You control your landing

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You have everything you need to do it.

      We live three miles from the ocean on top of a steep hill.

There is a canyon right behind our house and a valley at each end of that canyon.

Our municipal airport is in that valley and they have a skydiving business.

(Boy, couldn't we have some fun at an eX reunion?)


They typically jump on the weekends, probably close to twice an hour during peak, but, any clear weekday, it's not surprising to see one or two jumps.



      You'll hear the plane before you see it. I sometimes spot it just before they jump. It looks very tiny and so, is very hard to find with the camera.

This was it yesterday with the telephoto lens full out.

If you draw a visual line from the plane to the lower right corner,

you can see a jumper's pilot chute before their main chute has opened.


You'll hear the crack of the chutes opening long before you see the jumpers.

But gravity is a pretty darn sure thing and soon, you see 7 or 8 of them

circling in the sky.

(all of that circling time is them "enjoying the ride.")

Think of this as your quit.

Let us be your gravity

Your willingness to not fight yourself

will bring your success so, why not enjoy the ride?

Trust yourself. It'll all work out

All's well that ends well