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At first he was blurry like the beginning of a quit

And then he dropped down and came into focus, just like your quit if you'll give it time.

I went inside and got some bread.

But, he was gone when I got back.

I'm betting he will come again,

and, friends, my quit is still intact.

Keep the Faith

Smoking doesn't fix anything.

      I bought a 10 inch laptop a few years ago for a backup so I could get online and order another laptop if mine failed. I think I  paid $160 which wasn't a lot.

About 14 months after I got it, Windows tried to do a big update and there was simply not enough hard drive space because this unit had only come with 32gb EMCC and it was soldered in so you couldn't upgrade.



If you're looking for a laptop or any device using Windows 10, make sure it has at least 64GB


      Here's what I replaced that computer with:

It's about as long as a pack of 100's and about 1/4 the bulk. I think I paid $135 for it and it has 64GB. It has two USB ports and a mini SD slot. The only drawback is, you must have a power receptacle as it has no battery. (you can put it in your shirt pocket but it only works with the power supply) I use it plugged into the back of a smart TV in front of my stationary bike. I built a keyboard and mouse platform that slides over the bike basket

I bought to take Hoggie riding,  (then  thought he might jump out and get hit by a car.)

The bigger of the two projections on the right side (below) is the wireless keyboard and mouse and the smaller one is a wireless headset with a microphone. Since it does have a real power supply, I would imagine it might run a portable hard drive but I've never tried it.

      I've used laptops with external monitors and wireless keyboards and mice for years so I'm not pounding on them all the time. They sit on a shelf and the only time I touch them is to turn the power button on or to insert an external drive.

         This grocery delivery and pickup thing just doesn't work when the restaurants are shut down and everybody is trying to use the service. You can wait days for your delivery and won't get everything you ordered. Who ever heard of substituting baby oil for corn oil.    It'll get geared up to handle the extra deliveries. I know most of the stores re hiring as is Amazon to handle it.

Senior hours

1st store

social distancing, long line, no one going in.

So I stood in line for about 5 minutes and headed for another store.

I got in line at 7:12 and was in the door at 7:22.

Every 5 minutes, he would let 5 carts in the store.

First thing I ran for was those root beer barrels. (The 5 pounds I ordered on Ebay had about 20% of the flavor.  I got a refund from the seller as soon as I brought it to his attention. They weren't worth the calories unless you were on a desert island with nothing else to eat.

      I next went to the dairy section and got cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, and butter. Some cat food for Hoggie and I was shooed into a new lane before I got my hot dog buns or cheese... Next time.

At least they had everything I was looking for.

It will all calm down as people realize they have enough.


      Remember when I blogged about building a platform to put up the security cameras?

Planning Is Everything 


      Well, I didn't plan where to put the monitor very well. It was right above my head. If I swung it forward, it blocked 15% of the large screen.

      It was like siting in the first row of a movie theater. When you're looking at something from that angle things are stretched. Also, the video cable from the video recorder on the top of my TV to the monitor above my head was huge and kept dropping down towards Hoggie's cardboard scratching pad and cramping his style.


   Yep, I took the monitor above my head down (there's two big holes in the wall now)and I took the 27" monitor I haven't been using on the wall above my desk and hung it to the right.


      I think the lithograph a client was throwing away will cover those big holes. It's not like you can see through them, as they terminate in the stud.



Yes, that's my computer screen hanging from the ceiling.

I had two wives and neither would've let me do this.

Now all I have to do is hang the small monitor back under the desk, put the face frame of that bookcase I had to make removable to get the big monitor in or out back on. Hang that picture and resort re sort  this end of the room. Maybe I'll repaint the area. I have the paint, I have the time. I wonder how Hoggie will look with light yellow fur? 

      We are all somewhat stressed from being inside so much.

      One of the first things unavailable at the grocery stores was potatoes.

I scored a 5# bag last week and yesterday, I made a quart of potato salad.

      I find it difficult to get to that perfect place where the potatoes aren't falling apart before you mix the other ingredients into them. (I cook them in the microwave at 50% so they cook but don't boil over) I tried 15 minutes but they were still too firm so I put them in for another 10 minutes.


      I was in no hurry. I had two hard boiled eggs but figured I needed one more so I threw it in the potato water after I had removed the potatoes to cool. (Did you know you can hard boil eggs in the microwave? You cover them with water and add alot of salt and nuke them for 10-12 minutes.)

      While that egg was cooking, I chopped 6 sweet pickles and found my mayonnaise & mustard. I mixed the chopped pickles, mustard and mayo in a bowl, peeled then chopped the three eggs over the potatoes and then, gently stirred in the mayo pickle mix to thoroughly coat the potatoes.

It turned out perfect.

      For me, what is appealing about potato salad is the deviled egg taste.


What's in your homemade potato salad?

I meant to say I love live storm chasing

this says it's a live shot.

Live Storm Chasing; Watch Tornadoes Online in Real Time 


There are two live chasers on the following link

Live Storm Chasing 

Human Contact here. 

