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If I can make it today I will, but, it's beyond my control if I can't.

If I can't, I wish you all a wonderful time!

To get through the tough times.

      In the 12 years I've been here, there have been a number of people who kept failing and after a number of times, came to me (through a direct message) to ask if they could be accountable to me when times got tough.

      We went through the hard times together with logic and the knowledge that as time passed, their feeling of loss would fade.      


Most had success, a few haven't.

      If you want to direct message me, me ear is always open, I will give you the best

(no BS) advice I can. Other elders will as well.



That is all 

Say that every time you think of smoking. I guarantee this will change your thinking and  re enforce your quit!

The Both Ends Whammy

So, I had a little work done yesterday.

Still a bit groggy from general anesthesia.

The area where he removed the flat lesion in December turned out well although he did a little work around the edges.

Waiting on the biopsy of my esophagus but feel confident


The ride down and back was good. No traffic.

6 hours with the driving and the procedures.

Resting not smoking.


Anyone who recently quit smoking and is having heartburn, get it checked out. There are things you can do before it gets out of hand.

      Today, I'm driving 20 miles each way to get a REQUIRED Covid test before my procedure Monday....I'm hoping the swab doesn't break off in my head.


      My procedure requires anesthesia and anesthesia requires someone drive you.


      Yesterday I sent a message to the Dr. to see what they were doing about the drivers..

I got a message back saying they had to wait in the parking lot. You mean like for 4 hours? They have you arrive an hour before they actually take you in for the procedure.


      We drive 45 minutes each way so he's not going to drive me down and drive home and then drive all the way back.

That would be COVIDICULOUS

      I leapt into action to figure a way my brother didn't have to sit in the parking lot for 4 hours.


         I called my health group and requested a ride to the procedure and will give instructions to call my twin brother when they roll me into recovery. Recovery takes a good hour or more so it should all work out.


When things aren't working you have to make them work, WITHOUT SMOKING!

before you quit smoking?

Running On Water GIFs | Tenor

They'll never dry until you stop running in that river of denial.


Or, are you always looking down so you don't stumble?


      If you made a plan, and I mean plans for things you will do in situations to avoid smoking, You don't always need to be looking down or looking back.  


      When in a situation that is making you want to smoke, EXCUSE YOURSELF.

If you're with people, just say, "I need to go outside for a moment." If you're outside, say you need to go to the rest room.

Just by doing that you've stopped the process that would allow you to smoke.


If you're home,

Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20


Bite into a lemon, skin and all

or run your hands under water and splash your face.


If you are unwilling to do these simple things, how serious are you?

Of your quit.

      I leave the Flagstaff train station live feed website open most of the time and there are trains going through every 15 minutes or so. When I hear the railroad crossing bells go off you know one is coming.

      The ones that come from the West are usually slower and I believe that's because they have to climb such a grade to get to Flagstaff. The ones coming from the East are usually faster but occasionally you hear one coming and it's barreling down the tracks and through the station at 70MPH. The power is immense, you can hear it, you know that nothing in this world could stop it...



That my friends, is when you bite into a lemon skin and all!

That my friends, is when you stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20.


Onward and upward!

     Life is full of stress and setbacks. If you're still a smoker, you'll be smoking every time they hit.

     That's one of the toughest things to let go of when we quit smoking.

See, in those times the drug is king and the king is in control.

You're drawing in the deepest puffs when you're stressed. The physical addiction to nicotine is in control. I honestly believe the rest of the time, smoking is more about routine. Once you take nicotine out of your life, you can make new routines without it to unlearn smoking.


A new start

     The dentist who I've been seeing for the past three years is no longer at the practice. She didn't come back when the practice reopened. We had a warm relationship and trust. She gave me all the angles before we proceeded with any work. She knew my wishes and budget. I make special cookies for Christmas and always take a few pounds each to my Dr. and Dentist offices.

So I'll miss her.

     I met with a new dentist at the old practice. She was nice but said they could only do limited work for now. She referred me to another office in town. This was a week and a half ago. 

     I've had some major dental issues during the virus lock down. A rear molar with a gold crown with a post kept lifting when I would try to eat. This went on for a month before it finally came out. A lower front tooth where she had done a crown broke off at the gum line and then 3 days before I went to the referral, an upper bicuspid shattered and I had an abscess.

     I called the new place at that point and a dentist prescribed penicillin I could take before they saw me.

     They checked out the shattered bicuspid last week and had me back yesterday for a full exam.

     There's not much there to work with but he said I have no bone loss.


What do we do when we don't smoke?

We move on without smoking.

        I'm thinking at around 5 years quit, you really begin to hit your stride.

You don't think of smoking but rarely, and it's more like a loose memory than urge to smoke.


        Remember the red hot poker plant I posted about a couple months ago?

It's Blooming 

That plant had never shown more than 2 blooms at one time until this year.


         I thought it was done blooming weeks ago but just look at it today.

I think it finally hit it's stride this year.


You'll hit your stride too in time.

Become comfortable in your quit. Only you who can allow that to happen,

and, why would you choose it to be any other way?

We once had a train here, 

A quit smoking train

It became a chore

A chore to maintain.


Quits can be like that

A chore to maintain

You must allow time

and stay on the train.


Quitting's like life

it has difficult moments 

You'll travel through mountains

you'll travel through valley's



Your quit is a journey

if you'll choose to take it

a gift to yourself

you will never regret.






until they show themselves


they ruin a quit

probably EVERY QUIT


You never know where they will come from

or what they're attached to.


You can't plan for some things that are going to happen but,

you can decide to think before you act.

Make that your mental standard. You will think before you act.

This will get you where you want to go in

unlearning your connections to smoking.

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