Different Ways

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 18, 2018

   We likely tie our shoes one foot first and do it the same way every time.

I even slip my right foot in my sandals first every time.

      We want familiarity. We like it. We don't have to think so much.


      I've been watching the diabetes series  I've posted on this site and a major thing I've learned about is insulin resistance.

      The more weight you gain while on the diabetes medications, the more medication they add or change to control it because your insulin resistance becomes greater.


         So, I decided I'd be more cognizant of the amount of fat intake.

About an hour after waking I have a 16oz cup of coffee with half and half and if it doesn't taste right...MEH BLECH?   

So how would you use less half and half and keep the same flavor? 

You make less coffee.   

Look at your quit with a different perspective

and you open up the door to freedom.