What do you wish you had more of?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 23, 2020

Human Contact here. 

      I've been really worried about Hoggie. He's been looking like skin and bones for about a month. As some of you know, I took him to the vet Friday. It turns out he's lost over 3 pounds since they saw him last.  They don't let you in. They take your pet at your car wearing masks and protective gear. He came out of there a little changed by the new protocol, a little distrustful that I let them take him and hid under the bed when we got home.


I took these yesterday morning and it pretty much sums up the dirge upon us.

I believe it will get better through the magic of, wait for it, CHEMTRAILS!

By the afternoon the sky was full of them.

I took Hoggie out for a walk and roll and took a few pictures. 

What are they? What's in them? This is not normal airline traffic.

There was loud screeching from the Eucalyptus grove across the street.

There's snow on the mountains in a straight line 80 miles away.

      The only things I've bought that I normally wouldn't for this siege are one large roll of Clorox wipes (I got them a couple days after the rush began, before they changed the store hours) A box of extra large vinyl gloves, 5 pounds of Hershey Kisses and 5 pounds of root beer barrels, both of which I ordered online.  I've gone to the drive thru at KFC, picked up at my cousins Mexican restaurant, went to Jack in the Box early on. All of that is pretty normal for me.

      I'm thankful I can go outside and sit under the persimmon tree while Hoggie makes his rounds. He has a route he takes like clockwork. He looked a lot better yesterday.

      The vet emailed me late yesterday afternoon. All Hoggie's tests were normal. His elevated liver enzyme was even slightly lower. She also said she didn't feel anything unusual in the physical exam. So why did he lose all the weight? She suggested X-rays at over $400. So I have to question whether to spend another $400+. What if they find something like cancer? Am I going to go into debt for something they can't fix? Something that may reoccur? I wrote her back that I couldn't see the wisdom in that and said, "please let me know if you have any other ideas."

      At one point we had 22 cats. I believe I can observe more carefully and know if he is in pain or unable to function properly and make a decision. He and I are both growing old. We've not been apart more than a total of 14 days since he was born. 

There were a lot of tears and fear Friday after they told me he'd lost over 20% of his body weight. That's when I wished for the human contact.

Life is a series of challenges. Not being a smoker is a big blessing.