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Well...they said it was new.  

Planning And Knowing What To Expect,

Can Make A Quit Easier To Handle

And More Resistant To Giving In.

What To Expect In The First Four Months 

People come

People go


Chose to smoke


Six percent

Make a year

Where they've gone

We don't know


We'll be here

Hoping that

They will soon

Make it back


With resolve

And willingness

To find freedom

And success

I have a wonder!

It sustains me. 

I've always wondered how things work.

I always marvel at how the inventors created their inventions.

How engineers overcame obstacles.

How forces effect calculations.


      When I was 11, I took the family typewriter apart and put it back together. I had 5 extra pieces when it was done. 

      I got my first power tool at 8.

      I learned cabinetmaking from my dad starting at nine.


      When I went on the road at 18 as an entertainer it seems like a blur because so much living was compressed into those years. So much traveling and so many interesting people.


      Nowadays, wonder keeps me interested more than doing. As I reach my end,  I believe wonder is what keeps life interesting.


      I watched a fairly long video yesterday of a pine tree being removed that was right next to a house. It was all executed meticulously. They even laid down the large log cuts for the the lowest 30 feet to fall on. It was like a perfect quit. They didn't count on the force of that base breaking the water main.   Who would've known?


Find Wonder If You've Lost It.

Quitting Smoking Is The Perfect Time.

It's Still Free, And Very Freeing.


It's kind of fascinating to watch how a HUGE tree is felled without doing major damage to something close to it. It makes you wonder.

Pine Tree Removal - Part 1 - YouTube 

Pine Tree Removal Part 2 - YouTube 

the end of part two is where you see the water bubbling up under the tree. 

Quitting smoking isn't a beating.

Going through cancer treatments?

that's a beating.

Having a stroke or heart attack

that's a beating.


Why continue to risk placing yourself

squarely into a miserable future

when you can change it? 

 If you're still smoking,

Look in the mirror the next time you smoke.

Is that how you see yourself?

Save yourself now because when it gets too late,

doctors may not be able to.


We will help you over the finish line.

nothing's better than being free.

Of course I didn't realize what I was doing at the time but,

one simple step was all it took.

I simply caught myself before I smoked and said to myself

"I'm going to wait a little longer."

That's it. That's all I did.

In 4 weeks I went from 20 cigarettes a day to 5.

I never denied myself a smoke, not once.

What happened was I got off auto-pilot.

Getting to 5 wasn't the miracle because I wasn't counting.

The miracle was unlearning it's control.

I didn't put that together at the time either.


I was ready. 

I knew it when I bought my last pack.

It hit me when I pulled the $5 out of my pocket.

I was ready.

Teach yourself where you are going, then, pick up your feet.

Positive or Negative

It's up to you.

We make the choices,

Yes, we do



"I've never looked this young."

Make It A Happy Smokefree Thanksgiving.

(Happy that you're not still smoking) 

      The following is a short portion of an article reviewing a new psychological study on self control written by a professional reviewing the study.


      “Our prototypical model of self-control is angel on one side and devil on the other, and they battle it out,” Fujita says. “We tend to think of people with strong willpower as people who are able to fight this battle effectively. Actually, the people who are really good at self-control never have these battles in the first place.”


      Wouldn't it help to be willing to have self control?

After all, how does self control come about?

There are only two ways I can discern. It's either by willpower or acceptance.


Willpower is resistance.

Resistance in electrical wire heats up the wire and can create a line/voltage drop.

With a musical signal it degrades the quality of the output.


      So, if you didn't want to battle yourself, I believe reaching willingness is deciding and accepting your choices to get to your goal.


here's how I got to that place before I quit 

Where Does It Come From? 



The myth of self-control - Vox - Pocket 

      When I was a working musician, I realized there were people better than myself on a guitar.  Now, I never learned guitar to be the greatest guitarist. I learned guitar to accompany my voice and the greatest thing I learned was how to leave space so the voice was the focus and the guitar complimented to let the music breathe.

      I succeeded at that.


      To get to that place, I played with a lot of musicians who were much better than myself and likely learned a turn or phrase or feeling to add to my ability from each of them.

      Now, I don't play or sing much anymore.

      I have switched my interests to research on many topics. I think of something,

google it, and follow it out as far as I can until I find the answers that give me resolve. It seems I want to soak up information like a sponge.


