1800 Days

Blog Post created by meWisconsin on Aug 19, 2019

Who would have ever thought I could make it this long when I first started this journey. 26 more days to 5 years smoke-free. I have to thank everyone here at EX for all the help that was given along the way. Thank you all.


I haven't posted anything for quite some time but I am usually logged in at least every other day to see how everyone is doing. I'm sorry for those on here that are going through physical or other kinds of pain. I wish I could help but I'm just not good with trying to figure out what to say when people are struggling. I am praying that everyone can get and stay healthy.


As you can see I changed my avatar again. That is my new dog named Lewis. I didn't think I would want another dog after the last one passed but I'm glad I got him. He helps keep me young.


Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Monday. I will be here more often, I promise.