Gee, why didn't I think of that?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 21, 2020

      My Dr. recommended an over the counter medicine with alginate in it.  He said they've done tests where it makes sort of a raft that floats on the top of the contents inside your stomach and prevents acid from backing up into your food pipe while you sleep. You can't buy it at stores here. You can only buy the one with much less alginate content. So, I bought it from a seller in Egypt on ebay.  

      FYI They came from Amazon but Amazon apparently blocks my VPN.


      I start calculating, $27 for 120 tablets you're supposed tp take 2-4 at a time is going to go fast. If you took 4 at a time before each meal and before bed, POOF of $27 a month.   After calculating the costs, I get the idea to just order the pure alginate powder and mix it in water.

      After trying 2 mint tablets before bed the past two nights,  I can report "You have to chew them well and they become like glue to get off your teeth," then drink water.

      I found a pound of the powder through WM for what they were selling 4 ounces of   for the same price on ebay.

      I put a teaspoon in one of those liter water bottles last night and start shaking. It didn't mix so I keep shaking and shaking and shaking and shaking and all I'm getting it big globs.  I look online it says to use a hand mixer for 15 minutes.

      I gave up and chewed 2 tablets. It took me 20 minutes to tongue them off my teeth.

      Anyway, the gist of this tale is I poured the bottle of water into the pan I was cooking a roast in just now. OOPS!

      It was the gel. It had transformed while I slept. It was so clear you couldn't tell the difference.


      Sometimes the answer to a problem comes to you all at once, sometimes an entire song comes out during one sleep, and sometimes, TIME SOLVES THE PROBLEM, ALL BY ITSELF.

Time is what distances us from smoking.

Memories made as non smokers are what distance us from smoking.

Allowing the time to separate from smoking is our greatest promise of freedom.