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Beauty and the Beast

Posted by meWisconsin Oct 12, 2019


Yesterday while sitting at a stoplight a very beautiful young lady was stopped next to me. She was dressed nice with her hair fixed and driving a very nice BMW. I also noticed a young child in the back seat. Everything looked like she had the perfect life. Then she did something that floored me.


She took a cigarette out of her purse, stuck it between her lips and lit it. It was cold and rainy so I could see that the windows were not rolled down. That poor child in the back seat.

My day was ruined after seeing that because I knew that was me years ago when I was a smoker. Smoking was the only thing that mattered. We didn't care who might be affected by our smoke, we smoked anyway.  I doubt that I will ever forget that beautiful young lady ruining her life. And for what, a cigarette.

Better day today, I hope.


4 1/2 inches of rain so far since yesterday afternoon and still more coming. Good thing it is not late Nov or Dec or it could be 45 inches of snow. Temps have also dropped into the low 50"s. I know those of you that live out East or down South would like would like some relief from the heat and the dry weather so if I could I would send some of this your way.

Nothing to smoke over though and better days ahead I'm sure. Everyone have a wonderful smoke-free Wednesday.



Image result for images of homemade cookies

Love homemade chocolate chip cookies. My mother used to make the best cookies but I guess when  you are raising 6 kids you get a lot of practice. Sure wish she was still here to make a batch.

Everyone have a tremendous smoke-free Tuesday and get the cookies in the oven.




Posted by meWisconsin Sep 29, 2019

Image result for images of coffee mugsThis cup looked appropriate for today. Hoping everyone has a nice big cup of N.O.P.E. to celebrate today. Raining and cold here in Wisconsin today but nothing to smoke over. Hope everyone has a splendid Sunday.


Was up in northern Wisconsin enjoying a "tech free" weekend so I missed my anniversary on Saturday. Cool crisp fresh air filling my lungs each morning was wonderful. No doubt I probably wouldn't have made it through the early stages of this quit journey without the help of many of my friends here on EX. Thank you everyone.

Have a fantastic smoke-free Monday.



1800 Days

Posted by meWisconsin Aug 19, 2019

Who would have ever thought I could make it this long when I first started this journey. 26 more days to 5 years smoke-free. I have to thank everyone here at EX for all the help that was given along the way. Thank you all.


I haven't posted anything for quite some time but I am usually logged in at least every other day to see how everyone is doing. I'm sorry for those on here that are going through physical or other kinds of pain. I wish I could help but I'm just not good with trying to figure out what to say when people are struggling. I am praying that everyone can get and stay healthy.


As you can see I changed my avatar again. That is my new dog named Lewis. I didn't think I would want another dog after the last one passed but I'm glad I got him. He helps keep me young.


Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Monday. I will be here more often, I promise.




Happy Fathers Day

Posted by meWisconsin Jun 16, 2019

Isn't this a great day to be alive. I mean saying good morning to your children with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. Life gives us a choice to smoke or not to smoke. I choose  not to smoke. Have a great day everyone.


Just wanted to wish everyone safe travels to VA Beach. One of the great things is you don't have to worry about stopping for "smoke breaks" along the way. Hope the weather is good so you can enjoy being outside. The rest of us here will be thinking about you all. Have fun and enjoy each other's company. Will be waiting to hear all about it when everyone is back.



Today is your day Moms

Posted by meWisconsin May 12, 2019

Just want to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there in EX land. Hope your special day is filled with happiness and joy.



Low Dose CT Scan

Posted by meWisconsin Apr 24, 2019

I listened to the advice of many EXers and had it done. Drove down to Milwaukee last Tuesday for the consultation with the Pulmonary doctor then had the scan done. It was a bit of an ordeal as Froedtert hospital complex in Milwaukee is a very large facility and finding your way around can be confusing. The hardest part was waiting for the results. Not knowing what they might find can be scary so when I saw the letter in the mail I was relieved because the Dr said if any was serious she would call me personally.

The results were: Lung RADS category 1 (there were no nodules or other important abnormalities)

Everyone please get this test done. Contact  your insurance company to see if they cover cancer screening but if you are on Medicare they will pay for it. 

I now live with the fact I am ok for awhile anyway. I will be sure to go back next year and have the scan done again.

Don't gamble like you are in Vegas, get it done.


Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup is one of my personal favorites. Love this on a cold winter day kinda like the day we had yesterday.

Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Friday and enjoy your grilled cheese.



Spring in Wisconsin

Posted by meWisconsin Apr 10, 2019

3 to 5 inches of snow tonight around me but 10 to 12 inches farther up in northern Wisconsin. In the old days I would be heading to the store to stock up on cigarettes and beer but not anymore. Now I just watch out the window without even worrying about it. Life is good. Everyone have a wonderful smoke-free Wednesday.


Didn't listen to Youngatheart.7.4.12 advice about alcohol & smoking, totally ignored Marilyn.H.July.14.14. about N.O.P.E., forgot the wise words from jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007, didn't listen to Giulia about tough love, and forgot the love and compassion that elvan gives.

By now I'm sure everyone thinks I put a stinky cigarette between my lips and puffed away. Not!!!!!

April Fools.




Posted by meWisconsin Mar 16, 2019

Read a very interesting article yesterday about bananas. It seems because they are full of vitamin B6 & B12 plus they have potassium and magnesium they may help with nicotine cravings. Not sure if it is true but I do eat a banana every morning  and I remember my cravings weren't as bad as I thought they might be. Or maybe it was all in my head but it might be worth a try.

Anyway whenever people talk about my age I always reply "1 foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel." Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Saturday.


PS: Saw my first robin of the year yesterday so that tells me spring is close at hand and it brings with it a new beginning.



Posted by meWisconsin Feb 21, 2019

Sticky cinnamon buns -

Waiting for them to come out of the oven now. Looking forward to a nice warm bun and a hot cup of coffee. So much better than a morning cigarette. They might make me gain a little weight but it is nothing to smoke over. Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Thursday and enjoy life as a non-smoker.