Sous Who?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 29, 2020

     Did I tell you this story? If I did, just look at the picture.   

     I went to the store two weeks ago for a chuck roast and they were sold out. All they had was eye of round. I cooked that thing for hours and it just never got tender. After I destroyed a $10 roast I looked online for how to make an eye of round roast tender. That led me to a page about eye of round and sous vide.

      My daughter in Seattle says they use theirs often. It makes any meat tender..

      It's basically a hot water jacuzzi setup. It's a tub with a heater and circulator wand with digital controls on the top. Pretty hefty. It weighs about 3 times more than it looks.

      You put your food in a gallon zip lock freezer bag and as you low lower it into the water, the water pressure pushes the air out and you seal the inch part of the end you left open. No air lets it sink. (my daughter says they just clip the top of the unsealed bag over the top of their containers lip. She said chicken breasts with buttermilk and some spices is very good. You can cook steaks perfect and sear them on the grill.

      Back when I smoked, this setup would've cost 20 packs of cigarettes. $100.


The tub part arrived yesterday. It's a 3 gallon tub to give you an idea of size.

The way the unit clips to the side of the tub is perfect.

I'm going to try it out later and eat MUCH LATER.

Now I just have to keep myself fed for 27 hours.

Sous Vide Medium-Rare Chuck Roast