Treat yourself with some of the $$$ that was going up in smoke.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 6, 2018

      Well Christmas came early AGAIN this year. 

Have you seen something lately you were attracted to or needed?

I've been wanting something lightweight to wear over my T-shirt on chilly mornings.

      I have a vest and a number of medium coats that I would wear to the mountains, say to play in the snow, but, I don't want to drive to the store in them. I wanted something lightweight that covered my arms.


And the perfect accessory to go with it, an impact driver.

      I already have a cordless drill that uses the same battery and we're going to be replacing some of the deck boards soon. They will need to be countersunk and screwed. Rather than constantly change bits, a second driver will be very helpful.

      It will also undo frozen nuts and bolts. It has 1530 inch pounds of torque.

Between now and Christmas is the time of year to buy this particular brand of cordless tools. The battery only costs $10 less than what I paid the tool and the battery.

      If any of you are looking to buy tools for someone for Christmas, they have a site called tools of the trade and they rate all of them. If you want my opinion on a brand, send me a pm.


Make sure you treat yourself with some of the

smoking money you've saved.