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How many times did we say, "I'll quit tomorrow?"

10 years of damage later?

Quit now. It isn't as hard as you think.

We'll help you leave the stink!

Lack Of Knowledge Before Quitting...

When you understand what you are up against

What To Expect In The First Four Months 

It's Only As Hard As You Make It



Give Yourself Permission To Quit

And Dissolve That Rock

      I found it difficult to sleep when I quit smoking as so many others do, so, I'm going to give you a way to get around mind clutter that may help.

      To me mind clutter is when you are thinking the same thoughts over and over because you don't want to forget them in the morning.


         My solution was to get up and write out everything that was on my mind.

It may take 5 minutes or 30 minutes but what it does is remove those thoughts that are keeping you awake and allows you to give yourself permission to sleep and address them in the morning.


Simple Solutions Work Best

I was pleasantly surprised to find this on the porch this morning.


Painted this for me of Hoggie.


Isn't it wonderful?

Thank you Missy. 

you can quit for a month, and, if you can quit for a month,

you can quit for two months, and, if you can quit for two months

you can quit for three months, and, if you can quit for three months,

you can quit for four months, and so on and so forth."


So why do you think you cant?

Why do you think something or someone is going to make you smoke?

Those are fallacies you create in your head that you make come true.

Why do you allow this self treachery and delusion?

Often, we make things more difficult by telling ourselves they are and writing that script in our head.


Get rid of the BS and GO WITH THE LOGIC.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Aug 24, 2018

But I Won't Tell, But I Won't Tell

I Don't Want To Jinx The Spell

So I Won't Tell, No I Won't Tell

People do


Get a handle on what's ahead

Learn everything you can

Ask Questions


What To Expect In The First Four Months 

Stop fearing smoking's gonna get you

it already has.

and for how many years?

fear of something (quitting) that you've created in your mind is a lie,

it holds you back.

smoking was a lie


stop looking over your shoulder...

and look forward to freedom!


      Have you done an assessment of your quit?

      Have you gone deep into the emotions you create/perceive in the interactions with those around you?

      Do you get pissed off thinking about it?

      Don't stew, that does nothing, think it through.

      By now you should be thinking clearer and getting away from the old

"retreating into cigarettes" mentality.

               Things change. What changed?

               Relationships? Outlook and goals?

      Maybe it's time to examine where you think you are and if you are willing to reinvest and strengthen relationships to feel love, oneness, loyalty, and, continuity again?


Don't Go In Circles

move forward with the important things in life. 

Smoking Was A Choice

It Does Not have To Be A Life Sentence

You Can Simply Unchoose It.

We Will Help You.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Aug 17, 2018

Like a top

Those feelings that make you think of smoking.

      When you're young in your quit and your emotions start spinning, you are remembering the feeling of the drug, and how you felt, how it grounded you, gave you time to think and just shut everything down for 5-10 minutes.


      Later in your quit, you aren't fooled by those memories of the drug. You've learned that one puff will start the cycle all over again.


      We chose to let smoking ground us.

You need to find something that grounds you when your emotions are spinning.


I would suggest, the quickest way to ground yourself is self talk.

I used "I don't do that anymore."  That phrase slowed me down so my quit was still important and, I didn't just throw it away.


      I like that phrase because it's not harsh. If you analyze it, it's just a reminder.

What's so magical about it, is that it works and nothing will retrain your thinking faster than a continued reminder


Think about it. Find Your Reminder.

      It doesn't have to sound mean or harsh or angry. You could make it funny like "Nag nag nag nag nag." 

      Quitting smoking isn't about being angry but it becomes that for some. They're angry that they can't smoke. What they really are is frustrated.

They are frustrated they can't do what they're used to doing.

      Frustration is what takes new quitters back to smoking.

Smoking became the connection to our memories and emotions and, routines.

This is why we have to unlearn smoking. That is why time is the healer.



      A reminder disconnects you. Find your reminder, and use it.

That phrase will become your shutoff switch and save your quit over and over.

If You Will Just Stop For A Moment Before You Smoke

And Blow Your Quit

To Yell HEY YOU!



simple things work

After you've quit


Cat Box

Dog Crap

Garbage Can


Clean Hair

Clean Car

Unscented Air

right before you lost your quit?

