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Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 31, 2019

      I had to laugh yesterday.

      I went to the dentist because a crown was coming off.

      The assistant took me to the operatory and said she was going to take my blood pressure.  This is common before they give a senior any numbing injection. I believe its to cover their a**es in case you die in the chair? 

      Anyway, the Dr. came in and numbed me up. A little grinding a cement job and voila I was done.

      Then, the assistant came in and took my blood pressure. I said, "wasn't that supposed to be before the anesthetic?"  We both broke out laughing.


I'm neither 109 nor 73.



My dad planted this oak in 1961. It was 3 feet tall  I used to jump over it.

It was a gift from a designer he did work for on weekends and evenings.

I was 11. I was always a big kid. (6'2" and 185 when I was a freshman.)  I used to help my dad build cabinets in the shop and deliver and install them on her jobs.

      I learned something about the house yesterday when a local plumber started up a conversation with my dad and who my dad had worked for back in the day. (70 years ago) They knew quite a few of the same builders. The plumber loved the house and asked who designed it. My dad said the architect who worked for the builder my dad worked for had designed it. (I never knew the story)

      I've had a full life like this oak tree. Yes a few woodpeckers have come a hammering but overall I'm a happy man.  I'm 70. I quit smoking 40 years after I started at 58.

I'm glad I did 

PS Mark turns 70 today too.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 28, 2019

Just saw this this morning

      The latest study says e-juice (not nicotine) can damage the lining of blood vessels and cause greater risk of heart attack.

Your Actions Create Your Future


This is why self talk can

lift you up

or take you down.


Pick a phrase and say it every time you think of smoking.

"I don't do that anymore"


Find one that works for you


This will help you let smoking go instead of fighting it.




Torn Up

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 25, 2019

It's a process.

      The gophers spent years undermining the brick walkway to the point of sections sinking. The landscapers pulled it all up yesterday.

      I remember when my dad laid it. That had to be 58 years ago.

It's gone. There's no place to goph.

      They left one small tree at the end of the house and the oak tree and low lying cypress at the other.

      The middle is empty. We stopped watering the lawn over a year ago knowing we would be redoing it. that was our preparation.


Quitting is a process

Your middle will feel empty for awhile.

Give it time.

You are not defined as a smoker any longer.

You are the landscaper of your life now.

Have you set your sights on freedom?


      Much of the first 4 months we have to muddle through our daily routine and push hard when necessary.

      I realize it's difficult to envision something you've always done as not being part of your future but, smoking is not something that has helped your life. You know it and I know it. Honestly, it has done nothing good for you.


      Here's something for you to look for and, look forward to:

      Look for the day you realize you didn't think of smoking the day before.

      That's a big win because more will follow.



Smoking may seem a formidable foe

You may think it won't let you go

but, realize it has no hold

You have the power of yes and no.

When can you relax?

      I believe you can relax when you truly understand smoking is a choice.

You realize smoking was a self perpetuating routine, driven by nicotine.

When you've removed all excuses and reached that point of honesty with yourself,

you become

too smart to smoke





I'm not one of those who's worried that smoking's going to haunt me and lure me back the rest of my life.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 22, 2019

thinking of MikeNAtlanta.

I asked him how he is doing on FB and he said he's off the cane and and with very little difficulty.




I've been eating quite a lot of popcorn lately.

I thoughtfully considered how I eat popcorn yesterday.

First, I crunch it with my teeth and then it goes to each side of my mouth.

The saliva brings the tastes to my tongue.

I wait and enjoy the flavor and chew some more.

This repeats and repeats until I'm out of popcorn.

So where do those pesky hulls go besides between my teeth?

My discovery?

They have been collecting in the back of each side of my mouth.

So am I going to swallow them?

Hell No! 


As life moves in it's circle of ups and downs,

we have a choice as to whether we smoke or not.

After awhile, thoughts of smoking become like those useless hulls that get between your teeth and irritate your bowels.



The end result is in your hands

Success or failure in your head

But if you don't decide to quit,

You might be smoking 'til you're dead.


