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End of Summer

Took a fall

Happened Wednesday

that's not all


Hairline fracture of her femur.

In hospital don't know how long

Absolutely no weight bearing. (no crutches)

No idea when they'll release.


Wish her healing, prayers, and, peace


She texted me this morning.

She's at University of Maryland Hospital. Hoping to start rehab there Tuesday. Can't go home. She has to keep her leg straight out in front of her for now.

"it only seems to care about what’s happening right now"

How To Finally Stop Procrastinating (For Real This Time) 


In 1994

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Aug 28, 2019

The CEO's of the major tobacco companies each testified in front of Congress

they didn't believe nicotine was addictive,

When they knew it was.

Two holes a day. What can I say?

That's all I can do. How about you?


I'm installing grab bars and shower curtain rods.

I already burned out one drill.

      Geesh this porcelain tile is thick and is a nightmare to drill through. With most ceramic tile, once you get through the top glaze, drilling becomes easy. With porcelain you have 3/8" inch of hardness to drill through.

      I bought glass and tile bits but they wouldn't even scratch it, let alone get a hole started.

      I bought diamond bits this morning at $15 each

It's still slow going, around 40 minutes for each hole.

      You have to focus and keep pressure on the drill the entire time plus, keep the bit at 150 rpm's.


I have 6 more holes to do. I'm counting the days.


Your quit. You need to know your limits.

Don't put yourself in impossible situations.

Know your limits and build your days.

This is

ushuaia, argentina

Keep it simple

be willing, honor yourself,

honor your health

rounding up to the nearest number, the answer is



"If you've quit smoking and you're still smoking, you're doing it wrong."

Who would've thought there could be so much color around a black hole?


There's more to quitting than negative emotions

Tap into the colors not the darkness.

There's not one good thing about smoking.

You are gaining, not, losing.

            Fighting Doesn't Make You Stronger

                        It Just Wears You Out!

                  Try to take it easy on yourself.

  See yourself from a third person point of view and

Step outside the cravings. Don't become so involved

                            and they will pass!


The most ferocious fighter can bearly walk away when all is said and done, and,

what did he win?  COPD?

The other appears to have been quit for awhile and scampers away.

Don't fight yourself!

Think Free, Be Free!

      When the 2007 recession hit, work slowed way down, like, to nothing.

      By 2009, it hadn't gotten much better. We were asked to leave the home we had rented for 18 years so the landlords son could be close to UCLA.

      My wife's family was in bad shape. She had been spending a lot of time in Michigan taking care of them beginning in 2007 while I stayed home, looking for work.

      We ditched a lot of stuff in March of 2009. I put my tools in a storage unit so I could work when there was work, put my instruments and household items in an adjoining unit and moved into a room in a house whose backyard adjoined a huge cemetery. My daughter had been living with her future husband for a couple years. Together she and my wife had placed all but half a dozen cats of 22 we had before we moved. My wife moved to Michigan to see her family go, one by one. We spoke again for the first and last time at our daughters wedding in 2013. 


      When you MUST consolidate, you get rid of a lot of stuff, keep what you think you will need and, discard the rest.

      One day when I was at my storage unit putting some tools away from that days work, a man came up to me and asked me to take a very fancy table his father had made. He had no place for it and he wanted someone who would appreciate the workmanship of his fathers hands to have it.


      That table is beside my bed, the mystery of chance or there for a reason. 


Quitting smoking doesn't happen by chance. Quitting smoking is no mystery.

As you invest yourself in your quit, your quit grows.

Simple, yes?

Make changes in your routine that are reminders.

Don't smoke in your "regular" place would be

an eXcellent start.

If you normally smoke in the patio, go smoke in the yard.

If you sit in a particular chair, go smoke in another chair.

Do you see how this would work?

It breaks the "normal" pattern.

It reminds you.

It gets you off autopilot.

It shows you you can change. 

It prepares you to quit.


Once you get going you'll realize,


You don't want to cut off circulation to your "feat."

I cooked a good part of yesterday morning but I made one big mistake.

I left my pasta in the water while I went to Home Depot and Lowe's.

Mush, and I should have started over but I didn't.

When I returned and finished cooking and after tasting, I decided it wasn't worth the

5 meals it would have made so I threw it all away. (Yes, I know, the kids in China.)


