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Me Do's

Baked Brie

Bloody (Virgin) Mary With Celery

Rose Parade


Me Don'ts

Nicotine Addiction


How about you?

Leads to good or bad outcomes 

Doesn't everyone speak to themselves internally throughout the day?

Don't we actually tell ourselves what to do?

You can't blame everything else for a failure

you talked yourself into.



9 Toxic Mental Habits That the Most Emotionally Intelligent People Avoid 

Have you considered

It's your choice to think that way?



No one makes you smoke!

Feel free to step out of the self imposed darkness.


We create our own reality. We are a collection of our own thoughts.


Why choose to be anxious over something you have the power over with a simple choice?

    Merry Christmas


I wrote this back in the late 70's for a film that was never released. (An Act Of Faith)

The intro is supposed to be a brass/horn section.

The bracketed words are the background singers

I recorded this and added the photo montage in 2018.

There comes that day when you realize "Hey, I'm doing this", and you're all in.

You get there by not focusing on quitting.

You do that by accepting that you've quit.

When you get to that point where you know you can do it, it clicks.


You have  to make some changes.

Go easy on the wine/whine

You have to give it time

but you'll be fine


Get through the first four months

Those seem to be the hardest and when most people give up.

This journey is a day at a time.

Each day distances you from smoking.

Each memory made without smoking moves you forward.

If you made it today, you can make it tomorrow.

Nothing can make you smoke except you.

Your realization of freedom can come any day.

Don't throw it away.

Site down soon

not a joke

Keep your quit

Just don't smoke

Maintenance taking place

Keep them away from your face

Where you are is your responsibility.

Your thoughts tell you where to go and what to do

      If someone tells you to do something and you don't want to do it, you can refuse. There may be good or bad consequences for your choice.


      Nicotine is what keeps us coming back for more nicotine but what about when you no longer use nicotine? What makes people go back to smoking then?

Their thoughts take them back to smoking. Memories of the comfort from the dopamine triggered by the nicotine from a similar experience as a smoker?  We have routines as smokers that take effort to change but, they can be changed.


You're in charge of what happens to your future!

Accept that and you're halfway home.

Your Sensory Perceptions Are Stronger Than A Craving

1.  Bite into a lemon, SKIN and ALL.

2.  Stick your head in the freezer & count backwards from 20.

3.  Pack your mouth with ice cubes letting them melt, and

      try to not get brain freeze.

4. Talk to yourself OUT of smoking instead of INTO smoking.

    "I don't do that anymore" is a good phrase to retrain your thinking. Say that       every time you think of smoking and in a week, you will feel more       disconnected from  smoking.


Remember: Time is the healer.

      The more time you put between yourself and smoking, the more non smoking memories you make and in time, smoking simply fades away.

"Straighten up and fly right!"


"You're cruisin' for a bruisin'"


"If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?"


"Go to your room until your father gets home."


Sound familiar?


      When we were young and asked her why smokers smoked,

she said, "they can't stop."


She never smoked

      She never told me as a smoker to not smoke but I left home at 18 so I wasn't around much.


What were your mom's favorite sayings?

What did she tell you about smoking?

You Must Have Quit!


Don't go hog wild on those treats,

Common sense matters watch what you eat,

Don't eat something each time you crave

200 calories less each day


Give your body time to adjust

Nicotine sped your metabolism

Takes about a month to even out

Time is the healer so have no doubt.


Thing's will get better, stay on your plan

Get through a week and then, No Mans Land.

Smoking thoughts linger keep letting them go

You'll find freedom, if you keep saying nope. 

      No, I need to go shopping. I need cigarettes to do that.

Then I need to wrap the gifts. I need cigarettes to do that.

There are those Christmas parties. There's booze. Gotta have cigarettes for that.

Christmas with the family. It's too stressful. I can't quit then.

And, New Years is coming


      There are always going to be things we did as smokers that we can easily learn to do without smoking. If you'll give it a chance, you can learn to do anything without smoking.


      When will your jumping off point be when you commit to being free?

When will you take some small steps toward what you say you want?

Make some plans and make some changes?

When are you going to put on your backpack and give quitting a real shot?

It's a cigarette not air. It's a cigarette not water.


When will you decide and say, "I'm done" and, be done? 

Here's how I got started.

Where Does It Come From? 

      We have a  few places in Southern California that get snow, if not rarely.   

For some people, snow is money

Tourists bring, the milk and honey

      For seasonal business, you count on that flush time to get you through the year. I was always self employed. Some years were better than others

      So, life changes. The empty and the full. The happy and the sad. The flush and the flushed.


      When we quit smoking we tend to feel the downs more frequently because we're missing our crutch. This passes. Give quitting the time to build your freedom. Allow it.


Last night at 7pm

7 hours later

Changes, We can't stop them, but,

we can choose to accept them and

not let them hamper our enjoyment of life.

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