26 days smoke free

Blog Post created by lee-lee2 on Oct 31, 2012

whoooo hoooo!!! psyched to see how long its been!! it has been a bit harder lately as my fiance has been smoking in his car with what smells like all the windows rolled up...he stinks!! and when he goes outside to have a smoke when we are home sometmes i think im being deprived because he can do something i cant but then i wake up and realize its that same stupid addiction voice talking again....and then I remind myself its MY choice and i'm happy with that choice. i'm breastfeeding and my baby boy is becoming pleastantly plump. something about that makes me happy. because i'm providing him with healthy milk....untainted nicotine free milk.  its more than just that though..im so glad to be free from those chains. for myself. i smell good, and im not spending ridiculous amounts of money to slowly kill myself. hooray!!