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Come here before you smoke and

You'll never walk alone

Here's a link to a live cam in the mountains East of San Diego.

Very peaceful.


Embedding IP Camera Live Video Stream in web page - 

The camera lens was covered by ice so you couldn't see anything.

Here's the view from the same camera



Smoking is not required!

Nicotine is not a necessity!

“Start walkin’ ya doggone long eared galoot”

“Get your flea-bitten carcass off’n my real estate!”

“When I say ‘whoa’, I mean…’WHOA!!”


An hour ago there were blue skies


and now,

a thick blanket of clouds.

Craves will pass, LET THEM.


I put a line of rocks at the top of the incline from the corner of the house to the top of the stairs and put a row around the bottom of the Hibiscus to keep the bark from being washed downhill, then, put the bark back. Let's see what happens.

I'm not too much for blackberries and stool softener myself. 


But, I love dipping hash browns into egg yolk.

      When we first quit smoking, the melodrama created by this huge change feels like it wants to take us out....for a smoke that is.

So, I'm telling you

Are you listnin?

You must counteract it.

You counteract it by talking to yourself

I don't mean only in your head

That voice telling you to smoke is more powerful than the weak voice arguing with yourself


Hearing it with your ears amplifies it many times more than the voice in your head.

I suggest  "I don't do that anymore" because is soft but says everything you need to hear. Say it until the urge passes. Listen to yourself.

You can choose any phrase.

      Find something that works for you, then, use it every time you think of smoking.

I swear, if you'll use that phrase every time you think of smoking for a week, you'll think of that phrase first. This well propel you further down the road in your ability to deal with not smoking until you've psychologically let it go.

      Many smokers self medicated with nicotine using it as a quick solution to discomfort, both physical and psychological. This link explains how our minds can create physical pain.

100 million Americans have chronic pain. Very few use one of the best tools to treat it. 


      This treatment could give hope to many.

When you've quit smoking,

there is no such thing,

as an emergency pack.

It takes a number of steps to smoke if you don't have any around

pick up your keys

walk to your car

unlock your car

drive to the store

wait at the stop signs

park your car

walk into the store

talk to the clerk

get out your money

hand it to the clerk

walk outside

open the pack

get one out

put it to your lips

You could have stopped yourself at any one of them,

This is why the emergency pack is a bad idea.

Hey, where'd you get that lighter anyway? 


Too Often

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Nov 20, 2019

Too often, "I can do it" gets buried by "I can't do it."

This is the battle with yourself.

This is where you need to hear yourself say the positive, not, the negative to talk yourself out of smoking instead of into it.

What do you think will happen if you keep telling yourself you need a cigarette?


I suggest you repeat a simple phrase every time you get the thought of smoking.

"I don't do that anymore."


There is no battle when you accept that you are quitting smoking.

Willingness not Willpower

Get out of the same old same old.

Curiosity keeps life interesting.

      Trying new things not only releases dopamine, it creates new memories you didn't have before.

      I'm a firm believer that unlearning smoking connections involves making new, non smoking memories to replace our old smoking memories.


      Quitting smoking is like potty training. Eventually, you're out of diapers and, don't have to think about how you learned to do it.



And now, for that walnut popsicle.

One day you're feeling like a ROCK STAR!

And the next day:

Your dog dies


You find out your partner is cheating on you


Someone steals your identity and wipes out your savings.


Would smoking really make it better?

Life is going to be life, with all its peaks and valleys.

If we had neither, it would be boring.

We miss you and hope things are being worked out and your body is holding up.


Smoking is not one of them

I'm not saying it's a curse. (did I just say that? IT'S A CURSE!



Look for the glue in your life. The relationships that make you feel good.

Find the positive and mix it into your quit.

The intensity of longing to smoke will weaken.

In two years the relapse rate drops to 2-4% 

Be willing. Be accepting of quitting smoking. Fighting your quit only weakens you.

      I'm so fortunate to still have my dad. This man is a lot of glue. He's in his 90's but still comes by to wash one car and then go home and bring the other nearly every Saturday.

He likes to have clean cars for church on Sunday.

So, I'm sharing some of my glue with you!

