Is life more important than smoking?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 25, 2018

Or, is smoking more important than life?

How about quality of life?

Quality of life is something we can control right now

Our future quality of life depends on today's.

Our friend Betty smoked for over 50 years. You can go back and read her posts.

Maybe one of you could put a link up to her posts? (You can also type "Betty" in the search bar upper right corner of the page)

We lost her to lung cancer.  She was gone one month after being diagnosed.

But those last 5 years, she lived. She went to one of the annual Ex-Get Togethers.

She was vivacious, out of her smoking skin. We skyped from the get together.

She was finally living, free of cigarettes.

I know for a fact Betty would've not given up those five good years of freedom for anything.

You simply don't know quality of life chained to a cigarette.

Don't give yourself the excuse "well I've smoked for so long, it doesn't matter anyway."

It does matter.

Miss you Betty.