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Posted by meWisconsin Mar 16, 2019

Read a very interesting article yesterday about bananas. It seems because they are full of vitamin B6 & B12 plus they have potassium and magnesium they may help with nicotine cravings. Not sure if it is true but I do eat a banana every morning  and I remember my cravings weren't as bad as I thought they might be. Or maybe it was all in my head but it might be worth a try.

Anyway whenever people talk about my age I always reply "1 foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel." Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Saturday.


PS: Saw my first robin of the year yesterday so that tells me spring is close at hand and it brings with it a new beginning.



Posted by meWisconsin Feb 21, 2019

Sticky cinnamon buns -

Waiting for them to come out of the oven now. Looking forward to a nice warm bun and a hot cup of coffee. So much better than a morning cigarette. They might make me gain a little weight but it is nothing to smoke over. Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Thursday and enjoy life as a non-smoker.


Saw this and immediately thought of Youngatheart.7.4.12 (Nancy). I'm a sucker for anything with cream cheese so I think I would like these chocolate brownies with cream cheese. Might have to head to the store to get a brownie mix and see if I can make them. These look so much better than a cigarette and probably better for me.

Every one have a great smoke-free Sunday.


Don't want to see anyone fall off the wagon today.

Keep those wheels rolling along on your quit. Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Saturday.


Many of the taverns in my area where closed yesterday and last night. With the blowing snow (we had 10 inches Monday) and the cold temps (-26 no wind//-52 with the wind) many closed because they couldn't get any beer deliveries. Never seen this happen before in all my years in Wisconsin. The wind has finally died down but it is still -29F this morning. I have no reason to go outside so everything is fine. Would not want to be a smoker in this weather. No cigarette is worth getting frostbite. 

Heat wave coming this weekend with the temps in the 30's. Everyone stay warm wherever you are and remember "it is nothing to smoke over".

Terry 1600 DOF



Posted by meWisconsin Jan 26, 2019

I have 2 thermometers outside and don't know which to believe. One shows -25F and the other shows -24F. Oh well 1 degree doesn't make that much difference. Nothing to smoke over. Everyone have a fantastic smoke-free Saturday and if you live in the midwest, stay warm.

Besides that I can't complain because I am the one who always says he doesn't mind winter. Might just be brain freeze.


Yesterday morning. Some people don't find the beauty in it but I do. The only problem with it is the very cold temps we have now. The driveway is all cleared now and the sun is shining but bitterly cold. No need to go out for a  smoke cuz I don't do that anymore. People in the southeast and southwest look what you are missing.

Everyone stay inside today and enjoy the warmth and watch some football. Go KC and LA.


Lost my baby brother (56 yrs old) to lung cancer back in October now I get a call yesterday that my sister (68 yrs old) has passed away. She had a weak heart and really bad COPD. Both were smokers to the end and nothing I said could change their minds. So it looks like another trip to hometown in Iowa next week.

I now have 3 brothers left. The oldest (73 yrs old) never smoked cigarettes but has 2 or 3 cigars a day, then me (71 yrs old) quit 4yrs & 3 months ago thanks to EX, then next brother (63 yrs old) never smoked but is an alcoholic and last brother (61 yrs old) quit smoking 11 yrs ago. No health issues so far with any of us and hopefully it will stay that way. Don't want big tobacco taking anymore of my family or anyones family for that matter.

Didn't really want to write this blog but if it can help anyone make the decision to quit smoking then it has fulfilled its purpose.

Stay smoke-free everyone.



I take terrible pictures

Posted by meWisconsin Dec 20, 2018

Added my Christmas avatar but I'm not very photogenic so don't laugh too hard.


Pulled into the grocery store parking lot this morning just in time to watch a lady get out of her car take 2 long drags off her cigarette then throw it on the ground. At the front of the store is a large ash can not more than 20 feet from her car. I was curious and couldn't help myself so I asked her why she didn't wait until she got to the ash can to throw her cigarette away. I quess she was having a bad day because her response would have made a sailor blush. I had fun with the situation so maybe I will keep asking that question when I see people throw out their butts. If you don't see me for a while that means I asked the wrong person and got my butt kicked. Have a great smoke-free day.




Posted by meWisconsin Nov 22, 2018

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. It doesn't matter if we are with family or friends or just spending the day with one's self, we have a lot to be thankful for. The addiction to cigarettes is not part of our life anymore. We can sit at the table enjoying a fabulous meal without worrying about how to sneak out for a quick smoke. 

Hope this day finds everyone happy to be smoke-free and in good health.




Posted by meWisconsin Nov 14, 2018

Do I leave tomorrow morning for deer camp or spend the day at home with my wife on our 49th anniversary? I think we all know my answer to that question. It is a good thing my wife is very understanding. After all the years I spent on the road trucking I missed a lot of anniversaries so it is not a big deal for her. I will make a steak and baked potato on the grill tonight so that will make her happy. 

This will be my 5th smoke-free deer camp so really looking forward to it. Hope everyone is doing great in their quits and enjoying the smoke-free lifestyle. Will catch up with everyone when I get back next week.



PS. Had a great time in Las Vegas last month. Didn't win a lot of money but didn't smoke over it.

1522 DOF

Heading out this morning for my yearly trip to Las Vegas to see my old Vietnam buddies. One man less this year. Bruce from Calif just died 2 weeks ago. We will raise a toast to him. 

Got a pocket full of money because I don't have to buy cigarettes anymore so looking forward to a good time.

If you see Pops congratulate him. A little birdie told me he was on day 30.

Everyone enjoy this wonderful Monday.




Posted by meWisconsin Oct 20, 2018

Where's Pops on day 28? I missed him yesterday on day 27 but I"ll bet he felt like he was in heaven. I don't know if Ken is having fun trying to rhyme each day but it gives me something to think about.

Keep up the great quit Ken.




Posted by meWisconsin Sep 23, 2018

They never seem to end. 4 years and 8 days into my quit and a nightmare about smoking appears out of nowhere. It was so real that I could actually taste and smell the cigarette. When I woke this morning I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. It was that bad. Even after all this time people we have to remain vigilant. I'm headed out the door shortly for my morning walk so I can get some fresh air into my lungs and try to forget that horrible dream. Everyone have a fantastic Sunday.