I bet you were thinking about smoking


You have to learn to turn that off

and you can

catch yourself

make it a game


If you can think about smoking

You can turn those thoughts off


"I don't do that anymore"

Don't wheeze and Don't cough

Put on the brakes.

Change your thinking. Stop dwelling on smoking.

Thinking of smoking makes you get closer to doing it.

Bite into a lemon.

Stick your head in the freezer and count slowly backwards from 20.

It takes less time to stop those thoughts than to follow through.

Do this for you.

Either it's too cold or it's too warm. 

Much like your emotions after you've quit smoking.

There's something about where the cold source originates. 

Much like your emotions when you've quit smoking.

It doesn't have a fan so the cold is not circulated. Grated cheese begins to stick inside the bag.

Much like your emotions when you've quit smoking.

Warm weather is the enemy. When you open the door hot air enters and requires time to be cooled.

Much like your emotions when you've quit smoking.

So what do you do?

Over time, you find the best place for each type of item and deal with it.

JUST like you have to manage your emotions after you've quit smoking.


Different choices create new and different memories.

Time Is The Healer

Onward And Upward

It's Exactly the Same

8102018 = 8102018

Forward Or Backward

It's A Palindrome Day.

A Successful Quit

Is Much The Same

Running Or Walking

Or World Upside Down

You Make The Choice

A Smile Or A Frown.


It's pretty easy to not think of, or even remember, smoking.


It's like me going to the gas station yesterday morning and,

halfway there,

realizing I went the day before. 

You Just Forget

Quitting Smoking Isn't



Pithy Peaches Often Teach Us

Things That Look Good Are Deceiving.

Quitting Smoking's A Decision

Something Bad That You Are Leaving.


Give Your Quit The Time To Ripen

Nurture It And Water Often

Freedom Is The Big Surprise

Step On Out Of Smoking's Lie.


Life is full of Joy and Sadness

And there's not a damn thing we can do about it  

Except not smoke. That is our choice.

It' inevitable we will have deeply emotional memories after we quit smoking.


      I was thinking of Christmas just now. More about how it was never going to be the same again. It was a melancholy realization.

      My mom had 9 brothers and sisters and my dad 7.

      Before we moved to the house my dad built when I was 11, we lived in a smaller house so we used to have two Christmas Eve get togethers. One for my dad's side early and then, one for my mom's side of the family.

      After we moved my dads family started having theirs at one my cousins house but they had dogs that my mom was extremely allergic to, so, we had to stop going there. After we moved it was either at our house or my aunt's house.

      We regularly had over 100 people at the latter. People would drop in for a couple hours so everything was fluid. Everyone brought a favorite dish, sweet or savory and there was always a huge punch bowl with ginger ale and orange sherbet that was constantly being added to. It was our once a year for everyone get together.

      We had 40 Richfield (service station) Christmas carol books. We'd pass them out and I would play guitar or bass and my twin and younger brother would play guitar and piano. We'd go through every carol in the book and end the music by my singing O Holy Night for my mom.

         She left us in 1999. Somewhere, I believe have a video of her doing a dance with one of her brothers her last Christmas. She knew it was her last and wanted that to be a special memory of her.

         Her doctor had told her she had 10 years to live just 9 years earlier after she contracted a heart virus on a trip to Europe that had specifically attacked and damaged her heart.  She first told us this in August of 1998, 9 months before she left. 



   Sadness does not require smoking. Happiness does not require smoking.

Life is both and we can live through both without smoking.



Merry Christmas, smoke free, in August.


I found the video of my mom dancing with her brother Byron.

Since I can't post a video to this blog I'm posting it in the following link.

(PS my brother is a hoot on the piano)

Jingle Bells 


      Beginning when we were young, we used to go to camping in Yosemite for two weeks every summer.. One of the favorite things to do there besides seeing Half Dome, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls and the other natural wonders.

Some of the most fun was swimming in the river but there were risks.

      Nature can create hidden dangers in the form of a deep holes where the river picks up speed and can suck you downward in a strong vortex.

      This happened to me when I was about 8 and if my dad had not been watching me, I would have drowned.


      My dad saved me from drowning but, I had to save myself when it came to smoking.

      You have the power to save yourself by making an informed decision (the informer is you) and being willing to let time distance you from the ritual and addiction of smoking.


No one can do it for you, not even my dad.

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