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Happy Halloween

Celebrate with candy

Please don't overdo

too much candy makes you crampy.

I'm Alive.

Got through the procedure okay.

Biopsies will determine whether I go back in three months for a burn or in a year for a checkup.


They just said fat and sugar in candy puts people in a pleasure from eating mode....DUH

You have a future. What's it going to be?


Life can trip us up

Obstacles can grow

What will happen next?

We don't really know


You don't have to sit

Your life isn't over

Trying something new

Often can revive us


One thing you can choose

Thoughts within your mind

Keep the ones that serve you

Leave the rest behind


Blending all is time

      My buddy Steve and I like to stop and get a take out meal on the way to the beach every week or two. We park in the handicapped row and eat, then I take pictures through the windshield and then, as we drive.

      I can't walk far because of my accident and Steve has late stage COPD and never smoked but we like to get to the beach. If I I had to drive myself and take pictures at the same time, it would be impossible so it works out well.


      I got into digital photography when I moved back to Oceanside in 2011.

You can buy a decent camera for $200 on up. My latest camera was $300 and it does what I use it for well. (grabbing shots while driving)

      It's a lot of fun. A cheap hobby. (All you need is a digital camera and a computer)

      Something new to consider after you quit.

One more thing, I've seem some fantastic pictures from peoples phones. If you have a an 8 to 12 megapixel camera in your phone, you don't need a camera.

You can just go someplace that makes you feel comfortable and take pictures of the things that give you those feelings.   


They're dredging the mouth of the harbor with a big vacuum because the entrance collects the sand and gets shallower and shallower. They pump it to the North side of the pier about 1+ mile away.  

This is it coming out at the pier

And these are the birds waiting for anything alive to eat coming out of the sand and water.

      I took Hoggie to the desk this morning to replenish his food and thousands of ants were swarming over his food and water.

      I typically keep his dry food and bowls in a 9 x 13 baking pan for this situation. This way, I can fill the pan with water and prevent them from getting to the food. I keep his wet food on a dessert plate perched on an upside down bowl.

      The problem is if food drops into the water, you don't notice it until the smell knocks you over so, I don't keep water in it unless I have an ant problem.

I have an ant problem

But I'm not smoking over it.





You have a blank canvas, each new day

You're making choices your way

Living each day you should always remember

Happiness comes from inside,

Life is exciting,


a contemplative ride.

If not, why don't you think of something? 

We are captives of our own routines.

Change it.


      Change is one of the things we have to learn to do more of when we quit smoking.


Why not make something to look forward to each week.

It could be a movie or a dinner at a special place.

It could be something you've never made before.

It could be a book

It could be an instrument.



This is your chance! 

It's an affirmation of self respect.

And, it's a better quality of life.

Where have all the ciggies gone? long time gassing

Where have all the ciggies gone? deep in my lungs

Where have all the ciggies gone? Up in smoke my money's gone

When will they ever burn? not in my mouth, 'cause I've learned


Nicotine it wires your brain, this addiction

We all thought it kept us sane, boy what a lie

Just decide to let it go, grow yourself, be happy-o

When will they ever burn? not in my mouth, 'cause I've learned


Take your time unlearning this, you can't rush it

Many memories linger there, emotions too

Learning what we need to know, helps us learn to let it go

When will they ever burn? not in my mouth, 'cause I've learned


If you smoke one cigarette, you're still smoking

Being a slave you make a bet, it won't harm you

When you take a labored breath, please remember what I've said

When will they ever burn? not in my mouth, 'cause I've learned


Where have all the ciggies gone? long time gassing

Where have all the ciggies gone? deep in my lungs

Where have all the ciggies gone? Up in smoke my money's gone

When will they ever burn? not in my mouth, 'cause I've learned


Don't let them do the wrong arm




She's out of surgery but that's all I know at this point.


She's home. Everything went well. Has to have a cast for 6 weeks. May get a smaller one in 3 weeks.

Just do it. Jump in.

This is DO-able.

We will get you there.

Every truth about quitting smoking is right here.

just before he clears the door, a coyote runs across behind my truck.


and he chases it

last time he tangled with a coyote it cost me hundreds of dollars

Epic flood sends cavers scrambling for their lives in the world's deepest cave 

Climbed into a cave, feeling so small?

Maneuvering about, clinging to the walls?

Realizing most smokers, couldn't do this at all?


In order to smoke

what adventures were lost?

what did we miss out on

and what was the cost?

 We called it a habit

there's no bigger lie

We were kidding ourselves

It was stealing our lives.