It's about choice!

It's not worth smoking

to lose your quit.

You'll pi$$ yourself off and, you'll feel

like ****-ake mushrooms.


You will forget about smoking if you will allow the time to let it happen.

Time is the healer, the distancer, and true living's revealer.

Tobacco brown sanded grout that is.


     I've been redoing our tub the past week.

Tore everything down to the studs.

Cement Board

Setting tile the past two days.

Last time I did any tile work was the year I quit smoking.

It's been a royal P.I.T.A.   Not smoking over it!

      Pulling the spacers and cleaning out the excess thin set from the grout lines this morning.   Grouting tomorrow!


Remember! No Smoking No Matter How Tiled Of Quitting You Get!

The only way grout is through!


UPDATE/Nearly Finished

Just need to add grab bars, brighter bulbs and the outer shower curtain.

Washer and dryer coming tomorrow.

Take it with a grain of salt?


"and the truth shall set you free." Isn't that what you want? freedom?


truth ends the argument you are having with yourself.

If you have the answer, there's no need to keep fighting for a different answer.


So, back to the grain of salt


      Will you add that grain of salt to the bitterness of letting go/giving up something you think you can't live without and are afraid of losing?


      Will that grain of salt be used to build towards something refreshing, say the rim of a margarita after you have some real time under your belt and are comfortable with your quit?


bitterness doesn't lead to a successful quit. 

    Day      Week                                     Month                                                                                            No

      1            1                                             1                 



                  Mans                                                                                                Land                                                            


                                                                     6 Months


            one year


             two years

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A lifetime of freedom, if you'll allow it

But, does that work for you or work against you?

Why make yourself angry and upset that you have to quit?

A majority of people considering quitting enter into it with a bad frame of mind.

They don't want to give up smoking and they're fearful they can't.

They don't understand they aren't giving up but gaining


I didn't set a quit date until I was ready and knew I could do it.

What I did will not work for those who don't do it.


The way I quit puts absolutely no Stressure on you.

It makes you think before you smoke which causes changes.

After a short time (weeks, not, years) you will have proven you don't need to smoke just because you thought you did. (I was ready to quit after 4 weeks.)


So why not do it? What do you have to lose?

All you people "trying" to quit.


Stop making it impossible for yourself by creating fear and negativity.


Just start saying "I'm going to wait a little longer," every time you think of smoking.

That's it.

Your smoking pattern will change automatically if you'll just do that.

I guarantee this will work, but, you have to do it for it to work.


Onward and Upward



The human ear will tolerate a perfect interval meaning a 4th, a 5th and an Octave.

The human ear will tolerate no sharpness from a 3rd, a 6th or a 10th.



Your quit will not tolerate a cigarette.

Don't give yourself permission!

Put those thoughts out of your mind quickly.

Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20.


"the permission always comes before the puff."

      She and my mom were the anchors of our family.

      Before last Christmas she was put in a nursing home but she had been living up near San Francisco with her youngest daughter the past couple of years.

      I did see her last year at the Mexican restaurant that makes chile relleno's as big as your hand for a family get together.   I will sorely miss her.  

I wrote her a letter before last Christmas telling her how much I enjoyed our Christmases together.  Making Aunt Minnie's cookies the day after Thanksgiving so they could cure by Christmas. Camping trips to Yosemite for two weeks every summer. Sometimes Big Sur, Huntington Lake, Dripping Springs or the Desert.


      My mom was the bookkeeper for her first husbands business (auto wrecking-mid 50's) when we were young and during summer vacation we got to play in all the cars while mom was working. Their dad owned the Texaco gas station half a block away. This was when they had above ground tanks on trestle type supports with catwalks on both sides and a ladder to climb up.

      She lived in the avocado capital of the world beginning in the 70's (18 miles inland) and I used to go have avocado toast with her 60 years ago. My family was full of carpenters and tradesmen and they gathered and each donated their trade to build her and her second husband a huge ranch home on a hill overlooking avocado groves. She had horses and chickens as I recall. They called it "Miller's Outpost."  

I was on the road performing at that time so I didn't participate.


She was my go to friend when I was 10 and needed to talk to someone.


Now she's gone and I'm getting old.

She was a believer as am I.

We are here a short time.

I'm not thinking of smoking.

That was the past.



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