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Posted by meWisconsin Oct 14, 2020

2222 DOF.

Not the best poker hand but it is a winner for me.

Don't gamble with your quit. Play it safe. We can all be winners no matter the cards we are dealt.




Posted by meWisconsin Sep 22, 2020

Not much new to report here. Still enjoy being a nonsmoker. Just wanted to thank everyone for all their help during this journey. Everyone stay safe during these trying times.

2200 DOF 6 years smoke free as of last Monday.


Keep up the good quit


Good news Sunday

Posted by meWisconsin Jun 14, 2020

Got email from the hospital last night concerning my CT scan. All negative. Nothing unusual showing up.

Plus today is 2100 DOF.

Life is good and I'm a very happy man today.

Everyone have a super Sunday.


Keep up the good quit



And the waiting begins

Posted by meWisconsin Jun 10, 2020

Drove down to Milwaukee yesterday for my Low Dose CT scan. Was a little apprehensive about going to this very large hospital complex with all the covid-19 going on but their safety measures where amazing. Masks of course but it seems everywhere you turned there was a hand sanitizer machine. All doors are automatic so the only thing I had to touch was the button for the elevator in the parking garage.

Now I have to wait a week to 10 days for the results. Hopefully it will come back like last year's which showed nothing to be concerned about.

Everyone have a wonderful smoke free Wednesday.


Keep up the good quit




Posted by meWisconsin Apr 7, 2020

National Beer Day 2019: Where to Find the Best Beer Deals

2032 DOF so I think I will have a beer today to celebrate. (as if I really needed a reason)

Taverns are all closed here in Wisconsin so I will have to drink alone here at home. This self quarantine has some pluses because at home I don't have to listen to the drunks and their wild tales or try to have a conversation over a blaring junk box.

Everyone enjoy your day wherever you are and if you're not a beer person a little wine will be fine.


PS: If you are early in your quit maybe you should refrain from any alcohol at all.



Not taking an chances

Posted by meWisconsin Mar 29, 2020

Cancelled my yearly Medicare wellness visit for Tuesday with my primary doctor and also cancelled my 2nd Low Dose CT scan set for April 13th. Will make new appointments when things settle down. Definitely don't want to be going to the doctor's clinic and the hospital for the CT scan with all the sick people there. Let them save the masks for someone who needs them.

This is my 2nd Sunday in isolation so no Sunday paper again. They don't deliver out by me so I have to go to the gas station to buy one. No problem though I can find all the depressing news on the Internet.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy your alone time.

Keep up the good quit.


Image result for images of chocolate cakes


Youngatheart.7.4.12 this can be your birthday cake a couple of days late. With all the fruits on top it should be very healthy also. Enjoy in moderation of course.

Everyone have a marvelous smoke free Monday.


Wishing everyone here at EX a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope your holidays will be everything you wished for.  Smoking is not required. Enjoy.

No snow in this part of Wisconsin this year but it will be coming that's for sure.


Packed up and left northern Wisconsin yesterday afternoon. Snow storm was heading in for last night with 10 inches of snow expected. Missing Thanksgiving with my family would  be unforgivable. A great time was had by all at deer camp. Some guys had success and some of us didn't. No matter, being with friends is what is important.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at EX.


1900 DOF today!!!!!


6th Deer Camp smoke-free

Posted by meWisconsin Nov 20, 2019

Heading up north tomorrow for deer camp. Got the camper all packed and can't wait to get started.

This will be my 6th deer hunt being a nonsmoker. Never thought sitting out in the woods in the cold and smelling the pine trees and everything that nature has to offer could feel so good. The 3/4 of a mile walk to my deer stand doesn't even make me winded like it used too. All I can say is life without cigarettes is fantastic. See ya all in a week. Wish me luck.


PS: Dale keep Ima Deer locked in her pen so she stays safe.

Dice, Red, Two, Game, Rolling, Chance

Heading to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for a get together with buddies from my Vietnam days. Didn't lose any this year which is great but 2 are very sick and the future doesn't look very promising. (thanks Dow chemical and Monsanto for Agent Orange). But on the brighter side I have 1869 DOF on this trip and don't plan on gambling that away. Can't wait to get off the plane and see how many people rush outside to light up after 3 1/2 hours on the plane. I find it amusing now that I don't do that anymore. While they are smoking I will be jumping in a taxi and heading to the hotel smelling "Oh so fresh ."

Everyone have a super smoke-free Sunday.


PS: Looks like I will have to take long pants this year as the weather looks to be a bit chilly. Oh well still warming than Wisconsin.



Beauty and the Beast

Posted by meWisconsin Oct 12, 2019


Yesterday while sitting at a stoplight a very beautiful young lady was stopped next to me. She was dressed nice with her hair fixed and driving a very nice BMW. I also noticed a young child in the back seat. Everything looked like she had the perfect life. Then she did something that floored me.


She took a cigarette out of her purse, stuck it between her lips and lit it. It was cold and rainy so I could see that the windows were not rolled down. That poor child in the back seat.

My day was ruined after seeing that because I knew that was me years ago when I was a smoker. Smoking was the only thing that mattered. We didn't care who might be affected by our smoke, we smoked anyway.  I doubt that I will ever forget that beautiful young lady ruining her life. And for what, a cigarette.

Better day today, I hope.


4 1/2 inches of rain so far since yesterday afternoon and still more coming. Good thing it is not late Nov or Dec or it could be 45 inches of snow. Temps have also dropped into the low 50"s. I know those of you that live out East or down South would like would like some relief from the heat and the dry weather so if I could I would send some of this your way.

Nothing to smoke over though and better days ahead I'm sure. Everyone have a wonderful smoke-free Wednesday.



Image result for images of homemade cookies

Love homemade chocolate chip cookies. My mother used to make the best cookies but I guess when  you are raising 6 kids you get a lot of practice. Sure wish she was still here to make a batch.

Everyone have a tremendous smoke-free Tuesday and get the cookies in the oven.




Posted by meWisconsin Sep 29, 2019

Image result for images of coffee mugsThis cup looked appropriate for today. Hoping everyone has a nice big cup of N.O.P.E. to celebrate today. Raining and cold here in Wisconsin today but nothing to smoke over. Hope everyone has a splendid Sunday.