reading my comments i seen reference to a me, being me, I had to look it up and define it...ha ha ..thats what i do...sorry...and yeah it does apply to a long quit...

a comma does nothing but make easy, a thing, that if you like it enough, is easy enough, without the comma

Use a comma to avoid confusion

Use Commas With Caution

, . Yet the biggest problem that most students have with commas is their overuse. Some times it looks as though the student loaded a shotgun with commas and blasted away. Remember, too, that a pause  is not always a reliable reason to use a comma. Try not to use a comma unless you can apply a specific rule from this page to do so.

well i have rewritten this same blog 3 times for some reson my computer doesnot want me to write it....i remember how hard it was in the beginning just trying to make it through the week it was tough....then one time i made it to 180 days.......i was so upset and felt so defeated i cried when i lost that quit...i have actually been quitting since 2010....this addiction is no joke, but you can beat it if you really decide to...

my message to the newcomer...never give up

this site is truly awesome....i dont now how many times i wanted to give up...but i had shoulders to lean on...ears to listen...tough love to keep me moving forward.. and tons of information to teach me why im feeling the way i do and what i can do about it...


Just checking in

Posted by newlife5 May 26, 2016

Hello everyone...been thinking about you...I been dealing with health issues lately...I have a problem swallowing...It is so darn embarrasing..can't go to a restaurant without planning on where the restroom is in case I choke I can run in there to try to throw up...I'm scared to death that it is a consequence of all those years smoking...but I tell you I'm so glad I quit when I did cause it is even more scary thinking what it would be like if I had to deal with withdraws at the same time these the message here is to quit now while your health is good ...or stay quit if you finally got past t I we God awful can do it...have faith in yourself...izzy

Just thought I'd come in and say hi I have no idea how many days I have my clock doesn't show up on my tablet I no longer have a computer so it's kinda hard coming back and forth to this site I miss you guys I've been struggling with bronchitis lately it seems every time I smell someone smoke I get a asthma attack consequences for smoking all those years I guess still better than withdrawals I'm so glad I quit will talk to you later Buy izzy

Oh almost forgot to tell you what happened to me yesterday my niece asked me what my secret to my success in quitting was. I had to tell her first I made sure I carried chapstick everywhere I went to hold like a lighter and to use for The hand to mouth thing. Second I told her I had  to have this website because this website gave me a place to go to complain cry fight or smile cuz you guys are great that's it


Just checking in

Posted by newlife5 Apr 14, 2016

I'm at 904 days thanks for acknowledging it all my laptop has officially died and I have a hard time checking in as I am using a small tablet for now sometimes I go to the library but then I have limited time. Life is hard but it was harder when I was struggling with the smoking issues. I didn't want to admit it then but when I was addicte I spent a lot of time hiding my addiction and dealing with the consequential health issues. I wasn't fooling anyo e except myself everyone knew I was smoking. I can see that now. Well just passing through so I want to wish everyone well and KEEP The QUIT love ya