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Let Zoltar Go!

Your decision followed by your acceptance and willingness

is what removes the fight with yourself from quitting.

Making new memories without smoking

over time is your key to freedom!


A quit is not temporary.

Temporarily stopping smoking is not quitting smoking.

Trying to quit smoking is not quitting smoking.

You are misinforming yourself.

In all likelihood, you have not yet decided to quit.

Quitting smoking does not have to be a fight.

Changing your routine is simply not doing what you're used to doing.

Not doing what you're used to doing is uncomfortable but not life threatening.

Smoking is life threatening


      I met with the C surgeon yesterday and she explained the surgery to me.

      I must say the C word on the door caught me by surprise and raised my blood pressure.

      They have to remove more than just the area concentrated around the polyp.

I have to get an abdominal CAT scan soon and then meet with her again to discuss further and set a date. 

      She explained there would be some pretty bad pain for a week, then I would feel like I had been punched in the gut the second week. The third week it would feel like I had overdone something. Sure thing.

      My experience tells me if they say 6 months to recover, it's really a year.


Not looking forward to this.

Cold water is a great crave killer!

Drink it!

Hose yourself down!

Jump in a river

It's good for a shiver!




Think of all the money you spent on smoking

Think of all the time wasted looking for a place to smoke.

Think of saving that money and taking a trip to the Canary Islands

Free as a bird

from what used to seem so important

Go Live

Listen to the ocean 

Or, are you being proactive and retraining your thinking?

It doesn't take much you know.

Every time you think of smoking

you say "I don't do that anymore." 

[this really works]

No one else gives you permission to smoke, butt you.

No one starts talking to themselves about how good a smoke would be, butt you.

No one attacks you with a lighted cigarette and squeezes you like an accordion.

That's an old wives tale.


Time Bomb

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Sep 21, 2019

This is LIFE,

whether you smoke or not.

Smoking does not make life better

It's a lie!

It's a good thing Hoggie doesn't smoke. He's getting his annual physical today, a couple months late.

The directions said to take the whole thing apart. I said, screw that! 

We got a new washer and dryer at the end of our bath remodel.

The problem? It sits right inside the bathroom door and was sticking 10 inches out from the wall. We even changed the swing of the door so it opened out against the linen closet in the hallway. It was narrow!

      I started researching options and found a dryer side vent kit from the manufacturer. I determined we could gain another 5 inches by side venting.


      The directions wanted you to remove all the electronics, the front bulkhead, the belts & drum, etc.  Our washer and dryer are stacked and were a behemoth in our small bathroom. There was only 6 inches to the ceiling so no way to see what your were doing to remove the control panels, etc before you could get to the bulkhead.


      We did the whole changeover through two,  four inch holes by flashlight. We each both bled profusely and had to stop a couple times.


      It took us 2 hours with bleed breaks. I spent that much time figuring out how we could do it.    I attribute our success to that planning time. 


Plan your quit!

Learn the secrets and techniques of to how to hurdle your craves,

expectations, and fears!


Onward and Upward.

The new washers and dryers out there are amazing.

They sense the weight and type of load and dispense only the amount of water necessary. They can do this because they don't have to fill the whole tub with water.

They spin much drier before they get in the dryer so they save alot of energy while using one third the water. That's very important in California where they penalize

you depending upon your electricity and water use.

If I had a smart phone I could control it.

What To Expect In The First Four Months 


      Your mind begins to settle into and accept quitting and your changing lifestyle.

      You'll likely have your first day you realize you didn't think of smoking the day before during this time.

Stay the course!

Good Morning

We are having a burial at sea this morning for my aunt who passed not long ago and then, meeting at the family related restaurant for food and a celebration of her life.


Have a great smoke free day!

If you hadn't smoked you wouldn't be going through this.

Time is the healer

(and, the constipation is over in a month.)

      If you just cant get that smoke smell out of your car after you've cleaned all the surfaces and used fabreze, etc.,  cut an apple in half and put them, face up, under the front seats. Change every two weeks or as necessary 

Did I miss it?

Has anyone heard anything?



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Sep 11, 2019

      Maybe our digestive system can deal with things better on a long term basis than our lungs?

      The vaping community is now blaming THC for these newly reported lung vaping illnesses.

      What about the flavorings?

CDC - Flavorings-Related Lung Disease: Exposures to Flavoring Chemicals - NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic 


      Think of the people who have to be where the flavorings are produced 8 or more hours a day.

         It may be something you already know you enjoy or something brand new.

         A hobby gives you the dopamine release, a feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction and something to look forward to.

         I enjoy photography and with the lack of processing costs you can take many pictures and choose from the best.

Find something you love and enjoy it.

If so, remember, you are the one who controls it!


      I've always been a critique-y consumer. No, I don't do it for the free coupons,

If something isn't right, you say something to try and make it better for the next person.

      I bought some hot dogs on the 27th and when I went to have one 2 days later, the sell date on the package was 8-11, nearly two weeks after they should have been pulled the day I bought them. When I took them back for an exchange, I found 9 more packages past their sell date. 

      Friday, I bought some almond butter. I looked at the sell dates. Many jars were past their sell date. I wrote them an email.

        The most important line in the email was "shouldn't I be able to trust that when I pick something up it's not past it's sell date so I don't have to spend my time bringing it back? 



      When you quit smoking the only person you can trust to not "make you" smoke is you. You are your inventory control. You are the one leaving old stock on the shelves with old, past sell date feelings or you're clearing them away to make room for new experiences as a non smoker. 


Trust in your mission makes right decisions. Thinking ahead guides those decisions.


Onward and Upward

If I was a spammer

I'd spam you in the morning

I'd spam you in the evening

All over this land


I'd spam out BS

To create much duress

And then I'd send all your posts straight to moderation

Whoa, all over this land

Please, read again what I just said.


You have control if you will take it

Sometimes you'll fake it 'til you make it

Change perspective, change your mind

Those little things that did remind

It's time to smoke, It's TIME TIME TIME


So after months and after years

There's nothing speaking in your ear

You're living life and you decide

How fast or slow you take the ride


While not committing Cigga-cide

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