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Two who inspire me to come here each day.

One on vacation and one going away?

I've never regretted the time I spend here

What makes it fun are the friends we hold dear


Be safe and be happy for everything ends

Be sad and be joyful and live life and then

There will come a time to be free my friends

And someday, just maybe, we'll all meet again.


      I was working for a young couple in Westchester adding a master suite to the back of the home they had just moved into.

      We we're done with framing, rough plumbing and electrical and waiting on the inspector so we could cover and start insulation and drywall. We had removed enough fence boards and started a master suite right next door. 


      It was a Friday afternoon. Tom was an active 30 year old and hurried off to go snowboarding with his buddies at the first big snow of the season at Mammoth Mountain.


      He never came back. He was killed in a snowboarding accident.


      A quick death might seem better than a slow one because you are not building up to it with an illness but, it was  devastating to his wife and the child that was just getting to know him.


It was out of his control. An accident

You don't accidentally smoke.

Smoking is a choice.

Save yourself. Save your health.

This is something you have control over.

Take it.

12+ years ago I was a new quitter.

I was successful the first time by listening to those who 

had succeeded and had knowledge of what works.


We've seen too many get shaky and fail

when their same stage quit partner smoked.

May I suggest you count on and learn from those who have achieved success and can lead with experience to teach you and keep you quit.

Carried a grudge for 30 days short of 5 years along with the guilt of deleting others comments.

What a guy!

you just have to catch yourself when you think of smoking.

Just catching yourself stops the progression of thought and action.


This hit me the third morning of my quit. "A HA you didn't get me!"

It made me realize smoking was a choice, a decision and not something I had to follow through on.


You weren't missing smoking before you were a smoker

It's unlearnable and it's unlearnable easily if you just stop and think before you would've automatically acted.


Smoking becomes reflex, ritual, routine, and repetition as much or more than the physical addiction.


Stop telling yourself a dog can't learn new tricks and start unlearning smoking.

Expectations: It ISN'T what I expected, but, I tried.

(My dad points to my happiness as a gift-I think it's the ability to enjoy each day)


Expectations are why so many marriages fail.

Expectations are why 94% of quitters don't make it a year smoke free.


We must flow with life NOT KNOWING THE OUTCOME.

Isn't that what makes life difficult? Hardships and wondering when they will end? Not knowing why someone's life was taken unexpectedly?  Being stuck on the side of the road with a mechanical failure wishing you had roadside assistance insurance and wondering how much the mechanic is going to charge?


unknowns and uncertainties are what frighten us.


The good news is if you accept life as it happens, there is no need to fear it.

No need to be unhappy or worried about the other shoe dropping.




You can be happy, but, you must allow it.

You can quit smoking, but, you must allow it.


The only outcome without strings is one you pay for with cash.





What expectations did you have of quitting?

You're going to feel off balance

just wanky occasional days

It's not like you're plagued with Meniere's Disease

It's something you unlearn away


So try to develop your talents

Don't overeat smoking away

And one bad day out of a dozen

Is not a too huge price to pay


(the Brady Bunch, The Brady Bunch)     


Keep walking and doing self talking

Say "I don't do that anymore"

Just listen and say it again each time

And you'll walk away from not toward


Relax, you can stop all the fighting

You're only just fighting yourself

There's nobody else forcing you to smoke

So settle down, time is the cure.

You begin to enjoy your freedom from smoking is where.

You stop thinking  of where you're going to be able to smoke is where.

You stop wasting money on something that's killing you is where.

You find the you that is not an addict is where.

You begin halting the damage you were doing to your body is where.

You take a vacation is where.

You buy a car or something else that doesn't smell of stale cigarettes.


Enjoy the journey

Your new life is waiting

Do the 94% of quitters who don't last for a year believe they can't live without smoking?

the belief you need to smoke

isn't there at birth

or in the years you smoke

the belief you need to smoke

shows up when you consider quitting


all that time in between

all those years a smoker

there was no fear

there was no doubt

it became natural 

to pull one out

there was no thought

of quitting then

as we lit up

again and again



isn't believing you need to smoke more about doubting you can quit?

Some things work and some things don't.

Most people don't drive with their tongue.

(They've probably devised a way for a disabled person to "tongue drive." )


Many people don't drive with their mind.    (Because it's on their phone)


We don't want you to get distracted.


We know a paper bag on your head won't keep you from smoking because,



We're here for you

to pay attention to

the things that work

so you don't jerk

and break your quit

but find success

so you let go,


We can be deceived, and we can deceive ourselves.

      This picture is from the Tuolumne Meadows area high above the valley floor. The river looks very peaceful and it is unless you slip on those rocks, get caught by the force of the water and, you are fighting for your life as you are being swept downstream.

      That swift water is similar to the conversation people have with themselves before they give in and smoke. They "had this" but then they smoke.

All it takes is some talking into. The point is you can stop yourself from smoking.

You can talk yourself out of smoking just as easily as talking yourself into it.

It is self deception

We all know what happens.

Be your own lifesaver.

Don't talk yourself into the swift water.

It takes years for some to quit again.


Trail Guide: Backpacking the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne in Yosemite - Bearfoot Theory 

Doesn't cost a thing

It will turn your head and save your quit over and over and over again.

Your quit is your responsibility. If you won't invest in yourself 

with proven suggestions you are pi**ing in the wind.

      After 3 Days Of Rain, I Caved. The memory of having beef stew on a rainy day was too strong!

It finally got to me.

Today's the 4th day of rain.


It's all in the crock pots hands.



I believe memories and connections are what drive people back to smoking.


Now, please, enjoy some stew 

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