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Six Years

Posted by linda258 Nov 16, 2019

Six years ago today I was ending my first smoke free day. After an adult life full of two packs a day I entered into a world that was not controlled by having to smoke. Was it easy? No. My family still has trouble believing that I quit. They had believed that I was the least likely person to ever quit smoking. I'm living proof that there is hope. So if I can quit you can too. Believe!

I thought about smoking today.  Not because I wanted to smoke but because I am close to 6 years smoke free.  I don't usually think about smoking, unlike six years ago when I thought about it every hour of the day. I woke up one day and kicked that evil demon (nicotine) out of my life.... sorta like getting a divorce... it was not easy... and I thought I loved him (Nick) and was not sure I could get through the day without him.  He was slowly killing me.  I see clearly now and sometimes wonder how I could have been so stupid. 


Walk away... don't look back.  Being addicted is awful.  Being free is not only possible but wonderful!  Do it!


Five Years

Posted by linda258 Nov 16, 2018

I was in the drug store the other day and noticed a man looking at all the nicotine patches.  He had been standing there for awhile when I just came out and asked him if he was thinking about quitting.  I went on to tell him that it could be done. I was voted least likely to quit smoking by ALL my family members and friends and I was fast approaching my 5th year smoke free.  I told him about this site and also going cold turkey seemed like the best way for me.  I too had collected every patch, gum, essential oils, and even an e-cig.  the plan was to only use them in the event I was getting ready to lite up.   He looked at me and simply stated that he had quit.... for 8 years.  I knew then what had happened. He thought he could take a puff.. perhaps smoke just one, but the reality of the situation and the only reason I have five years behind me is I know I am addicted to nicotine (in any form) and I can't take a puff or smoke just one. 


I don't crave smoking nor do I need to smoke.  Even when I smoked two packs a day I did not "want" to smoke. I was addicted. I don't think about smoking these days and I enjoy life without smoking. I know that I will never be able to take one puff...ever!   



Posted by linda258 Nov 16, 2017

Best advice I was ever given ..... It is all in your mind you CAN stop smoking.  Second, once you stop you can NEVER take even one puff, ever.

Nicotine is NOT the boss of me!

4 years/Cold Turkey



Posted by linda258 Apr 27, 2017

Better return than playing the stock market.  Every now and then I log onto EX and do the numbers.  At 1,250 some days I have not smoked 50,000 cigs.... and saved over $15,000. 


Not only did I save my life .. but a bit of money too! 



Posted by linda258 Feb 15, 2017

I have not been on the site for some time now and I must say I am lost.  I did find my countdown page and know that I have been smoke free for 3 years and 2 months.  I am looking for Linda F ... who I had visited in London and Storm but don't know how to message.  Any help will be appreciated. 


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Posted by linda258 Jan 23, 2017


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Three Years

Posted by linda258 Oct 16, 2016

It has been three years since I smoked.  Cold turkey worked for me.  It is an addiction.   I am in control and not the  known killer, old Nic.  At two packs a day I have saved over $14,000.  I don't smell like a wet ash tray!  

Smoking is all in your mind if you understand that you don't want to smoke is under YOUR control to stop. You Can do this!  



Posted by linda258 May 5, 2016

Forget the fact that smoking provides you with pain and suffering... then death.

Positive Rewards

901 days x 40 x $6 a pack..... = $10,812

Cruise on Queen Mary2 plus 2 weeks in England.

Trip to Key West

Cruise to Honduras, Belize etc.

Two weeks in southern France.


Soon to be heading to Alaska

I could be out living life OR sitting at home killing myself smoking.  Hmmm hard choice.. you think?

I had a fight with my husband.... my children got in trouble with the law... my heat went out and I don't have money to pay the bill.... my parent.. friend.. neighbor .... fill in the blank... has a rare deadly illness.... my house is on fire.... I failed a test.... I passed a test and need to celebrate.. I'm on vacation... it is a holiday... someone close is getting married... I am at a bar with friends who smoke... it snowed.. it rained... it is a sunny perfect day... people hate me... people love me... my dog ran away... it is my birthday... I got locked out of my house... they took away my house... I bought a house...


THE ONLY REASON WE "WANT".."NEED" TO SMOKE IS BECAUSE WE ARE AN ADDICT...  so none of the above excuses are valid.

Let's face reality..... if you want to quit ... you will.   You have to tell yourself you will not smoke.... and all of us can find what we believe a "good" excuse why we should or want to smoke.