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long time no see

Posted by kloud9 Feb 12, 2018

Hi every one, been so long i hardly reconize the site can't find anyone or any thing .  hope all is well . my new Quit date is feb 12 2018. lookin for the blogs and the date reset button but can't find it. will try to make contact again next week. in the meantime you all keep well. peace........


kloud9 Archived Profile

Posted by kloud9 Jan 23, 2017


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bad news

Posted by kloud9 Aug 16, 2016

it is with regret that i must let you all know that i have stopped nopein.    i have not reset my clock yet and will do so as soon as i can. right now i am still homeless and gettin an internet connection is difficult but as soon as i get get round to xplainin my situation more fully please will all the rest of you do me a favor and please keep on NOPEin............

your good friend kloud9

ps i still intend to keep on with my desire to QUIT

Hi haven't been here in a while cause i'm homeless and don't get on the net 2 often

but i'm here 4 a short while today and just thought i'd pop in and say hello to whoever 


to my NOPEers keep NOPEin

Hope the link works................


N.O.P.E..........All 21st Century Long...........

" Hugs to jonescrap ........Dale   (((   )))   "


Words cannot express

Posted by kloud9 Jan 7, 2015

How one feels 4 sumone they have neva met but feels close to - - - .

NANCY !............   YOU ARE A GOOD FRIEND, AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST     PEACE .............



Posted by kloud9 Dec 14, 2014

I have been thinkin ov my friends at EX, those that  joined EX, around the time i did. They must be 6%er like i am. Tricia, Roxy, Ken, Elvan.  And two i have not heard frum but have a lot of heart for_Vlindergirl & KTNZ.

I have not heard from these 2 and would like to.  I Especially want to hear from KTNZ.   I Especially want 2 Know that she is a 6%er as well. (But i don't think this is so)  It is not 2 much fun if KTNZ is not a 6%er as well. Her struggle was/is harder then mines. And i still have hope she will become or is a 6&er.

KTNZ  !  _ If ya out there wheather you have Quit or not .......' Please contact me '  and Please understand you are a Winner !   

2 All who are still in the struggle........................Time is on ya side. You r still a Winner

Keep NOPEin  Ya'll



Posted by kloud9 Dec 13, 2014

I AM 1 YEARS OLD TODAY.  Today i am a 6%............................................

Peace to all those who helped me, and Peace to all those who tried to discourage me. Peace to all at EX. Peace to all who are 6%. Peace to all those just starting out. Peace to those who have been Quit for years.

Those 20% and more, i'll be joining ya'll....................Soon

N.O.P.E..........................All Day 

1st let me say hi to all my friends........."HI !"

it has been 307 days for me so far. i am just 2 months away frum being a 6%

miss you guys  wish you all well   peace to you all and   ..........         



NOPE - ONN !?!

Posted by kloud9 Aug 10, 2014

Whats a NOPE-Onn you may ask. It's being EXcited and [removed] bout Not Smoking.

It's telling Nico Demon to [removed]. ( he be sticking it to us when, we wuz smokers)  It's gettin some one else to realize that it's better to NOPE than to Smoke. It's kickin Nico Demon  [removed] to de curb. !

It's walking into a store or gas station or anywhere where they sell tobacco and not even thinkin bout buying any. It's being so free you forget you wuz ever a captive in the 1st place. It's seeing some one else lite up and you not even be bothered by it. It's teachin or helpin others to NOPE. It's a new NOPEer -Realizing that 1st taste ov Freedom , Becoming like Newborns.....' NewBorn NOPEers '

A NOPE-ONN is A [removed] 4 Not Smoking   { Don't Smokers }

It's all these and more------------ " How Do You Get Ya NOPE-Onn ? "

Edited by Mark (EX Admin) for suggestive comments. Please review the community guidelines on posting appropriately.

Hi,  All...

Did u miss me  "probably not " , but i know some ov you were thinkin ov me.  To Those ov you who thought i may have fallen of the wagon, N.O.P.E. ! !..   Much Respect 2 all  my friends and to those who are constantly, helping those who need it and encouraging others to protect their QUIT !!   And 2 ani new comers who are either going to QUIT or have just started QUITTING, keep it up and stick to this site things will work out eventually...................


130 days

Posted by kloud9 Apr 22, 2014

i have reached the 130 day milestone and tho' i am officially out ov NML, i feel like i have been out ov NML for many weeks now.  Believe me when i tell you that Green Tea works , i drank it an awful lot, in the early days off my QUIT and it chased Nico Demon and My Inner Junkie away or into hiding.

i Still remain watchful and i keep my guard up. Now i'm heading for the 1 year mark. i wanna be a 6%. Wanna be able to count my QUIT in terms off years and not days but right now it is still 1 day at a time.

Thanx to GOD, and to all those who helped me along the way. Special shout out to Youngatheart, Hope ya doin better and will be bax with us in time. Please know that you are Loved.  I Miss Ya Smile................

Blessings to All Those who are still struggling, Eventually it does get better. Keep On Trying.

PLEASE ,  KEEP ON TRYIN............



Posted by kloud9 Apr 9, 2014

This is 4 all the people at EX who even tho' they are confirmed QUITTERS !, Still *** on this site and make sure the newbies and not so newbies learn, relearn,  grow and protect their QUIT. 

This is 4 all the ones who have QUIT and failed and need to start ovah again (uhhhhh!) Do Not Give Up On Giving Up,   QUIT DAT TOBACCO AND TELL Nico Demon to ********** & take his nicotine with him ..

This is 4 all those who have just started out and need all the hope and encourament they can get

This is 4 all those goin thru NML.....(double UGGGhhhh!) YOU CAN MAKE IT ! KEEP STRONG AND KICK Nico Demon's ASS !!!

This is 4 all those who are reading this Naked/Nude (like i am now)  YEAAAA !!!!

GOD'S PEACE & BLESSINGS !!!!!!!!!!     N.O.P.E.        ALL DAY 

I have noticed that there are more women on this site then men. And while i am not complaining about dat. I am wonderin if there is a reason for that or am i missin something here................................................................

Maybe it is that the women are more active or more vocal then the men are. Maybe the men prefer to stand on the sidelines and onli the women participate. Or Maye i am just Paro.

N.O.P.E.           4EVER ..........