Ninety Days (I feel like a child)

Blog Post created by mrios5776 on Nov 15, 2018

 November 13 was ninety days quit. And the special thing about it was I did not notice til now. The day came and went. I went about a usual day doing normal stuff not thinking about smoking or wanting a cigarette!What a FREE FEELING! Having quit on the spur of the moment, a good rash decision (ha ha), I had no confidence I would get to a point where I would not be thinking about withdrawals and how bad I felt while I was going through the quit process. It has been difficult for me as my wife continues to smoke in the house. She has offered many times to step outside but I do not feel that is right. She works very hard at her job and comes home completely exhausted. I understand wanting to flop on the couch, turn on the tube, kick off the shoes,light a cigarette and decompress. And she is entitled to that.

 She is also the reason I came here to write today. My beautiful wife is an angel on earth, so loving and caring of others. She really never thinks of herself or what she means to other people in her life, especially me.She indicated this morning she wants to try and quit. I recommended coming to the EX site explaining how much information and emotional support she would receive here. I pray she will come to this site and start her journey. If you happen to read this please say a little prayer for her and the the big non smoker in the sky to give her a little nudge this way.