Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 31, 2019

      I had to laugh yesterday.

      I went to the dentist because a crown was coming off.

      The assistant took me to the operatory and said she was going to take my blood pressure.  This is common before they give a senior any numbing injection. I believe its to cover their a**es in case you die in the chair? 

      Anyway, the Dr. came in and numbed me up. A little grinding a cement job and voila I was done.

      Then, the assistant came in and took my blood pressure. I said, "wasn't that supposed to be before the anesthetic?"  We both broke out laughing.


I'm neither 109 nor 73.



My dad planted this oak in 1961. It was 3 feet tall  I used to jump over it.

It was a gift from a designer he did work for on weekends and evenings.

I was 11. I was always a big kid. (6'2" and 185 when I was a freshman.)  I used to help my dad build cabinets in the shop and deliver and install them on her jobs.

      I learned something about the house yesterday when a local plumber started up a conversation with my dad and who my dad had worked for back in the day. (70 years ago) They knew quite a few of the same builders. The plumber loved the house and asked who designed it. My dad said the architect who worked for the builder my dad worked for had designed it. (I never knew the story)

      I've had a full life like this oak tree. Yes a few woodpeckers have come a hammering but overall I'm a happy man.  I'm 70. I quit smoking 40 years after I started at 58.

I'm glad I did 

PS Mark turns 70 today too.