      The seed idea for this blog was to ask you to be open to learning.


      People here have your best interest at heart.

      Don't feel beaten if you fail but figure out where you went wrong and let us help you around and through.


Write about it

We understand

but it helps to know

all your highs and lows

so we can help you grow

this morning's sunrise from our backyard

   We likely tie our shoes one foot first and do it the same way every time.

I even slip my right foot in my sandals first every time.

      We want familiarity. We like it. We don't have to think so much.


      I've been watching the diabetes series  I've posted on this site and a major thing I've learned about is insulin resistance.

      The more weight you gain while on the diabetes medications, the more medication they add or change to control it because your insulin resistance becomes greater.


         So, I decided I'd be more cognizant of the amount of fat intake.

About an hour after waking I have a 16oz cup of coffee with half and half and if it doesn't taste right...MEH BLECH?   

So how would you use less half and half and keep the same flavor? 

You make less coffee.   

Look at your quit with a different perspective

and you open up the door to freedom.

      Is thinking you're going to smoke some time in the future and fearing it the way you want to live your life?

      I consider this a self inflicted millstone carried by some.

      Might this be a form of fighting to stay quit?



        I believe you can choose to let go of those beliefs.

      Why allow smoking to take up space in your head? 

      You can let smoking go by disconnecting from it.



      Freedom is singing, not fearing and clinging.

A Guessing Game

Think ahead.

Plan for the difficult moments.

Lemon>>Bite into a lemon, skin and all.

Freezer>>Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20.

Mouth Melt>>Fill your mouth with ice cubes and try to not get brain freeze.

or, Walk away from the situation for a moment. You can return when the crave passes.


Don't drink alcohol until you are secure in your quit.

(It weakens your resolve and gives permission.)


Drink plenty of water

Positive self talk>> "I don't do that anymore."

And, healthy distractions>>Exercise, Music, Hobbies, Volunteering.

      It seems e-cig use in high schools has gone up by 73% and 50% in middle schools.

      3.5 million new youth e-cig users.

What we tell our mind and,

What we could overcome if we stopped and allowed change.


We are so rooted in what we tell ourselves.

We have to get over that.

We can change


"I can't take a nap."

"I have to get 10 hours of sleep."



      I've learned I can take a nap WHENEVER I ALLOW IT.


As far as the sleep restrictions?

      I have determined that 6 hours of sleep is required so I don't mentally drag during the day, but, here's what else I have determined

I can get 4 hours and get up for 2 hours and go back to bed for those other two hours and do as well as I would getting my six hours straight.


Stop telling yourself you want to smoke. Stop telling yourself you can't quit.

The only way anyone can ever succeed at quitting smoking is to allow it.


What resistance will you put up against quitting?

What will be your excuse for failure?


Setting limits


What's the worst thing that could happen?


When I quit, I asked myself a lot of questions.

      A major one was, "what could happen that would make you smoke again?"

      My answer was if the highway patrol came to my door to tell me my family was gone. 

That was my limit, my self-assigned breaking point.


      Have the rest of you given yourself a limit?

I believe it shows a true involvement when you consider and ask yourself this question before you quit, even if you don't set one.

      It can be an agreement with yourself as it was for me. It sets parameters before you start so you don't meander. It's like the agreement I made when I stopped using the patch the second week. I put one in my wallet with the promise I would put it on rather than smoke. It stayed there my first year. Never needed it. Hopefully, you grasp how powerful agreements with yourself can be.


Everyone has a different limit.

      We've watched more than a few life experiences lead people back to smoking. 


Why has my limit worked for me?

I grew my quit beyond my limit.
















Unexpected thrills can happen at any time.


      I was trying to figure out how to get a power strip for my small wall hung tv that I plug my little computer into when I'm working in that room. The only plug close was in the ceiling.  I found a metal shelf under the house that used to be in my workshop 35 years ago that had a built in power strip.

      After a time, I determined the only way to make it most functional, was to lower the tv and mount the power shelf above it.

      I needed to separate the tv from the wall mount first so I found some nut drivers and wrenches. When I finally got the nut off, I pulled the connector pin (here's the thrills part)

      All of a sudden, the tv was out of my hands. I mean literally out of my hands flying off to the right, through the air.  (I had my right hand  under it when I pulled the pin but it tipped over when I pulled the pin.)

