Altoids to the Rescue!

Blog Post created by mrios5776 on Dec 6, 2018

Clean, fresh, minty breath. That was not my intent when I bought those Altoids back in August. I was trying to keep my sanity and not go berzerk on my family members and fellow co workers while trying to quit smoking. Something to keep my mouth busy while I questioned myself about why I was quitting something I had grown so resentful of doing.Silently crying about something I decided to do spur of the moment but had been screwing up the courage to do for months. Was I crazy?I wanted to quit but I was dreading all the mental and physical anguish I would be putting myself through. 

A stop at the local gas station, spotting the blue and silver tin can that held the key to my smokeless salvation!

And so it began! Feel the urge to smoke? Take an Altoid or three! Craving gone and fresh breath! What a trade off!I went from smoking 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day to chewing through a can of Altoids a day for about three weeks.

 By the end of the first month I was still getting nicotine withdrawal attacks but not as severe  and my Altoid consumption had gone down quite a bit. What a relief! I was concerned I might o back to smoking and still be chewing Altoids too. Replacing one really nasty bad habit for two.

Well the Altoids are still here playing a less significant roll by the day and the cigarettes are ALL GONE! Month four will be December thirteenth and I am excited!