With all the crap that was in the way

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 25, 2020

      Remember when I blogged about building a platform to put up the security cameras?

Planning Is Everything 


      Well, I didn't plan where to put the monitor very well. It was right above my head. If I swung it forward, it blocked 15% of the large screen.

      It was like siting in the first row of a movie theater. When you're looking at something from that angle things are stretched. Also, the video cable from the video recorder on the top of my TV to the monitor above my head was huge and kept dropping down towards Hoggie's cardboard scratching pad and cramping his style.


   Yep, I took the monitor above my head down (there's two big holes in the wall now)and I took the 27" monitor I haven't been using on the wall above my desk and hung it to the right.


      I think the lithograph a client was throwing away will cover those big holes. It's not like you can see through them, as they terminate in the stud.



Yes, that's my computer screen hanging from the ceiling.

I had two wives and neither would've let me do this.

Now all I have to do is hang the small monitor back under the desk, put the face frame of that bookcase I had to make removable to get the big monitor in or out back on. Hang that picture and resort re sort  this end of the room. Maybe I'll repaint the area. I have the paint, I have the time. I wonder how Hoggie will look with light yellow fur?