Recycling: It Will Become An Even Bigger Problem Now

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Jan 24, 2021

      We have 3 cans. The blue can is for recycling.

      What's going to happen now?

      Who wants to risk handling all the bottles and cans with covid-19 affecting everything.

      I used to let my mobile mechanic have all my recycling because most of the recycling centers I went to, closed a few years ago.  He moved out of the area a few months ago.


      I was going to put my bags of bottles on the street with "no covid" written on them but I wonder if anyone would even take them?

      The tenants put all theirs in the trash last week instead of the blue can because they had Covid. The wife is still on a ventilator.  


      Years ago, I read somewhere that if we dug a pit 30 miles long and a mile deep in some remote place like a desert, it would be able to handle all our nations trash for 100 years.