Not even aware it came first in our eyes

All we enjoyed was a nicotine high

We have the choice, to tell it goodbye

so, let's get to it, there's no better time!




imagine quitting smoking

it's easy if you try

no more morning coughing

'til you think you're gonna die...

Imagine drinking coffee

with no butt in your hand  uh uh wo wo

Willingness, it grows in you. It must for you to succeed at quitting.

It's the one thread that connects everyone's success.


No matter how many times you try and fail.

You can likely never succeed

Until you are willing to be a non smoker.


As such, you are fighting until you are willing.


If you've been quit for a long time,

And you're still angry about quitting,

that negativity sits in the place you can't reach

waiting for you to smoke.

There's nothing wrong with having one or two crazy things

that pick you up when you see them.

You might look for something whimsical that

reminds you of your quit each time you see it?

Maybe a steampunk light?

You can get a lamp like this for $35 plus tax.

Save up your smoking money and buy yourself a reminder?

Yes, the valve handle is the on off switch.

Some may prefer a piece of jewelry but it should be something that draws your attention and something you can't miss seeing every day.

A reminder

You don't inhale like a cigarette


      When I cook, I cook from memory. I remember the tastes and texture that stood out and, I try to recreate what I  liked best.

I make a Reuben with rye

Italian makes great toast for me

And a fresh baguette with sweet butter....


      We make circles with food memories much like we did with our connections to smoking. The supermarkets encourage it. They put the next seasons memories on the shelf 2 months early and when the week of the celebration arrives, all those ingredients go on sale. We are actually programmed by season in this way..


Our memories are what make it difficult to change

This is why quitting smoking seems so strange.


The connections to smoking are simply unlearned.

Time away is the secret ingredient.

      I bet you thought this post was about missing smoking and the fear of failure, and all those kind of things,right?                               

                               Actually it's about Hoggie, the cat.

      Now, Hoggie's content to sleep all day but, when I try to get 6 hours of sleep at night, he'll try to wake me two or three times.

      I don't mean by plopping on my legs, pinning me to the bed like an immovable weight so I can't change position, I mean, he starts talking.


      I've tried to determine why. I take preventative measures to make sure he has fresh water and fresh wet and dry food so he can't use those as an excuse.

Could it be he is only seeking "Proof Of Life?" 


      I've had talks with him about letting me sleep and he won't make a sound for about a week. I guess he's due for a talkin' to.



I've known him since he took his first breath

"Your brain wants your life to be predictable.

Your emotions want your life to be stable.

But stability and predictability are, interestingly, how you stay stuck and in survival-mode.

You can only have freedom in your life when you leave stability and predictability behind you.

You cannot be free unless you step into the unknown.

If you’re not willing to step into the unknown, then you’re a hostage to what you know. You’re a slave to your current circumstances.

You’re a slave to your emotions.

You’re a slave to your story.

You’re a slave to the fixed-mindset you have about what you think you are."


"people inflate or exaggerate reality by 5–7X when they fear avoiding loss.

Interestingly, people stay in even terrible addictions because, at least while in the addiction, their life is predictable. Even when they know their life is being destroyed, the fear of the unknown keeps them from changing their lives." 



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 14, 2018

Your quit might have already sprouted or be just below the surface,

trying to get out.

Don't hold it back.

Let it out.


Plant it in the rich soil of information and support offered here.

and take some pictures

We had a lightning and thunderstorm last night like I can not recall in California

these clouds are it's remnants

Steve and I stopped at KFC and had lunch in the car.

My shirt was attacked by a fried chicken but I didn't smoke.

these pictures were all shot through the windshield. 

Remember when I told you about the lowered opioid use in the ER area due to Steve playing live music. Here's an article about the program.

      What do those two words "proactive interference" mean?

I looked them up and they were not necessarily what I expected.


      What they mean to me is positive "self talk."

      Self talk can quickly halt reverting to old ways and enable you

to get some time under your belt as you learn to change your responses.

People talk themselves into smoking. People can talk themselves out of it.

I like the the "pro" in proactive because it typically notes something positive.


"Quitting can be something positive when you look past the negative."

Remember the onion dip and the potato chips?

The rum and cokes and two packs of cigarettes?

Remember the smoky room? or maybe you went outside

To take a five minute break, committing slow suicide?


Parties can still be fun without the cigarettes

Something you used to do, those memories  fade from you

You will have a "seldom twinge" that comes from a memory sparked

Be willing to them pass,  and those memories will depart.




Many people become their quits worst enemy.

They do it by not shutting off thoughts of smoking

before they've talked themselves into it.

You say "I don't do that anymore"

If you will say that every time you think of smoking,

It will retrain your mind in a weeks time and

break the "thought of smoking" cycle.

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