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Ride The Craves

To A Better You!


Truth Bomb

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 31, 2018

My Belief Is:

"If You Can Understand It,

You Can Overcome It."

Life Is Boring

~When Life Isn't Changing~

Change It Up And Lose That Perceived Boredom


Live To Smoke No More!

And...Laugh More, Woodja?

      I was watching the news and there were people on who had never heard of avocado toast until a year ago.

      I was raised 15 miles from the avocado capital of the world and have been eating it since childhood and wondered how many of you have tried it?

      Haas Avocados are the most flavorful. They are the ones with the pebbley skin. They can take anywhere from 2-4 days to ripen from rock hard state. If you put them in a brown paper bag they will ripen quicker.

      To make the toast or guacamole, you want your avocados to give slightly like you'd want a peach to give when it's ripe.


So, have you tried it?

Do you like it?

How do you make it?


Here's my recipe:

Halve your avocado and scoop out the flesh. I usually do it lengthwise because the seed is going to remain in one of the halves and I whack it quickly with my knife, it sticks in the seed, then I use the knife as a lever to twist it out.


Toast your bread and butter it.

Put at least 1/4 of an avocado on each piece of buttered toast

Take a knife and slice the avocado while it's on the toast and then fan out the slices.

Salt & pepper and a little lemon juice.


at least 1/2 avocado per person is required for guacamole.

I never buy more than two at a time because they all ripen at the same time and you have too much or throw them away.


Lemon juice brings out the best in the avocado. 1/2 teaspoon per avocado in guacamole or sprinkle lightly on the avocado toast. I buy a little container for a buck at one of my stores. It says it is not reconstituted. It keeps for a few months unrefrigerated.

A New Study Says That Going To A Live Concert

Is Better For You Than 3 Hours Of Yoga.

Going to a concert is better for wellbeing than yoga | Daily Mail Online 

I guess that's if you don't get passed around and dropped

Even Better If You Play An Instrument!


Can Music Benefit Study? | SiOWfa16: Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy 

How music touches the brain | ScienceNordic 

Use Music As A Quit Tool.

Then Get Up And Dance

Like No One's Watching!

(if you're able)

PS  You Can Use Headphones Or Earbuds And Create Your Own LIVE Concert

Just Crank It Up!

They Are Both A Learning Experience

Link has some great Gifs 

The Five Tips

Be Aware Of Water Intake:( Keep Cold Water Close As A Distraction)

Adjust Your Schedule As Needed (Change Your Routine)

Lots Of Emotional Support (Come Here Twice A Day And Participate)

Keep A Journal  (Your Blog Is Your Journal)

Let Your Child Lead  (You Are The One Doing This. We Will Help You)

You can take control of your life and toss smoking anytime you choose!

(But you actually have to make the choice)

Until You Are Willing To Be A Non Smoker.

Make Your Decision.

Get In The Game.

Willingness NOT Willpower.

If So, I have Some Special Treats For You. 


Chocolate Better Than Smoking

What's Your Favorite?

You No Like Chocolate Anymore?

So There Can Be A Sunrise

You Can't Enjoy The Freedom Of Being A Non Smoker

Until You Quit Smoking.

In Marbles Your Most Important Marble Is Your Shooter.

In Quitting Smoking, Your Shooter Is What's Between Your Ears

You can't lose focus when playing marbles or you lose.

Isn't that about the same with everything in life?

It Certainly Is With Quitting Smoking.

Use What's Between Your Ears To Focus On A Life Ahead,

Not, The Addicts Past.

In California Agate Shooters Were The Most Sought After. 










This marble blog was inspired by brutus 

As Long As You Say You Can

~No Limits Here~

~I Don't Do That Anymore~


      No, I didn't pick the one shown below. I learned a long time ago to look for a tan base beneath the netting.

      I saw cantaloupes were 33 cents a pound last week. They were hard as rocks but I very much wanted some different fruit for a change and bought one, assuming it would ripen.

      Well, my hope didn't come true. It wasn't because of anything I did,

it happened before it was mine.

      My theory is, it was picked way too early because when I cut it open, the center was much darker than the outer flesh and had never softened. It had no flavor.  The difference between that cantaloupe being good or bad was what happened before I got it. It was out of my control until it wasn't.


      Now, your quit, your quit, is an entirely different animal.

You control it from the beginning. Don't say you don't, YOU DO!

No one else is going to be responsible for your quit so, there are no excuses. There is no one else to blame.


No One And No Thing Makes You Smoke But You!

Give It Time To Ripen. You Won't Regret It.

We Want To Turn You In To A Bear!

A Bear Unencumbered By Nicotine!

A Bear Who Can Do Anything!

Don't Be Looking For Excuses To Smoke.

It Doesn't Take Much To Fail In The Beginning..


It's Okay To Think About Smoking.

You Can't Help But Remember Something You Did For So Many Years.

It's Not Okay To Consider It.

Thinking You Want To Smoke (Consideration) Is What Will Take You Back To It.

Consideration Becomes Obsession.

Obsession Becomes Obliteration.

Why do we continue to numb ourselves to life by living in a smoking routine?


This is from Wichita Lineman....Relate it to nicotine...Do you need it more than you want it?

Here's the end of the phrase (and the road) if smoking's where your love is...

No One Escapes Some Kind Of Damage After Smoking Long Term.

What's It Going To Leave You With? or Without?

It's The Drug That Keeps You In The Routine. You Can Unlearn The Psychological Connections! We Can Teach You How.

So, Why Not Just Let It Go? Why Not Halt The Damage Now?

Nicotine Isn't Life. Nicotine Isn't Required For Life.

Walk Away.

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