Quit's will typically start out fast

Sometimes they will plod and slow

Those cravings will decline in time

Just trust they'll pass, and, let them go

You may need more than one pair of shoes and you may not.


      Most people wouldn't choose 6 inch heels to walk in the sand.

It's called common sense. It's called thinking ahead.



You are in charge.

   If you'll choose your shoes carefully, you won't have to stop and start again and again.

Look at his avatar, this isn't tripe.




Mike just left me a message on FB and said to tell all of you hi!


PT is hard but he understands the need.

(it'll be a little while 'til he picks up speed.)

Planning ahead for worst case scenarios is crucial to your quit and other things.

      My best computer froze yesterday and it's done. The hard drive won't boot up.

Funny part is, there was no warning. Usually you get a warning a week to a month before. There are errors when you do things. 

      I have a little netbook with windows 10 pro but it won't update because the hard drive is only 32GB. The thing is, I get the message your version is no longer supported and then, the computer won't work.

      I was in a chat with a microsoft tech for over an hour trying to update it. They told me. "no problem."  They did everything they could and only managed to get 5.3GB of free space and it needed 8GB.

      So I've got a little stick PC (smaller than a pack of smokes) running win 10 pro.

      As soon as I realized my laptop wasn't coming back I started shopping for a laptop online. Geesh, the one that went bad is $200 more than I paid for it 5 years ago and they're still selling it at Best Buy.

      Laptops are all seem very expensive right now.

      I don't really want to spend the money on a new computer because Hoggie needs a checkup and some blood work soon and that will be $300.


What could have I done to prepare for this?

I could have bought another drive and cloned my laptop's operating system and the programs I installed.


Guess what?

I did, and I just remembered last night.

About 6-10 months ago I bought a hybrid drive (the bootup is solid state like a solid state drive but then it reverts to a regular mechanical drive) and I cloned my laptop's drive.

The moral of the story?




Now I have to find the thing.

Wish me smaller hands. 

      Everyone else was.

I bummed one.  It's what we did on our breaks during those long rehearsal days.


Everybody knows

Once you start, it won't let go

Many years may pass and then

You make the choice, to let it end.

      Have you considered ways to change how you perceive things and how you might change your perception?


      I wanted some cinnamon toast for breakfast. All I had was sourdough bread, the huge slice type.Two slices are too much and one slice is not enough


      It seems once you prepare it and put it in your hand, it's hard to not eat the whole piece at one time and then, the other

      I wanted to slow down and enjoy it so I cut it into triangles.


It worked. I still have half a piece of toast on my plate, and I'm full.


"Simple thinks to bust a crave"

  • Self talk: I don't do that anymore
  • Bite into a lemon skin and all
  • Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20.
  • Pack your mouth with ice cubes and try to avoid brain freeze. 

and, we have the ability to change our routine and our lives.  

      Being aware and awake we can step outside ourselves, take an honest look and say,"I can change this."



Transform Your Life By Transforming Your Habits - Darius Foroux - Pocket 


How does this apply to smoking?  What was our biggest "habit?"

      It certainly is not for the nicotine. One or two cigarettes over a couple weeks isn't satisfying those nicotine receptors.

      That tells me it is for something other than the physical addiction, so, what is it?


      The only thing it can be is the habit/memories & emotional connections. If you can grasp that fact, you should realize that fighting to not smoke is not the answer. 


So what does it hurt if someone smokes after they've quit?


It doesn't hurt me.

The simple answer is it makes it easier to do it again.

Then it becomes, "Hell, I already smoked, it doesn't matter anymore."

Then, it becomes a pack a day for another 10 years.


      And, what about a quit date? What does a quit date mean if you are still smoking?

      Come to grips with reality. The day you smoke your last cigarette is your quit date. What else makes sense?


      Don't be an excuser. Don't be a denier. You are your salvation when it comes to quitting smoking. No one tells you to smoke, except you. No one makes you smoke, but you. Accept that and, be willing, not, unwilling. 


Just a small article on perfectionism I found interesting this morning

What is it?

“A lot of perfectionistic tendencies are rooted in fear and insecurity.”

How to Manage Your Perfectionism 

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