Big tobacco takes another one

Blog Post created by meWisconsin on Dec 23, 2018

Lost my baby brother (56 yrs old) to lung cancer back in October now I get a call yesterday that my sister (68 yrs old) has passed away. She had a weak heart and really bad COPD. Both were smokers to the end and nothing I said could change their minds. So it looks like another trip to hometown in Iowa next week.

I now have 3 brothers left. The oldest (73 yrs old) never smoked cigarettes but has 2 or 3 cigars a day, then me (71 yrs old) quit 4yrs & 3 months ago thanks to EX, then next brother (63 yrs old) never smoked but is an alcoholic and last brother (61 yrs old) quit smoking 11 yrs ago. No health issues so far with any of us and hopefully it will stay that way. Don't want big tobacco taking anymore of my family or anyones family for that matter.

Didn't really want to write this blog but if it can help anyone make the decision to quit smoking then it has fulfilled its purpose.

Stay smoke-free everyone.