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         Quitting smoking is nothing like having your fingernails pulled out or being removed from a car by the jaws of life and we're here to prove it to you.

Okay now, get down and give me twenty.


Just kidding

What To Expect In The First Four Months 

I won't be out tricking for candy this year but I wish you each a Happy Halloween.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 30, 2019

Not Cover Your A**

Change Your Attitude.

Self talk


Your Answer

Why give yourself messages that undermine your quit?

You can retrain your thought process and negative outlook with a phrase.

"I don't do that anymore"

It's an acknowledgement of your intention.

It's the opposite of, "I really need a smoke."

Say it every time you think of smoking.

Watch how fast this changes your thinking.

Rub "a difficulty, obstacle or objection"

In quitting, the rub is whatever allows you to give up your quit.

See, the rub is actually just an excuse.

Nothing that I know of requires smoking.

Have you considered the rub?

Is it losing a pet or loved one?

Is it a car wreck?

Losing your job or a friendship you value?

A hurricane? Tornado? Fire? Flood?


What's it going to take for you to give up on your quit and smoke?


If you think about these things in advance, perhaps it is a way to prepare your response if they happen.


The only one on my list was if I suddenly  lost my wife and daughter in an accident.

Thankfully, that never happened.

      I truly believe the connection we create with each cigarette kept/keeps us smoking almost as much as the nicotine. The need to repeat things that are familiar that seem to give order, that keep our personal world in balance. Smoking was that comfort.

      I believe this is why so many have a difficult time quitting smoking.


Time is the healer

Those new memories are the deal sealer.

Is quitting such a burden, that it's all you think of?

Does quitting smoking control you.

Does it control your emotions?


Ask yourself why. Step outside yourself and examine where that overwhelmed feeling is coming from. Then, ask yourself if it's worth losing your quit. 

Center yourself. You are choosing how to feel.

You choose your thoughts

You make your happiness


Trust me , it will make letting go of smoking so much easier.

      I believe I've been substituting cream cheese and 4 berry preserves on sourdough toast for smoking this week.



Seriously though, we do seek pleasure. That's our nature.

We used smoking as our pleasure because it was quick and easy,

but, I'm getting dopamine the entire time I'm making that toast.


What movie would you suggest someone put on their bucket list that is unique?


My List

Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater on a Saturday night with a full house.

Edward Scissorhands

The Nightmare Before Christmas

they last more than a few seconds.

you have to focus on eating them before they melt

A great distraction!  Peach Pops

Whether you talk yourself into or out of smoking.


This is how people lose their quit.

They start by telling themselves they want a cigarette.

10 minutes later, they can't live without one.


No one else decides but you.

And still he did it.

decisions have been made and I didn't even know.


I got a call yesterday wanting me to schedule a date for a procedure.

I didn't even know we'd decided what we were doing. I haven't had the cat scan yet or the second meeting with the surgeon to set a date.

I sent a list of questions to the surgeon after our first meeting.

They were about outcome and quality of life


      Quality of life as in what you gain when you quit smoking. You won't even realize it until you have it. 

Freedom is what I'm speaking of.


      The surgeon had called to tell me she could not  answer my questions in writing through the portal due to time constraints but I missed her call. I'm still waiting for the CT scan and I was to tentatively meet with her on the 16th after my cat scan.

Her plan was to surgically remove my cecum and part of my large intestine.

The cecum is the mixing pot where the liquid from your small intestine gets mixed with bacteria to make solid waste.


      The call about the procedure was so out of the blue. It was my gastro's office, not the surgeon.

      I was caught off guard so I explained what I knew to that point and began asking questions. They transferred me to a nurse who found numerous messages between the surgeon and my gastro who has worked on my esophagus for 6 years. Together, they decided he will remove the polyp endoscopically and, do it in 3 stages, 3 months apart.

This will all be outpatient.


      It's amazing to me what computerization has done in that the nurse was actually able to read their communications to convey their thought process to me,


      So, I'm not going to be a foot shorter, but I likely would have had I not voiced my concerns.

She's had some horrible headaches and feels something is very wrong.

She has an MRI Monday.

I'm trying to get over the hurdles required to have a CT scan.

      They did a blood draw when I met with the surgeon to check for a cancer marker. (They could have checked my kidney function at the same time, but didn't)

      They want a pelvic/abdominal CT scan with high contrast dye.

(The imaging location will not perform the CT scan without a within 3 month kidney function result. The last one I had was in June.)

      I had my surgeon send a fax to the only local lab I knew of but found my Insurance uses a different provider. I called them and got the correct provider in my area.

      I received authorization for the CT scan in yesterdays mail but only at a location over 40 miles away. I called my insurance co and told them I wanted it at the last place I had one 5 miles away.  They said my surgeon has to request it at my local location.

      I am getting the blood draw this morning.

      I have to wait until I hear back from the surgeon's head nurse about the CT location change.


These are things I cannot control,


but smoking, that's something I can control. YOU CAN TOO!

I say once the nicotine is out of your system, it becomes 100%


As long a you are still expecting nicotine there is a physical addiction.

As long as you're waiting to get that next dose you are not in control.

I'm not saying to not use NRT's. I'm saying open your eyes.

Smoking is two addictions.

Physical and psychological.


I contend once you get rid of the physical need and are not tied to the physical addiction, it's easier to unlearn the psychological connections.


becomes a hill in time.

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