What If There Was No Battle In The First Place?

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      The following is a short portion of an article reviewing a new psychological study on self control written by a professional reviewing the study.


      “Our prototypical model of self-control is angel on one side and devil on the other, and they battle it out,” Fujita says. “We tend to think of people with strong willpower as people who are able to fight this battle effectively. Actually, the people who are really good at self-control never have these battles in the first place.”


      Wouldn't it help to be willing to have self control?

After all, how does self control come about?

There are only two ways I can discern. It's either by willpower or acceptance.


Willpower is resistance.

Resistance in electrical wire heats up the wire and can create a line/voltage drop.

With a musical signal it degrades the quality of the output.


      So, if you didn't want to battle yourself, I believe reaching willingness is deciding and accepting your choices to get to your goal.


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