Just Entering Year 13 Of Freedom From The Butts

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At 7:20am 12 years ago, I stubbed out the last cigarette that ever touched my lips.

Throughout the past 12 years, I've given my secrets to a successful quit


How I prepared with no stress

Where Does It Come From? 


How I got through the first 2 weeks

Keeping busy & replacing the dopamine by playing guitar 10 hours a day


What to expect during the time I've seen most people fail.

What to Expect in the First 4 Months 

No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate) 


How to retrain your mind quickly once you've quit

Say "I don't do that anymore"  every time you think of smoking

I discovered that laughing when I had a crave helped me steer away from danger.


How to beat the strongest craves

  • Bite into a lemon skin and all
  • Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20
  • Fill your mouth with ice cubes and let them melt while trying to avoid brain freeze.


What statistics say 

The Two Sets Of Seasons 


General information

My Welcome To New Members (12+ Years Of Watching) 


And Most Importantly

Willingness, Not Willpower

Time Is The Healer