phew! day 4 past what a mess!

Blog Post created by malin on Jan 15, 2014

Yesterday was a day I do not even want to reapeat for sure. I was so up tight omg! I am so ashamed of the way I was reacting to my hubby. I was just so full of anger and very impatient.  (tears falling)  I am grateful I did not pick up any of my addictions!!! I know it was only by Grace of God I did not because I was not in mind set of staying quit .  In the early morning I was grateful and feeling good and then wham I went from being Dr. Jekyl to  Mrs. Hyde.  all my addictions crying out to me yesterday saying  just one, come on you'll feel better, and blah blah blah blah blah. phew! 

Ok here we go day 5.  I will not pick up nothing NOPE!!!!!  I AM FREE and want to remain that way!!!! I have dental appointment today so good portion of my day will be car ride and treatments. I so hope not much longer til my new denture ready. I will arm myself with water, lemon juice and hopefully hubby will choose to go with me if he hasn't shunned me.  If he doesnt go, I will not stop any where other than dental office. Ok just thought...... not having top denture is prbly a plus at this point cuz it helps me to not want to be in public places which in turn helps keep me away from  familiar places that could be trigger or where I could buy anything. Lol!!! ok God works in mysteriouse ways even if it is only helping me see what I thought a negative and see it as a positive.