      I've been really worried about Hoggie. He's been looking like skin and bones for about a month. As some of you know, I took him to the vet Friday. It turns out he's lost over 3 pounds since they saw him last.  They don't let you in. They take your pet at your car wearing masks and protective gear. He came out of there a little changed by the new protocol, a little distrustful that I let them take him and hid under the bed when we got home.


I took these yesterday morning and it pretty much sums up the dirge upon us.

I believe it will get better through the magic of, wait for it, CHEMTRAILS!

By the afternoon the sky was full of them.

I took Hoggie out for a walk and roll and took a few pictures. 

What are they? What's in them? This is not normal airline traffic.

There was loud screeching from the Eucalyptus grove across the street.

There's snow on the mountains in a straight line 80 miles away.

      The only things I've bought that I normally wouldn't for this siege are one large roll of Clorox wipes (I got them a couple days after the rush began, before they changed the store hours) A box of extra large vinyl gloves, 5 pounds of Hershey Kisses and 5 pounds of root beer barrels, both of which I ordered online.  I've gone to the drive thru at KFC, picked up at my cousins Mexican restaurant, went to Jack in the Box early on. All of that is pretty normal for me.

      I'm thankful I can go outside and sit under the persimmon tree while Hoggie makes his rounds. He has a route he takes like clockwork. He looked a lot better yesterday.

      The vet emailed me late yesterday afternoon. All Hoggie's tests were normal. His elevated liver enzyme was even slightly lower. She also said she didn't feel anything unusual in the physical exam. So why did he lose all the weight? She suggested X-rays at over $400. So I have to question whether to spend another $400+. What if they find something like cancer? Am I going to go into debt for something they can't fix? Something that may reoccur? I wrote her back that I couldn't see the wisdom in that and said, "please let me know if you have any other ideas."

      At one point we had 22 cats. I believe I can observe more carefully and know if he is in pain or unable to function properly and make a decision. He and I are both growing old. We've not been apart more than a total of 14 days since he was born. 

There were a lot of tears and fear Friday after they told me he'd lost over 20% of his body weight. That's when I wished for the human contact.

Life is a series of challenges. Not being a smoker is a big blessing.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 22, 2020


Lock Down?

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 22, 2020

This is like going through a war together

I really wanted Half & Half, Bread and Potatoes.

I got all three.

      The half and half was slightly bulgy but I'm taking my chances.

The bread was a cracked wheat cheapie (who cares when you just want a piece of bread) They only had six 5 pound bags of potatoes.

      I was going to buy a second bag for my brother but with so few left, I decided someone else should be as happy as me to get a bag of potatoes. (I gave my brother all the big ones from my bag when I got home.) That makes yet another person happy.


Life has changed.

Life will continue to change 

I truly believe it is easier to cope with change as an eX smoker.

That's part of the freedom we keep speaking of.

Just one doesn't count, does it?


Stay Calm

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 18, 2020

Don't go buy cigarettes.

It's no solution

Don't need the ritual

Don't feed illusion. 

      It's pretty much free whether you use your phone or a camera.

      I like shooting people outside (not with a cloth) and landscapes, especially on days with clouds.


      I take Hoggie outside a couple times a day to stretch his legs and eat some grass.

I just took these. 

Because you gave yourself permission.

There's no greater truth to consider.

Think about that before you take that puff,

Because one my friends, is never enough!

No, Ground Turkey.


Ground turkey goes on sale Wednesday. I think he'll eat that.

(if they have any)

“Effortful restraint, where you are fighting yourselfthe benefits of that are overhyped,” Kentaro Fujita, a psychologist who studies self-control at the Ohio State University, says.



The Myth of Self-Control 

This is why willingness works.

You aren't fighting with yourself if you're willing.

Willingness is acceptance.

Willingness puts quitting smoking in a whole different universe!


We tell you to read. Why do we tell you this?

Because you have to understand before you can be willing.

      I met her on Quitnet about the 5th month of my quit.  We realized we were only 40 miles apart and decided to meet. Soon we would get together every Sunday and go out to eat and drink. She was a live in caregiver and only had Sunday's off and my wife was in Michigan taking care of her parents failing health.

      Twinda and I became GREAT FRIENDS. I called her Twinda because we were both twins and both she and my wife's name was Linda. There were no pretenses. It wasn't a romance but a deep friendship. We had wonderful times. Before she moved up North she finally had her own place and she was so happy to have a place of her own. I would drive out there every other weekend. She moved up North with her daughter, then back to the Hollywood Hills. In 2011, I moved South to Oceanside and she went back up to Fresno. That was the last time we saw one another.

I took this picture of her in a military surplus store in Culver City.

      She had quit for 5 years. Then moved back in with a person she had once cared for. The first night her friend offered her a glass of wine and set a cigarette in front of her, she went for it.  After a year or two, her friend had to have her leg removed due to a lack of oxygen from smoking. After 4 months in a rehab facility her friend came home a non smoker. Twinda, however, continued to smoke. 

      She got stage 4 COPD and was on oxygen. 

   I think the damage may worsen if you've quit for a long time and go back because your body is no longer used to smoking. The decline goes into a rapid mode. 


