Be strong, Newbies! We are here for you!!

Blog Post created by mary242 on Oct 27, 2013

This is for the newbies. I dont write blogs often, but I was moved to write this. Pay attention to the way you feel the first weeks of your quit. Remember the thrill of not smoking. Remember the nice smells in your house instead of stale smoke.I used to light my candles and put lotion on my hands a lot in the beginning, just because it would always smell nice! I was so happy to not smell cigg smoke anywhere, for me, this was truly thrilling! I remember the pride I felt because I stopped a 40 yr habit finally!!! Yea there were  hard times, and even now,288 days later, I still think about smokes once in a while. I know that I will never smoke another cigg for as long as I live. Someone on this site  once said," I tell myself I can smoke again when I turn 80", I cant remember who said it, but I remember for some odd reason, this helped me back then. I dont need to think it  any more.Someone else on this site once said," just tell yourself that you dont do that any more,  so I will do something else until the crave passes". Someone else said," call for help BEFORE you light up, not after!"Well all this advice, Im passing on because it helped me, I hope it helps someone else. If you are reading this, youre in the right place, its full of loving and caring  people who want to help, plain and simple. Stay strong my friends and holler anytime. God bless you quit.....Mary