If you've quit smoking and you're still smoking,

You're doing it wrong.

      An old memory came to me last night (1970's) but I couldn't remember the name of the person that had come to mind. My wife knew her through the acting business. She had taken two kittens from a litter of ours. Her husband had made our wedding rings by melting down a large gold nugget style ring of the name of a group I had been with

but I couldn't remember her name. 


This kind of minutia puts me in a tailspin.

I stayed up 2 hours later than normal trying to remember her name.

It finally came to me.

She was the housekeeper in Two And A Half Men but I wasn't a watcher of the show.


      These kind of events along with losing family and old acquaintances to old age and health problems are the things that trouble me. I don't feel like I'm getting alzheimers because I still have the detailed memories but, it still frustrates me.

These are the times I would have smoked a pack of cigarettes.

But, I don't do that anymore.


(I slept in to make up the two hours)

Why Shouldn't You?


Make a list

What is it about quitting that is bad?

Fear of failure?

Lack of familiarity?

Missing your drug?


Make a list of things that are good.

Money saved.

Self esteem.

Clean hair.

Clean clothes.

Clean air.

Not missing important moments with others to go smoke.

Preventing further damage to your health

Not feeling you can't go places that don't allow smoking.

Not hiding it from friends or associates?

Not feeling like an outcast.


Do you see the imbalance yet?

Would be helpful to many of us who don't know you yet.

Post alot.

Ask questions.

I learned what I brought to this site on Quitnet by asking questions.

This site is on it's third (maybe more?) iteration since I joined in 2008.

It has many more features than the one continuous thread there was when I was on Quitnet in 2007.

Due to all the platform changes we've gone through on this site, I saved the information from when we each had a page we could add to one iteration back. So now, it's called a profile.

This was what I collected and saved. Perhaps it will help you as you build your profile and your quit.

My Welcome To New Members (12+ Years Of Watching) 

People going back to check on people who haven't been quit for long.

They said he always told his kids to never smoke.

Maybe It's Not The Plan?

Maybe It's Sticking To The Plan?

See things as they are.


      Change is inevitable whether we desire it or not, or whether we smoke or not.

Sometimes, life is a jumble that needs to come tumblin' down. 

Quitting's a big change.

It's awkward and aggravating, and demands persistence and a cool head to prevail.

Maybe letting go of smoking is like a building that's been there 30 years, and, it's time for something new? So, let's knock it down.


There. Ready to go.

      Sometimes a quit can feel like you're on bare ground. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't have to be cold ground.  It could be warm ground

It is what you make it.


I know what's coming, I'll give you a clue.

It's something with lanes you can't drive a car through.

Smoking Is Not Required

With Smoking,

We Are Our Own

Pusher Man.

No One Forced Us To Smoke.

Stop Blaming Smoking On Something Else.


Eating is something we can't avoid for long, but we can make good choices.

      I know someone with severe COPD and I know when he's driving and has a coughing attack, it's serious and can definitely cause a lack of control.


      This driver and the lone survivor, have to live with what happened.

Be careful out there.

Right? Right?


So will you remain on the side of slavery to nicotine




Will you be on your side?




You don't win if you're playing against yourself!


Decide. Give it the time it takes to


Allow the new memories without smoking


to wipe away the connections to smoking.




Life's a trip,

Sometimes we fall.

Pick yourself up,

Enjoy it all. 

Just looked at the security cam and saw this:


Which Prompted Me To Take My Camera Outside.

Have a GREAT no smoking day. Find a hobby to get that dopamine.

      I received the report from my cat scan a few days ago but have not received any response from the surgeon as yet.




      What I never knew was how much information was available from a CT scan.




      The Doctor from the imaging center who interpreted the scan was able to tell me I have kidney stones, moderate calcification of my blood vessels, scarring on my kidneys, high risk of fracture, degenerative hip joints, the list goes on and on for the items I could understand.




      What I really wanted to know was the depth of the polyp, the blood vessels affected, and whether there was a more urgent need for action before January 24, when I'm scheduled for the first of 3 procedures to deal with this.




      I queried the surgeon through the portal this morning.




And so I wait...not smoking

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