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I pray she's doing better

         We began "June gloom" (where it's grey all day almost every day of the month) the last day of May and it was 8 or 9 days before we got another sunny day.

         Quitting smoking can feel that way the first month but you have have the faith to look past it.

         If I wasn't a sunshine believer I could have given up the idea of the grey ever leaving.

             You need to know your quit will get better if you allow it and you need to recognize when it does and build on those days.

            I like to check the webcams along the coast about sunset and I got a stunning screen capture last night.

The day can be crappy and yet, the sunset can be beautiful.

      The way to undo the connections to smoking is with positive reminders and SMALL changes in your old routine.


      We suggest people who have trouble drinking coffee because it reminds them of smoking to drink it with the other hand or in a different location than they did as a smoker.

      Self talk is another reminder. "I don't do that anymore." (stop telling yourself you can't do it or you need a cigarette)

      You could get a jeweler to engrave something like "I quit and I'm glad I did" on something to hang from your rear view mirror or put on your key ring or a necklace.

(thanks Missy)


If you've quit smoking and

You're constantly telling yourself you want a cigarette

You are not moving away from smoking.



If you've quit smoking and

You're still smoking, You're doing it wrong.



If you just can't get along without a yellow stain on the side of your middle finger





I Qualify

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 10, 2019

I had my annual physical today and I made a list of things to address which included a cat scan.

While they were drawing blood and doing and eye exam and after I  ******* in a cup

as I was leaving, she said I qualified and they would set it up.


so there you go

Should I ask if I can bring my own cat?

      Most all people who quit smoking are going to occasionally feel down and question their quit. It's so important to look up and not down at these moments..


      We can help you do that and keep your feet if you'll let us.

It doesn't help you to smoke and then come to us. Come to us before you smoke.


   (One more thing, get a fat lemon. Look at that thing when you get a craving and bite into it if you must!  .



      I'm patching a wall and replacing some toilet parts today.



It's my Dad's birthday Monday (93) and we're going out for lunch.

My other brother's birthday is Friday. We'll be going out again.

It's a nice change from TV dinners.

Smoking was a life choice

Quitting smoking is a life choice




"Choice" is the key word

If you choose to quit smoking, you aren't fighting yourself.

After all,

Who's stopping you from quitting?

No, I'm not speaking of love, the ultimate addiction.

I'm speaking of the thoughts of smoking.


Whenever you think of smoking say

"I don't do that anymore."

It's your perfect reminder to not continue those thoughts.

They will pass.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 31, 2019

      I had to laugh yesterday.

      I went to the dentist because a crown was coming off.

      The assistant took me to the operatory and said she was going to take my blood pressure.  This is common before they give a senior any numbing injection. I believe its to cover their a**es in case you die in the chair? 

      Anyway, the Dr. came in and numbed me up. A little grinding a cement job and voila I was done.

      Then, the assistant came in and took my blood pressure. I said, "wasn't that supposed to be before the anesthetic?"  We both broke out laughing.


I'm neither 109 nor 73.



My dad planted this oak in 1961. It was 3 feet tall  I used to jump over it.

It was a gift from a designer he did work for on weekends and evenings.

I was 11. I was always a big kid. (6'2" and 185 when I was a freshman.)  I used to help my dad build cabinets in the shop and deliver and install them on her jobs.

      I learned something about the house yesterday when a local plumber started up a conversation with my dad and who my dad had worked for back in the day. (70 years ago) They knew quite a few of the same builders. The plumber loved the house and asked who designed it. My dad said the architect who worked for the builder my dad worked for had designed it. (I never knew the story)

      I've had a full life like this oak tree. Yes a few woodpeckers have come a hammering but overall I'm a happy man.  I'm 70. I quit smoking 40 years after I started at 58.

I'm glad I did 

PS Mark turns 70 today too.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 28, 2019

Just saw this this morning

      The latest study says e-juice (not nicotine) can damage the lining of blood vessels and cause greater risk of heart attack.

Your Actions Create Your Future


This is why self talk can

lift you up

or take you down.


Pick a phrase and say it every time you think of smoking.

"I don't do that anymore"


Find one that works for you


This will help you let smoking go instead of fighting it.




Torn Up

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 25, 2019

It's a process.

      The gophers spent years undermining the brick walkway to the point of sections sinking. The landscapers pulled it all up yesterday.

      I remember when my dad laid it. That had to be 58 years ago.

It's gone. There's no place to goph.

      They left one small tree at the end of the house and the oak tree and low lying cypress at the other.

      The middle is empty. We stopped watering the lawn over a year ago knowing we would be redoing it. that was our preparation.


Quitting is a process

Your middle will feel empty for awhile.

Give it time.

You are not defined as a smoker any longer.

You are the landscaper of your life now.

Have you set your sights on freedom?


      Much of the first 4 months we have to muddle through our daily routine and push hard when necessary.

      I realize it's difficult to envision something you've always done as not being part of your future but, smoking is not something that has helped your life. You know it and I know it. Honestly, it has done nothing good for you.


      Here's something for you to look for and, look forward to:

      Look for the day you realize you didn't think of smoking the day before.

      That's a big win because more will follow.



Smoking may seem a formidable foe

You may think it won't let you go

but, realize it has no hold

You have the power of yes and no.

When can you relax?

      I believe you can relax when you truly understand smoking is a choice.

You realize smoking was a self perpetuating routine, driven by nicotine.

When you've removed all excuses and reached that point of honesty with yourself,

you become

too smart to smoke





I'm not one of those who's worried that smoking's going to haunt me and lure me back the rest of my life.

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