my advice: don't wear levis skiing

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I've only been skiing once

      My first wife's brother lived in Evergreen, Colorado. We went for a visit and stayed a week or two. He pulled 3 of my wisdom teeth while I was there.

      One day during our stay, we went skiing at Vail which is about 80 miles away. The conditions were perfect. 19 inches of new powder.

But, I was wearing levis.

      We took the lift to the top of Eagle's Nest Ridge and started down

After about 30 falls, It felt like there was more snow in my pants than on the slope. 

      After an hour or more, we finally got to the bottom of the slope.

I said "let's do it again."

      Stupid me. the wind had picked up and my snowbound rear end was fully exposed on the ski lift. By the time we got to the top, my teeth were chattering.

      I was beyond cold when I got back to the bottom. (and so was my bottom.)

      We were heading back to Evergreen and it was getting dark and we were hungry. We stopped in Breckenridge for dinner because no reservations were required. I immediately rushed into the bathroom and started layering paper towels between my levis and my skin.  Before  everyone ordered, Bob came into the restroom to see what was taking me so long. I told him I was too cold to sit and eat. He took me out to the car and gave me a blanket and I took off my jeans and ran the heater to get warm while they ate.


      How do you prepare for the unexpected disaster when you've quit smoking?

You don't wear levi's!

You learn what you're up against beforehand, and, you make a plan.


If you feel you might be in a tempting situation,

you avoid it until you're stronger.



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