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I'd break my ass getting on.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Apr 22, 2020

Check this out

my flip phone tends to flip my pictures so I have to rotate them three times to get them right side up after I've downloaded them to my pc.

Here's the original picture flipped right side up


Now, check it out flipped upside down

Quitting smoking changes you.

Let yourself grow into that change.

This is a real tear jerker.

Magnificent Obsession 1954 - Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman, Agnes Moorehead, Barb 

Crying waters the cheeks as well as breaking up emotional logjams

    I had an 8:45 podiatrist appointment this morning. I really didn't know if they would be open but I went anyway because I had a prescription to pick up in that same area so, I knew it wouldn't be a wasted trip.


     The podiatrist said patients just weren't showing up and he'd had to cut back to three days a week.



I was asking him questions.

Can you tell I'm speaking through a mask?

Do you do haircuts? 


      So, he finishes and I go to get my Rx. I needed eggs and a phone card so I picked those up while I was there. After picking up the eggs and phone card I went to the Pharmacy.

      When I got to the counter, I realized I didn't have my phone OR MY KEYS!

After getting my prescription I retraced my steps but no keys. I checked out and decided to go look in my truck to see if both were in there before I hit the panic button.

I explained my situation to the door monitors as I left and asked if they would call AAA for me then, went to my truck to see what I could see.

(There was no lizard in a crack standin' up for me.)


The phone was there but no keys.

I have road service but even if they got in my truck, they'd have to tow me home. 


I headed back inside and just as I entered, an associate handed me my keys.

Someone had just turned them in.


Not such a bad day after all!

         Probably the most common phrase we see from people just starting their quit is,

"I really want to quit."

You say you want it!

You're in it to win it!

Then, you give it up?





You don't have to want to quit to quit.


it takes time, not want.

Time distances you from smoking, not want.

Onward and Upward

      This one's in Montana. Great views of snow covered mountains, grassy hills and, lots of river time.

      Pans to new location often 


And this one's the next town South of me. 

Great views. Pans often. Low tide today, you can see the reefs real clearly

I was one of those people who only went to the Dr. in an emergency.

I never got checkups.

About 5 months into my quit, I had an episode I didn't understand. About 6 months later, I wasn't feeling well. I was sweating all the time, unquenchable thirst and urinating constantly. I had a lab order I had never initiated because I had no money for the copay at the time it was written. I found the lab in my Dr's building. I was dizzy. I could hardly stand by the time I got into the reception area. They said the orders were not current and they were reluctant to honor them.   but they did


They did the tests and a couple days later I got a call from a Dr. filling in for my physician telling me my blood sugar was well over 400 and I needed to start being treated for diabetes. There are studies saying smokers are more susceptible to getting type 2 diabetes in the first 2 years after they've quit. . 


That was 13 years ago. 

Now, the reason I'm writing this.

My son in laws mom passed yesterday. She was only 60. She had a heart attack a week ago but what was telling to me was, her blood sugar was over 500 and she never knew it because she never went to the Dr. for checkups.

Uncontrolled Diabetes affects your heart and kidneys badly


I've been through it with the kidneys but that was cured by a surgery that took care of the original source of the problem.

The thing is, if you don't take care of these things, they snowball...And, if you don't even know you even have them, they'll kill you slowly or quickly.  I can't help but think she didn't have to die if she'd gone to the Dr. every couple of years.


Take care of yourself. See a doctor for a physical and blood work at least every two years.


      I still wouldn't go to a doctor today but they make me come in at least every 4 months to check for deterioration. 



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Apr 10, 2020

Why do we even listen to new music?

"Our brains change as they recognize new patterns in the world, which is what makes brains, well, useful. When it comes to hearing music, a network of nerves in the auditory cortex called the corticofugal network helps catalog the different patterns of music. When a specific sound maps onto a pattern, our brain releases a corresponding amount of dopamine, the main chemical source of some of our most intense emotions. This is the essential reason why music triggers such powerful emotional reactions, and why, as an art form, it is so inextricably tied to our emotional responses."


Why Do We Even Listen to New Music? | Pitchfork 



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Apr 9, 2020

      I bought some French toast sticks that weren't my usual brand a couple months go.

They were different in that they were cut into strips after they were grilled. What that meant was only the top and bottom of the strips had any French toast flavor and, it didn't make up for keeping them. I tried them once and I threw them. Calories without reward.

      I was ALL IN on getting what I wanted and didn't want them using up space.

I bought my usual brand as soon as I could find them.




ALL IN is what your quit needs to be

or you'll be

FALLIN' for nicotine's lies all over again.


      "It relieves my stress." That was the biggest lie of all.

Nicotine CAUSES STRESS because when it wears off, YOU NEED MORE!

and no one can go.


This is the ranger station cam at the top of the Palm Springs Tramway.

Long Valley Cam – Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 

Suns out


Kotch 1971 (Jack Lemmon) 

Sometimes it's good to work through our emotions.

Emotions also release dopamine


"Kotch" is an irksome 72-year-old who lives with his son and daughter-in-law.

(he's  sort of a free spirit who is trying to avoid going into a nursing home.)

When he learns the family's former babysitter Erica is pregnant, Kotch loans her some money; and when she moves away to Palm Springs, he moves in with her, hoping to be of some use.

Someone  on Social Security who just heard they will be getting $1200 is thinking,

"How many cartons could I buy with $1200?"


that would not be me thinking or considering that.


Of course smoking will/may pop into our heads during this time.

as long as it doesn't pop into our lungs..we're good

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