my story

Blog Post created by natyancy on Feb 27, 2014

hi everyone. Im new to this site, in fact ive never bloged publicly or anything like this. So, Im just gonna wing it and tell yall my story. Hopefuly, it wont be to boring or rambling. Maybe itll even help someone someday.

Untill 3 days ago id been a smoker for 19 years. Im 31 years old now. Yep, i started smoking at 12 when i found a brand new pack of cigretts. I thought i was a rebel, so smoking fit with that for me. Dumb reason to start, i know, but any reason is a dumb one, really. Fast foward 19 years, and Im finally quitting. This is my 3rd attempt in my life to quit, and the first time ive had my doctor's help, so im confdent ill make it this time.

I just spent 6 weeks out of state with my wife as she cared for her dad while he died from lung and brain cancer. He had been a smoker most of his life too. Every day she cried and told me she didnt want our kids to go through with me what she was going through with dad. I dont want that for our kids, her or myself so, I promissed her that when we got home, id quit. I bought the patch and an e-cig (as per my Dr.) and i havent lit up in 3 days. The patch helps with the withdral more than i could have ever imgined! The e-cig gives me something to do with my hands and a boost when i need it.

I know ill have to give up the e-cig and patch too, but for now, im glad to not be smoking.