Hello my wonderful amazing ex family!

Blog Post created by joyeuxencore_11-5-12 on Dec 2, 2018

November 5th 2018 I celebrated six years of quitting smoking and absolutely the only reason that I was able to quit was because of the support on this site... No question about it I had been torturing myself everyday for years wanting to quit smoking and one day distraught at my desk at work I Googled how to quit smoking and this site came up I made a page and the rest is history. I lived on this site pretty much every day for 3 years and it was awesome. I made some friends many of whom I've met in real life and I'm still in touch with by text and talking all the time.

Now I rarely show up and that's just not right!

I have a best friend whose husband is smoking...she just booted him out of the house and he has to quit in order for him to come home. She has a compromised immune system and as we know there's no safe level of secondhand smoke with the chemicals on somebody's body ...Well anyway I'm trying to get him to get on this site and give himself a chance at freedom.

I will be contacting some of you personally in case he makes a page so you can reach out to him.

I still have cards in my wallet for this site that I hand out on occasion I actually handed out two yesterday with people buying cartons of cigarettes... Just slipped them into their bags and said 'a little gift for you later.'

Both gals smiled and said thank you they had no idea what I was putting in their bag! 

The site saved my life and I'm so grateful and I always will be.


Within the last 2 months I lost my mom who II hav been living next door to for almost 10 years and also three weeks after that our beloved dog Lucy... My best friend my soulmate.

It never occurred to me to pick up a cigarette. ❤️