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We unconsciously defeat ourselves.

If you are aware of it, you can make small changes that lead to big ones.

Here's one way to start.

If you like root beer.

Root Beer Barrels

They have very intense flavor and taste great.

They're also individually wrapped and,

they last a long time in your mouth.

If you don't want sugar, Bite into a ginger root.

I buy them in the bulk section of one of my local markets but,

you can order them online as well.

Here's something to go with those root beer barrels

      Don't count on someone who does not ending up with the same results you expect. 

      I'm a think-things-through kind of person. I do it to get the best final results.


      The landscaper came for a few minutes with his guys and then left them to level the stepping stones.

        Well he must not have given them any instructions because they leveled them and they used the pattern my brother and I had set but, they didn't start from the sidewalk and make the first one parallel with it and the others parallel to and equidistant from each other which in my eyes, makes their result about 80% of what it could have been.


      All it would have taken was getting the first one set correctly and then using a tape measure to keep them parallel and equidistant and working their way across the yard.


      It's so important you prepare so you get your quit off to a good start to have a successful result.

PS This work would have never passed muster on one of my projects but I'll have to live with it because even though we're paying him a lot to do the work, the contractor is the father of one of my twins son's wives.

(this year, anyway)

Your 20-Second Solstice: How To Understand And Explain Why Friday Is The Year's Longest Day

You Can Make It!

You Will Make It

If You Just

Keep Them Away From Your Face!


Like an overloaded truck.

you begin to wonder if you'll get through.

      We haven't finished the dryscape in front yard because as soon as they put down the weed prevention cloth, the gophers began coming up at the seams and around  a couple of the new plants.

      We have a set of stairs that go up the side to the front yard and we wanted stepping stones from the top of the rise across to the new walkway that goes from the street to the front door.

      I remember all of us warning the landscape contractor about the gophers and our requesting the stepping stones from the side yard to the new walk but I didn't approve the contract and since he didn't know what we would actually want in a stepping stone, it was going to be extra cost. Stepping stones can run $10 on up to $50 or more.

      After researching, we decided to buy some rather make them ourselves and I took my little truck to get them this morning.

      After I found out what they had and discussed the number required to cover the distance, I purchased 11 of them.

      Well, the yard man who brought them to my truck and myself had NO IDEA THEY WERE SO HEAVY!

      My truck was riding low and I was being very careful to miss potholes.

   I drove a little slower than normal, hoping my tires were not going to pop.  

      I'm guessing they weigh 80lbs each at 11 would be 880 lbs.

      My truck handled way differently but by adjusting my driving and attitude,

I made it home.

      I compare this situation to how you stay quit. You adjust and be careful, and you'll make it!



      Vaping has spread so fast in our schools that one school is going to start drug testing for nicotine.

But, then what?

How are they going to stop kids from using it?

What kind of penalties do you use on an adolescent addict?

You can't throw them out of school or they don't get an education and may stumble through life because of it.

The problem is Nicotine has ALWAYS been a LEGAL drug and our government WAITED WAY TOO LONG to regulate vaping by children. It makes you wonder if it was intentional.


What do you think would be effective? I can't think of a dang thing.


Some schools starting to test for nicotine among students involved in extracurricular activities | 

I pray she's doing better

         We began "June gloom" (where it's grey all day almost every day of the month) the last day of May and it was 8 or 9 days before we got another sunny day.

         Quitting smoking can feel that way the first month but you have have the faith to look past it.

         If I wasn't a sunshine believer I could have given up the idea of the grey ever leaving.

             You need to know your quit will get better if you allow it and you need to recognize when it does and build on those days.

            I like to check the webcams along the coast about sunset and I got a stunning screen capture last night.

The day can be crappy and yet, the sunset can be beautiful.

      The way to undo the connections to smoking is with positive reminders and SMALL changes in your old routine.


      We suggest people who have trouble drinking coffee because it reminds them of smoking to drink it with the other hand or in a different location than they did as a smoker.

      Self talk is another reminder. "I don't do that anymore." (stop telling yourself you can't do it or you need a cigarette)

      You could get a jeweler to engrave something like "I quit and I'm glad I did" on something to hang from your rear view mirror or put on your key ring or a necklace.

(thanks Missy)


If you've quit smoking and

You're constantly telling yourself you want a cigarette

You are not moving away from smoking.



If you've quit smoking and

You're still smoking, You're doing it wrong.



If you just can't get along without a yellow stain on the side of your middle finger





I Qualify

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 10, 2019

I had my annual physical today and I made a list of things to address which included a cat scan.

While they were drawing blood and doing and eye exam and after I  ******* in a cup

as I was leaving, she said I qualified and they would set it up.


so there you go

Should I ask if I can bring my own cat?

      Most all people who quit smoking are going to occasionally feel down and question their quit. It's so important to look up and not down at these moments..


      We can help you do that and keep your feet if you'll let us.

It doesn't help you to smoke and then come to us. Come to us before you smoke.


   (One more thing, get a fat lemon. Look at that thing when you get a craving and bite into it if you must!  .



      I'm patching a wall and replacing some toilet parts today.



It's my Dad's birthday Monday (93) and we're going out for lunch.

My other brother's birthday is Friday. We'll be going out again.

It's a nice change from TV dinners.

Smoking was a life choice

Quitting smoking is a life choice




"Choice" is the key word

If you choose to quit smoking, you aren't fighting yourself.

After all,

Who's stopping you from quitting?

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