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Feeling Grateful!

Posted by kym4 Feb 6, 2017

Good morning all! been 14 days smoke free! Has not been easy! some days are definately better than others, so I will continue to take it one day at a time! Gotta say it is really great not smoking,having to run to the store just to make sure I had enough cigaretts to get me through, no more smell, no more ashes all over my car! Was thinking last night, just in 14 days alone I would have smoked 400 cigarettes! That thought is frightening to me! I will continue to be grateful every single day that I dont smoke! have a great day! thank you  Kym!


Tough one!

Posted by kym4 Jan 25, 2017

Day 4 have done well but today has been really tough! very aggitated tonight ! cravings seem worse today then the last three days! Just glad I have no cigarettes here! Thinking at work when I complete projects has always just been kinda like a reward when I was done! so tough going through the day without the added breaks and rewards! Not gonna quit on my quit I like not smoking, just gonna take time to relearn life without them! thank you! Kym


kym4 Archived Profile

Posted by kym4 Jan 23, 2017



Hello! I am new to community, I have set a date for this thursday to quit smoking! Im am 52 years old and have smoked for over 35 years! Im on here to get  tips and as much support as I can! cause lord knows i need it! thank you


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Quit day!

Posted by kym4 Jan 22, 2017

Today is my quit day again! was not sucessful last time! I feel this time I have a willingness to stay quit this time! Im certainly gonna do my best,it is so time for me, tired of living with the guilt of smoking everyday,and it is actually alot of work to smoke! always planning around cigarettes making sure i have enough before i get home etc etc! I had a dream last night of my mother she has been gone almost ten years she died of lung disease, she was a smoker her whole life she died at the age of 68 way too young! anyhow i have always prayed for her to visit me in a dream, but the dream was me walking into a room where she was intubated and tubes coming all out of her,like she was before she died! just saddened me to have that dream after waiting all these years, but then i thought to myself this morning this could have been confirmation of me to quit cigarettes now before it too late for me idk! sad to even write this and I apologize for getting off track here guess i just needed to feel this! I am using nicotine replacements patches! Not gonna lie the urges have been coming at me hard even to the point of my mouth watering for them! hahah! But today is my grandaughter 4th birthday one of my biggest reasons for quitting so will get out of this house we are going bowling! and I will be thankful for this day! and thank you all for your blogs and words, afew of you your words have really resignated with me with my line of thinking about this terrible habit so I thank you all! have a great day!



Posted by kym4 Sep 26, 2016

Im  new to this ex community have made the decision to finally quit smoking on thursday!  Have spent the day planning and trying to clean out smell and any ashtrays in my car! I have been a smoker for a very long time, this is no doubt gonna be difficult to do! but I know now is the time! want to feel better and be around in the future for my family! would appreciate any tips or ideas to get me through! thank u all