What you think of yourself matters more

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 31, 2019

(What you think of yourself matters more)

Than what others think of you.

We create our moral compass.

We don't do that by accepting what others say as the whole truth.

We each learn and form our own truth.


Self love

Some people try to convince us any consideration of loving ourselves is narcissistic.

Is knowing right from wrong narcissistic?

Is doing the right thing narcissistic?

Could self love really just be acceptance of ones own truth?

Could self love simply be not berating ourselves?


We are what we think.


When we stop living to impress others, we can live freely.

When we learn to live for ourselves we can enjoy living.


Don't conflate enjoying life with being selfish or narcissistic.

It doesn't involve separating ourselves from others. 

It means putting a smile on your face

because you are in charge and you can choose to be happy.