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Exercise Releases DO-pamine

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Laughter releases dopamine.

Music, happy or sad, will release dopamine

Chocolate will release dopamine.

Eating or food **** releases dopamine.

A sexual release releases dopamine.

A hobby releases dopamine.

Volunteering releases dopamine.

Anything that brings pleasure

or makes you feel good about yourself


Fear, and Anger also release dopamine but can take you to instead of away from smoking.


There are not many components to failure at quitting smoking.

I believe the lack of dopamine replacement is a major one until

your quit gets on its feet and you've adjusted.

When people feel bummed out and negative is when they go back.

Isn't it likely the dopamine release from an NRT is its only usefulness?

This is something in your power to do in order to keep your quit.

keep it in mind 

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We usually get quite a crowd of new quitters around New Years.

I hate New Years Resolutions myself (never made one and never kept one)

so I waited until the day after.

Less Stress. 


We need to do an email call out to all those from the past who quit on New Years and are still quit and have them come back and speak of their success.

You have options to shut them down.

      I discovered this on my third morning when the person I was quitting to influence to quit (at the request of his younger brother) walked into the patio  outside of the workshop where I was, smoking.

      Of course seeing him smoking, you'd expect me to want to smoke, right?

What came to me in that moment was the fact that smoking is a choice. It made me laugh.  "My thoughts weren't going to "gotcha" me," I thought. At that moment, quitting became a game instead of a chore.


   Through the next week, I laughed every time the thought of smoking popped into my head. After that week, the laugh came intuitively in place of the thought.


Beginning our quits is the real unknown

By breaking old patterns with ones that are new

Changes in thinking are seeds that will grow.

Make it a game, it will help you get through.

If you'll laugh at your thoughts, You'll be two steps ahead

You'll be ready to  slippery thoughts in your head.

Make quitting a game, Not something you dread

Let cravings go by, Not fester and spread.


Even when you don't feel like laughing, do this out loud.

Say Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha and hear yourself.

You will feel so rediculous you must do it again.

Seriously, if you do this a few times, your whole outlook on quitting will change. 


A secret

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 19, 2018

If you are missing Ellen as I am,

she told me her router burned out

and she will receive a new one Thursday.

(at least I think that is what the text on my dumb phone said.)

Meanwhile, pick your feet up and let's go for a ride 

You have a choice, you see?

Pull out your hair?

Scream at the air?

Happy or Mad Bear?

Which will you choose?

to win or lose?

You're in control,

It's up to you.


or this?

In that way, quitting smoking is a solitary journey.

We can however, ease you off the precipice

if you will come here and post HELP!

Before You Go Buy A Pack Or Bum One From Your Partner Or A Friend.


We've gone before and made a path for you

And, we will be your guides.

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Just cited the increase in children vaping

as an epidemic. (set 'em up Joe)

This report discusses ranking of the 5 most addictive drugs but notice what it says about smoking:

      "In terms of psychological addictiveness, nicotine was ranked as almost as addictive as cocaine."

 Most addictive drugs, ranked - Business Insider 


      What this confirms for me is, once you're off the nicotine, you can unlearn the psychological dependence.

You can fight yourself or you can let it happen and give it time to grow.

Don't Smoke It Up!

You start out slow

and the more you know

You can feel it grow

It's your choice, your flow

Who taught you how to part your hair or tie your shoes?

Do you remember when you finally "got it" and you could tie your shoes for yourself?  It takes you back doesn't it?



This learning didn't just happen, someone taught you



It's why we stress learning how to quit. You do that in part, by understanding what you are up against.  Yes, reading takes some work but it's important to plant the seed that works for you.


In the end, you'll find quitting is more about changing your routine, accepting these changes as you go along, and allowing enough time for the changes to become your new routine.

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