Today is the second time it would have been her birthday since she passed.

(April 19th 1918)

A Tribute To Twinda (she passed yesterday)
We met on a quit smoking site
And we became friends messaging one night
Shared humor was our best ally
Soon after a client she cared for had died

Her humor was so much like mine
sort of coarse and unrefined
her heart had aged like fine wine
And she, she was a friend of mine.

She was a friend of mine
We leaned on each other from time to time
And now that she's gone I'll remember with love
That she was a friend of mine

Her Sundays were her one day off
We both looked forward to those a lot
She would drive the 40 miles each way
And we'd go out together and laugh all day.

She'd give you the shirt off her back
a generous soul you could never pay back
Her laugh and smile always filled the room
Those who knew her laughed with her too

She was a friend of mine
We planned to meet one more time
We were making plans right to the end
Yes, A plan to get together again

She was a friend of mine
She moved before her health declined
But I'm sure that we'll meet again
And next time, it will never end

She was a friend of mine
We leaned on each other from time to time
And now that she's gone I'll remember with love
That she was a friend of mine

That ozone will kill any virus.

      I bought an ozone generator because I live in a small space where odors can linger. I set it up once and within 5-10 minutes, I was having difficulty breathing.

(I hadn't read the instructions)


      Ozone will kill all germs and pesticides on produce. It will kill every spider and bug in your home. It's what is used in those CPAP sanitizers. It permeates every nook and cranny just like air.


      Here's the rub, nothing living can remain in the space during its operation or for hours afterwards until the third (extra) Oxygen molecule breaks away from the other two.



      Your quit can seem like a constant diet of canned meat. You'd tire of it without variety just like Hoggie the cat.  (He wants what he wants but he can't talk or read labels.)

      I've learned his favorites over the past 13 years but, every once in awhile, when they've all become old favorites, I start all over again trying to figure out what he'll eat.

Slumps are inevitable during the course of a quit but, indecision is not.

You can talk yourself out of smoking just as easily as you can talk yourself into it.

The BS bugger is you. You are responsible for changing things up

and staying one step ahead of the bugger!

Turn down the volume, and, let it go.

Live life free  

Or an angel food cake that is drenched in a glaze

Or a walk in the park

or a spin in the car

Stay away from convenience stores

and spend time away from the bar

In time smoking will lose it's connections

and be just old memories afar.

      My cellular carrier recently migrated me to another carrier and last week I dropped my phone in the parking lot and the screen went blank.  It came back on after I whacked it a couple times. Two days ago the screen went blank again. I whacked it again and it came back on again.

      I went to their website and signed in but couldn't even see what my plan included so I decided to go into the store this morning with the phone I dropped and an identical phone to have my number ported from the intermittent damaged phone to the undamaged phone.

      Before this migration BOTH PHONES WORKED. I could use either phone to call.

      I went to the store when they opened at this yesterday morning and explained the situation and the attendant says she can do that for me.

      She makes the switch online but the new phone won't accept the change. She tried a number of times without success. She called tech support to see if they could help.

      It was a no go.

      Here's the kicker. The working phone I came in with NO LONGER WORKS.

      I WAS LIVID but didn't consider smoking

      I LOVED MY PHONE. IT WAS NOT A SMARTPHONE and I did not want a smartphone, but, it was great for my needs because it was compact and had a slide out keyboard for texting. 

      So, I came home very pissed off and spent the rest of the day on my Skype phone number attempting to have it reversed but no go. I went to Walmart and got a flip phone for $20 and $20 worth of airtime and spent 2 hours this morning adding my contacts to the new phone. My old plan was $30 a month and since I rarely used my phone the last few years I'll move on.

      And so it goes.....



Our focus was on smoking

You heard me.    You know I'm not lyin'

We say we smoke because of stress

But, that stress, could that stress just be the need for nicotine?


I have many ways I unfocus and let my  mind wander.

I really like live webcams.

This is one from a town about 65 miles from here.

I'll let the pictures speak of how effective a webcam is. 

I also like the Flagstaff train station.

The sound of the trains is very soothing as they ride the rails passing through.

I've never seen engines in the middle of a train before, until now.

This was a really long train. Engines on both ends too.

You can switch between two cameras too.

Flagstaff, Arizona - Virtual Railfan LIVE - YouTube 

Everyone needs to relax and let their mind wander. 

She lives in/near Nashville.

Hoping Giulia will be checking in soon and is safe.


      It was heavy at times but settled down to where you saw snowflakes drifting down a foot or more apart.

      I was comfortable in bed watching on the screen hanging from the ceiling at the foot of my bed.

      There is such a peace when you see no one and there is nothing to distract you.

      When it stopped, the proof of silence was the untouched snow.


               Please keep your quit, whatever you do, 

     There is a peace in not smoking, it's waiting for you.

         There's no sense smoking your brains out until the day you quit. What kind of message does that send yourself?  It's like worshiping smoking until the last moment and it may just make it harder to change gears.

Get off autopilot  BEFORE YOU QUIT! 

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