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Smoking gave you dopamine

Music gives you dopamine


I played guitar at a friends house 10 hours a day the first two weeks of my quit.


Playing an instrument has your brain firing on all cylinders. Listening to music affects emotions which also stimulates dopamine release.


"The emotional climax of a song was not actually the part responsible for musical frisson; it seems the anticipation of emotional release during the tension-building moments matters just as much as the eventual resolution in giving us that tingling feeling."

(This works the same way with food. Thinking about food you want to have releases dopamine BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY EAT THE FOOD)

Think about that.

A happier person could be the new non smoking you!


Everyone wants to be happy.

Wouldn't a better attitude make you a happier person?

Rather than look at the negative things in your life and world,

a smile focus's your being on better things. 


A smile is an attitude.

A smile indicates friendliness

A smile indicates approachability

A smile is welcoming

(Don't worry about your teeth

I too have missing teeth)


When a smile leads your outlook

Life becomes a happier place

      You don't let situations "sneak up on you" until you've been quit for awhile.

Remember how we used to consider where we would be able to smoke in a new situation? You to turn that around and consider what might happen in a situation that would influence you to smoke. If your resolve is yet not solid, you avoid those situations for awhile.


      Living free takes a little sacrifice but, not as much as you fear.

This is gradual


      Life is just as much fun as a non smoker. Smoking was a lie.

The reason people thought smokers were more fun loving is because they had smoking in common. Addicts hang together to excuse one another.

possibly an hour or two


I had three bad days in a row myself

where I didn't know if I'd get through

But, I didn't fail my quit with talk

who else is going to do it for you?





We're the one's who talk

We're the one's we mumble to

We're the one's we hear

So, be careful with the words you choose


here's a sample 

"I don't do that anymore."

Say it when you think of smoking

"I don't do that anymore."

It restrains your mind and motive.

Is paid in our future.

Keep That In Mind Every Day Of Your Quit.


It's negative thinking, that makes people lose their quit.


Dwelling on something you can't have.

How does that help you in any ******* way?

~Quitting is a choice not a punishment~

Almost 70 Percent of Smokers Want to Quit, But Few Do 

Most Smokers Wish They Could Quit 

Why only 6%? 

Because the others didn't grasp how to quit!

They spent their time wishing they could smoke

instead of becoming more involved with life, and

changing their routine, thereby, breaking their

associations to smoking*



Wanting 10 million dollars doesn't place it in your account.

You actually have to put your time into something to earn it.


Quitting is no different.

The time you put into unlearning smoking

by making new memories without smoking

becomes the freedom you put between slavery

and you.


*This isn't rocket science and it doesn't have to be painful.

Read those red letters again.

Isn't that why many people say they failed at quitting?

"I guess I just didn't have enough willpower"

Here's an addiction specialist's take on the concept of willpower.

Against Willpower - Nautilus - Pocket 


This is why I always say, When it comes to quitting smoking it's

"Willingness NOT Willpower" that will keep you sane.

Willingness means you are not fighting yourself

Willingness means you are working with yourself.

Was smoking your life?

I bet you didn't think so.

Just how much control do you think it had?



20 times a day

[smoke thought]

work a bit

[smoke thought]

[smoke thought]

work a bit

[smoke thought]

[smoke thought]

[where can I smoke]

[I need a smoke]

[do I need to let someone know I'm taking a break?]

I can't wait any longer

this is stressing me out.


In between smokes you are subconsciously thinking of smoking again


20 times a day

You're not going to get there any faster.

It's not a competition.

You don't outrun smoking.

You need to unlearn it, not outrace it.

Time is the healer.


[It's natural to want to feel good. Who want's to feel bad?]

It's why we smoked


In the cloud

Something that's endless

Because we're contented

With our little circle 

Of stress and forgiveness



we keep seeking it

in things we do

that keep us satisfied

and get us through

That's us.

We are here to deliver the knowledge and

confidence you can use to quit smoking.

Ask Us. Use Us.

That's why we come back every day.

But, you can't fool your nicotine receptors.

One puff and they know.

Two puffs and they know more

Any puffs

And you've opened the door!

Keep them away from your face

Keep them out of your space.


I logged onto my Discover account today and was notified I was in Australia.  

Who Gnu?

He had cancer.

He went to work every day

After work, he'd drive to get chemo or radiation and would then drive home through the Los Angeles rush hour traffic feeling very ill.


If you think quitting smoking is hard, you don't want to be this guy.

Unlearning smoking is easy compared to this.


are you listening?

we don't know what's following us

continued smoking may bring it on sooner 


Unlearn it. It's just a bunch of new memories to make and it doesn't cost a thing.

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