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He had cancer.

He went to work every day

After work, he'd drive to get chemo or radiation and would then drive home through the Los Angeles rush hour traffic feeling very ill.


If you think quitting smoking is hard, you don't want to be this guy.

Unlearning smoking is easy compared to this.


are you listening?

we don't know what's following us

continued smoking may bring it on sooner 


Unlearn it. It's just a bunch of new memories to make and it doesn't cost a thing.

The worst part is I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon and the procedure isn't until noon.

Being diabetic, my body is used to a regular eating schedule so I'm hoping I don't start dry heaving soon.

Afterwards my esophagus will hurt every time I swallow for a week.


Smoking weakens the valve at the bottom of your esophagus and allows reflux.


But you may if you continue smoking


It's your life. Don't give it up for smoking.

Your quality of life is much more full when you don't have to sneak off and smoke.


Allow yourself the time to unlearn the psychological connections,

and, be free.

      In my opinion, it's easier to quit smoking forever if you can separate the two addictions.


      We all know nicotine is what makes us smoke short term.

When it wears off, we want more, so, we smoke.

That's the physical cycle of the addiction.


      If that was the only driving force of smoking you could be put in rehab for two weeks and be free.


      The problem is you've puffed a cigarette hundreds of thousands of times and while you did it, your senses were still alert, connecting smoking to other things and saving the smoking connection to those other things in your mind.


      When you get the urge to smoke after you've quit, if you are still connecting nicotine to those urges and supplying yourself with it, you aren't doing the disconnecting and likely, slowing your freedom.


      I'm not saying don't use nicotine replacement but I encourage you to use it wisely so as not to stay in the physical addiction cycle by connecting it to cravings.


      I believe the patch breaks that cycle. You aren't throwing nicotine at a crave and retaining that connection. You are unlearning those connections.


they waste time.

they stymie progress.


if you are going to lay out paragraphs of them

some may go along with it.

others may condense what you said into three lines so you can see what they are hearing


don't play the victim when you've created your own victimhood.

we see right through it.


we want you to succeed at quitting. DO YOU? 

WOW. It's hard to believe this is Southern California. 

Look at how green the hills are.

Pain is not quenched by smoking.

Can't fix a relationship.

Smoking won't bring your job back.

Can't bring back a loved one or pet.

Stop giving smoking all power 

Stop listening to cigarettes.

There's still life up ahead of you

With joy unexperienced yet.

There's some serious joy here.

Look Up. Find Yours

~life isn't over yet~



If that doesn't work, stick your head in the tub of cold water.

If that doesn't work, pour the tub of cold water over your head.

If that doesn't work, Bob's your uncle!


Diversions avert smoking!

PS You can't smoke with wet hands.

But you wouldn't know it


There's a quit inside your head

If you'll allow it

Consideration is what opens the possibility of smoking.

Consideration of smoking puts you right at smoking's door.




"Permission always comes before the puff."

Nobody can give permission but you.





and now, the star of the show 

Have you ever heard anyone say "I could care less?"


      Isn't that when people who have quit smoking

light that cigarette and lose their quit?

Do you realize thinking is what put you here

and you've chosen smoking over life, once again?

Stop Drop And Roll!

Figure out why you care less BEFORE YOU SMOKE


Get yourself out of that place.


It's a freakin' cigarette

You aren't going to die if you don't smoke it.




      ...Because it makes you think deeply and consider what could ruin your quit, (what you would allow to ruin your quit) rather than go into quitting with no parameters and much anticipation.


      I had these conversations with myself before I quit.

I DECIDED my only excuse for smoking was if I lost my wife and child.

Sobering, I know, but just how serious are you about your quit?

Will you let some extra stress derail your decision before you get some quit time under your belt? Will you talk yourself into smoking like most quitters do?

These deals you make with yourself take the small stuff off the table.


      Another big DECISION I made happened at the end my first two weeks when I forgot to wear the patch 2 days in a row. It made me realize I didn't need the patch any longer.

      The DECISION was to put one in my wallet with the PROMISE TO MYSELF   I would put that patch on and wait 30 minutes rather than smoke.


These kinds of deals put and keep you in charge of your quit.

(think about what I'm saying. This isn't hard to do and takes

no energy or fight.)

Two who inspire me to come here each day.

One on vacation and one going away?

I've never regretted the time I spend here

What makes it fun are the friends we hold dear


Be safe and be happy for everything ends

Be sad and be joyful and live life and then

There will come a time to be free my friends

And someday, just maybe, we'll all meet again.


      I was working for a young couple in Westchester adding a master suite to the back of the home they had just moved into.

      We we're done with framing, rough plumbing and electrical and waiting on the inspector so we could cover and start insulation and drywall. We had removed enough fence boards and started a master suite right next door. 


      It was a Friday afternoon. Tom was an active 30 year old and hurried off to go snowboarding with his buddies at the first big snow of the season at Mammoth Mountain.


      He never came back. He was killed in a snowboarding accident.


      A quick death might seem better than a slow one because you are not building up to it with an illness but, it was  devastating to his wife and the child that was just getting to know him.


It was out of his control. An accident

You don't accidentally smoke.

Smoking is a choice.

Save yourself. Save your health.

This is something you have control over.

Take it.

12+ years ago I was a new quitter.

I was successful the first time by listening to those who 

had succeeded and had knowledge of what works.


We've seen too many get shaky and fail

when their same stage quit partner smoked.

May I suggest you count on and learn from those who have achieved success and can lead with experience to teach you and keep you quit.

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