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....So we'd better live for today!

This means making your own happiness so you can enjoy your life.

That happiness is between your ears where every decision takes place.


The Shortness of Life: Seneca on Busyness and the Art of Living Wide Rather Than Living Long 

Why not at one year you ask?

Because it takes two years.


The Two Sets Of Seasons 


I don't know why this story grabbed me, but it did.

I guess perhaps because life just is whether we smoke or not.

      This story is of lives, idiosyncracies, the real deal we all have to face and take as it comes.


The ups and downs of two people, the lives lost around them, the future is the present


Love and Lhotse - Sports Illustrated 





"You go where you find your peace."


Happy Birthday Larry!

Keep those camels humping

Crossing O'er the sand

May you have a perfect day

That is a command!

When you hit a wall in your quit,


Change locations, you'll be fine

Cuddle with your Valentine.

(or your pet)

(yeah, I don't have one but, I got Hoggie).



Vanishing Point (v8) - Tramway - YouTube 


Mark The video embed service has been down for days. Any idea what's going on ith this?

       As some of you know, I had an endoscopic procedure to remove a large flat polyp from my cecum that had high grade dysplasia. (one step before cancer)

      The original plan was to remove it in three procedures with this being the first and, I believed he was going to burn it out in stages using argon plasma coagulation. As it turns out, he used a dye to find it's outer margins then, inflated it with saline and, removed it with a snare then sealed the edges of the area with the argon plasma coagulation. He believes he got the whole thing.


      I just now received the result of the biopsies by phone, NO CANCER.


      The bad news is he wants me to come in in three months to take biopsies and again at 9 months after which, I could have any future colonoscopies locally.

When excuses dry up,

and smoking truly ends,

the most important thing is time,

to unlearn it my friends.



Time is your distance from smoking.

Ties will be broken by time.

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