...and then, I had a cigarette

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What a way to live our lives, huh?

We thought of smoking pretty much more often than we recall.

Stress used to do it


I went to the podiatrist for an ingrown toenail this morning.

I was his first patient of the day                            and then, I had a cigarette'

He sat me in the "chair'

Propped up my legs                                               and then, I had a cigarette'

Then, the nurse sprayed a stream of something from 3 feet away onto my toe  then he injected a  numbing agent into the side of my toe.         

and then, I had a cigarette'


He got out a special tool and cut front to back       and then, I had a cigarette'

It hurt some. Head back, eyes closed. clenching my teeth. and pushing back hard into the chair.                                                        and then I had a cigarette

He used two more tools and pulled out a piece of nail this ****** big!  

and then, I had a cigarette'

Then he pushed 5 or 6 sticks (one at a time) coated with acid rubbing them into where he had removed the nail   and then, I had a cigarette'

When that was done he put medicine and a gauze pan on it and began to wrap it.  

                                                                          and then, I had a cigarette'

The wrapping is blue.

I have a blue toe


Now that that's done,

I'm not thinking of smoking.


I didn't smoke

A faux-pa story from yesterday

I went for a ride with my dad and when he brought me back, I got out and, as, I did, I said,  "I forgot to roll the window up."

I had my hand around the door pillar to close the door.

He rolled it up on two of my fingers.

I'm standing there yelling, "roll it down! roll it down, you got my fingers."   

I can laugh about it now



This is called Hass Grove (Eucalyptus trees)