Back Again...

Blog Post created by ncolwell on May 18, 2014

A few weeks ago, I got into a discussion with some of the members here at BecomeAnEx about my choice method of quitting smoking. That discussion blew up a bit, and it ended with my account becoming disabled for a period of time. 

I'm writing this post because after emailing the administrators, the situation was reviewed, and my ban was lifted. I am very appreciative to them for lifting the ban, and I don't know that I'm going to spend a lot of time here, because my choice method of quitting isn't exactly "loved" at this site. Still, I wanted to come back here and write a quick post to say that I am still smoke-free. It's been 51 days, and I'm proud of that accomplishment. 

My choice method is electronic cigarettes. BecomeAnEx lists e-cigs as an alternative method to quitting smoking. It's on the same page as hypnosis and some other methods of quitting. On that page, it directs you that FDA approved medications are the best way to quit, and I'm not here to refute that claim at all. I think every person is different. I think if you were able to quit using the cold turkey method, or the patch, or Chantix, that's great. However, none of those methods were ever "forever" quit methods for me. I only smoked for seven years, and I lost count of the number of times I tried to quit. This is the longest time I've stayed smoke-free. 

I think every person has to do what's right for them. I'm more than happy to talk to anyone who has questions about e-cigs. However, I'm not here to debate their usefulness, or whether or not what I've done is "actually" quit smoking. There are many negative opinions on e-cigs here at this site. I do know what works for me, and if it can help one other person, I'm happy to tell that person what I know, if they want to know. 

For now, I know that I'm breathing better than I have in years. I sleep soundly at night, and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day...even before my alarm goes off. I have no cravings whatsoever, and I'm able to exercise again. I don't cough anymore, and I certainly don't stink anymore. Actually, right now, if I smell like anything, it's chocolate banana (the juice I'm vaping). 

I am very happy that this is working for me, and I'm excited to celebrate 51 days smoke free.