Gung Ho, Then, Gung Ho Gone?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 14, 2019

Quitting Smoking Isn't Learned In One Day

When I quit, I had done no research on quitting.

I had visited no online quit smoking sites or gone to any quit smoking meetings.


I made the perfect stress free ramp to my quit.

I knew I was ready but, I knew nothing about what to expect.

      I didn't have any construction jobs at the time so, I went to a friends and played guitar to whatever music he put on 10 hours a day my first two weeks.

That provided plenty of dopamine. 


      My thirst for knowledge came when I stopped using the patch. In fact, the package the patch came in suggested going to an online support site so that's where the idea came from.


      I wanted to know what was in store after those first two weeks, so I went online and found a quit smoking site and planted myself there.

      I asked questions, talked people off the ledge and generally, got a handle on what quitting was about.


      After 12 years I've realized it's about time and allowing yourself to disconnect without fighting yourself.