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What do you get?

familiarity and nicotine

And that's about it

marking your future up,

who cares, I'm young?

making your future now?

Bells have been rung

(it may want to be you that cares as YOU have to live with what you do now.)



you won't forget 

but may regret

you made a pet

of cigarettes

you have the choice,

the choice to quit.

In quitting smoking as well as other choices, the key comes down to planning.

It always comes down to planning so I'm going to give you a list of the items in the breakfast I just had and your job is to tell me in what order you would eat them and why?

The why is the most important part in my view as that part is the real planning. If you know the why of what makes something work, it's more likely you will not falter. 


2 Strips Bacon

1 Sausage Patty

3 Pancakes

2 Scrambled Eggs

1 English Muffin

1 Hash Browns





I'll give you mine after we get some other responses because I don't want to influence your answers.

Mind Boggling

But he doesn't give up


Because he had a plan and

He kept going.

Make your plan

Stick with it!


I want to give you a gift, or maybe the insight to a gift.

         Every time you see something in this video that amazes you,

imagine your quit will have moments of discovery that propel you forward. (The first scene is interesting, then, skip to 2:40 for a large variety)        

Be amazed as you see smoking fade away.

All roads are in your head.

All choices belong to you.

Allow it.

Onward and Upward 

and mac and cheese?

Hoping someone's heard from you and something is getting better for you.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 16, 2020

Vicks Vicks Vicks Vicks

Put a dab of it under your nose

if you must be around those cancer sticks,

A little burn, a biting smell, a reminder,

to not slip back into smokers Hell.

Spring forward is what you want to do

Fall back, is not.


If you do fall back, don't wait to start again.

That wait could become ten years.


I believe each time you fail, you send a signal to yourself that you can't do it.

It's seems perfectly natural to think that, but, it can become another excuse.


Don't delay.



Covid Toes

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 11, 2020

If you have a broken bone

Or have had a surgery

Carbon Monoxide robs your blood

Of oxygen for it's healing


Trust me when I tell you this

From first hand experience

You could pay a hefty price

One that one day you'll regret


Don't live for a cigarette


My Dad's 94 today

Going to a party

I'm blessed to have him

His mind is sound

He's in good health

Happy Birthday Dad

I've told you a thousand times




To handle the meanest craving

Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20.

Bite into a lemon skin and all.

Fill your mouth with ice cubes and try to not get brain freeze.


Keep them away from your face!



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 7, 2020

Have you seen it?

DUEL [1971, ABC Television Version] : Steven Spielberg : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive 

Some people can turn their quit into an ugly angry semi trailer truck bearing down on them waiting to do their quit in.


You can't stay in that frame of mind


Before you pull out in front of that truck and piss it off,

pull over and let it go by.


Onward And Upward







"a poisonous shark is infesting the surrounding water. Not only will it rip apart its victims, but it also uses projectile acid to hunt - in and out of the water."


(IMO, that shark is not as cunning as smoking.)

You can see the shark coming.

You don't know the costs of smoking.)



~keep them away from your face~

"When we breathe through our right nostril, circulation speeds up [and] the body gets hotter, cortisol levels increase, blood pressure increases. So breathing through the left will relax us more. So blood pressure will decrease, [it] lowers temperature, cools the body, reduces anxiety as well. So our bodies are naturally doing this. And when we breathe through our mouths, we're denying our bodies the ability to do this."


How The 'Lost Art' Of Breathing Impacts Sleep And Stress : Shots - Health News : NPR 

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