      It didn't hit the ground. It hit a wooden keyboard holder on the front of my bike hard and I snagged it just before it went down. It was jolted, but not visibly damaged.


      After I remounted the TV and got everything plugged back together, I found everything still works.


      When you get into the swing of being a non smoker, s**t happens but smoking doesn't.  .

if you aren't willing to come here 

before you smoke,

to see if we can talk you down, 

you likely aren't willing to quit smoking.

Major Point

You can't smoke if you don't have any around.

It takes a number of decisions and steps to smoke.

thought of smoking

dwell on smoking

find car keys

drive to store

walk into store

ask for cigarettes

walk outside

open pack

pull cigarette out

put between lips

light it and inhale

You can stop at any one of them.

      Well Christmas came early AGAIN this year. 

Have you seen something lately you were attracted to or needed?

I've been wanting something lightweight to wear over my T-shirt on chilly mornings.

      I have a vest and a number of medium coats that I would wear to the mountains, say to play in the snow, but, I don't want to drive to the store in them. I wanted something lightweight that covered my arms.


And the perfect accessory to go with it, an impact driver.

      I already have a cordless drill that uses the same battery and we're going to be replacing some of the deck boards soon. They will need to be countersunk and screwed. Rather than constantly change bits, a second driver will be very helpful.

      It will also undo frozen nuts and bolts. It has 1530 inch pounds of torque.

Between now and Christmas is the time of year to buy this particular brand of cordless tools. The battery only costs $10 less than what I paid the tool and the battery.

      If any of you are looking to buy tools for someone for Christmas, they have a site called tools of the trade and they rate all of them. If you want my opinion on a brand, send me a pm.


Make sure you treat yourself with some of the

smoking money you've saved.


We Adapt

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Nov 3, 2018

His couch was taken. He has no idea another will take it's place

but, he misses his couch and mourns his loss in the empty space.


Quitting Smoking may feel like you've lost your couch.

It's likely the biggest change you will make in your lifetime.

You will miss smoking after you've quit.

because you've done

it so many times a day for so many years.

That is the mountain you must climb.


Success is growing the distance between yourself and smoking

and, that takes time making new memories without smoking.

Your new couch life is on the way 




btw this picture was from a true story about this cat  missing his couch.

I've only been skiing once

      My first wife's brother lived in Evergreen, Colorado. We went for a visit and stayed a week or two. He pulled 3 of my wisdom teeth while I was there.

      One day during our stay, we went skiing at Vail which is about 80 miles away. The conditions were perfect. 19 inches of new powder.

But, I was wearing levis.

      We took the lift to the top of Eagle's Nest Ridge and started down

After about 30 falls, It felt like there was more snow in my pants than on the slope. 

      After an hour or more, we finally got to the bottom of the slope.

I said "let's do it again."

      Stupid me. the wind had picked up and my snowbound rear end was fully exposed on the ski lift. By the time we got to the top, my teeth were chattering.

      I was beyond cold when I got back to the bottom. (and so was my bottom.)

      We were heading back to Evergreen and it was getting dark and we were hungry. We stopped in Breckenridge for dinner because no reservations were required. I immediately rushed into the bathroom and started layering paper towels between my levis and my skin.  Before  everyone ordered, Bob came into the restroom to see what was taking me so long. I told him I was too cold to sit and eat. He took me out to the car and gave me a blanket and I took off my jeans and ran the heater to get warm while they ate.


      How do you prepare for the unexpected disaster when you've quit smoking?

You don't wear levi's!

You learn what you're up against beforehand, and, you make a plan.


If you feel you might be in a tempting situation,

you avoid it until you're stronger.



I learned why ski attire isn't open at the waist

It better be Pops! 

Confirmation for eX nation, please?



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Nov 1, 2018

let it grow on you 

If you've made it one day, you can make it two

If you've made it two days, you can make three

I can't believe I've made it 3 days

 If you've made three days, you can do a week.

I can't believe I've made it a week

 If you can make it a week you can make it a month

I can't believe I've made it a month

 If you can make it a month you can make it 6 months

If you've made it 6 months, you can make it a year.

I can't believe I've made it a year

If you've made it a year you can make it to two years

When you've made it to two years

the relapse rate drops from 94% to 2%-4%

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