Introducing my newest reason to keep my quit...

Blog Post created by nauticalnut2011 on Nov 10, 2011

Hi all!  Please note new profile and my new granddaughter, Killian Joy.  She was born last Friday,11/04/11 at 11:03am, weighing in at 9 lbs, 13 ozs.  Yes, she is a chunker and a real cutie.  I was taking care of her older brother (3 yrs) while she and her parents were hanging out at the hospital.  That boy, really the whole trip, wore my butt out.

Part of the exhaustion came from being nailed often by bunches of smoking 'memories', or whatever they were.  Not sure why - maybe different routine, stress???  I knew this site did a conversion just before I left town last week - have been off and on site but just wasn't up to dealing with the 'new' stuff and loss of the 'old' stuff so didn't blog or comment.  Home now, daughter and family doing well, so am feeling more relaxed, more myself...yayyy!  AND of major importance...I'm at 115 days and my quit is intact!!!

PS: So we're stuck with 'canned' backgrounds or will we eventually be able to personalize again???